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Dell: Connected Learning for Education Brochure

  1. 1. Learn how you can help improve education in the 21st century classroom with Dell solutions with Intel® Inside™ . Connected learning for education. Transforming teaching for the digital age. Discover our Education solutions on
  2. 2. Dell recommends Windows. | 3 Contents Harness the ability to learn 4 Support services 5 Education equipment 6 Case Study 8 Dell 1:1 Learning programme 10 Connected Security solutions 12 Software 14 Product spotlight 16 Top 3 reasons to shop with Dell You can buy from Dell in 3 easy ways: 1. Online at - the online store with MS Technology Access Programme products 2. By phone: call our Education team at 0844 444 3017 or 0134 437 3716 3. Via our Dell Education Channel Partners. You get trusted advice support Call your dedicated Education team who will listen to your needs and help you choose the right technology and services. Discover our Education solutions on Connecting the entire school system. Students are more engagedd By integrating technology into the classroom and curriculum, educators give students a more constructive way to collaborate on key projects. • Better prepared for college and career • Accesses learning resources anytime, anywhere • Receives customised and personalised instruction Administrators are more successful School leaders are pioneering change, inspiring greater education outcomes through technology. • Oversees the education system’s preparation of students for college and career • Empowers communication and decision-making across the school • Manages instructional and personnel resources anytime, anywhere Parents are more informed Technology opens the door for parents to become a more integral part of their child’s education. • Communicates and engages easily to support teachers and administrators • Accesses their child’s academic record anytime, anywhere • Understands their child’s customised and personalised learning path Teachers are more interactive Technology can play a critical role in helping educators improve their own effectiveness. • Uses all resources to prepare students for 21st century challenges • Accesses and shares teaching resources anytime, anywhere • Easily provides customised and personalised instruction Technologists are more efficient IT leaders play a critical role in equipping schools with technologies that positively impact the teaching and learning environment. • Ensures student learning can happen anytime, anywhere, and on any device • Uses automated management tools and specialised equipment for IT efficiency • Assists teachers with IT adoption
  3. 3. | 5 Dell recommends Windows. Harness the ability to learn. Support Services Discover our Education solutions on Take your classroom anywhere with mobile education solutions from Dell with Intel® Inside™ . We’ve listened to educators in order to offer the technology that best suits your needs. All our laptops and tablets are built to hold up to the demands of mobile computing while providing the performance that educators require. With Dell by your side, you can tailor your support to align with your school’s entire IT landscape. Learning isn’t just for students. Dell recognises that on-going learning enables IT administrators to maximise their valuable support time. Dell offers remote, Dell classroom-based or on-site training packages that can also be tailored to your specific needs, based around 60+ course titles and including industry accredited e-learning content. In addition, Dell’s LEAP service introduces learning content embedded on user's systems or campus networks for real-time user support materials. Dell Education Services Support Services Support becomes easy, even with your increasingly complex needs. Dell ProSupport offers hardware and software support around the clock, offering a variety of protection and advisory services — enabling focus on lessons, not technology. Multivendor Hardware Support The idea of simplified IT doesn’t stop at the hardware or even services. Your school also wants that ease of management when it comes to your maintenance. With the Dell ProSupport multi-vendor option, we can consolidate all of your support services contracts, simplifying support for your mixed environment, with a single phone number to call. Dell Latitude 3000 series The performance to get more done. The 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor has the power to keep pace with your students. Dell Venue 11 Pro tablet Designed to deliver a better learning experience for students of all abilities, including those with special needs. 4th generation Intel® Core i3 processors allows you to boost performance anywhere you go with the portability of a tablet, power of an Ultrabook and experience of a desktop. Dell Latitude 13 Education Serie Inspire students of all learning styles to do more with a Dell Latitude 13 notebook powered by Intel® 4th generation processor, and easy connection to classroom projectors, cameras or other devices. Performance to boost productivity. The 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor keeps up with your school. £ 366* Prices from Excl. VAT, Incl. Delivery Lease it: 36 monthly payments of £9.78 per month¹ £ 294* Prices from Excl. VAT, Incl. Delivery Lease it: 36 monthly payments of £7.85 per month¹ £ 316* Prices from Excl. VAT, Incl. Delivery Lease it: 36 monthly payments of £8.66 per month¹
  4. 4. | 7 Dell recommends Windows. Educated equipment Technology to enhance education. Make the most out of our education accessories for a better learning experience. Dell P2714T 68.6cm (27”) Full HD Touch monitor A boldly reimagined touch experience. Superb picture quality Logitech® HD Pro Webcam C920 Maximise interactive learning and broaden students’ horizons Dell Mobile Computing cart Securely store, charge and transport up to 30 mobile devices Dell C2665dnf Multifunction Colour Printer The world’s smartest multifunction printer, offers 30 features in one device Ergotron Tablet Charging Wall Mount 12 This slim storage cabinet is perfect for charging and securing up to 12 tablets Dell E2014T 49.4cm (20”) Full HD Touch monitor 5-point touch provides natural and intuitive touch experience. Dell S320(wi) Projector Immerse your students in lessons with brilliant colours, dynamic images, and innovative features Dell Stereo USB SoundBar AC511 Offers users a stylish, low profile sound solution compatible with various Dell monitors Dell M900HD Mobile Projector Own your presentation. Bring your own projector and present with confidence Dell S520 Interactive Projector Easily share learning modules, websites and other applications through the S520 Discover our Education solutions on £ 458.06* Prices from £ 2,199* Prices from Excl. VAT Delivery Excl. VAT, Incl. Delivery Lease it: 36 monthly payments of £58.74 per month¹ £ 591.26* Prices from £ 18.89* Prices from Excl. VAT Delivery Excl. VAT Delivery £ 270.40* Prices from £ 51.46* Prices from £ 1,018.51* Prices from £ 238.43* Prices from Prices on demand £ 128.52* Prices from Excl. VAT, Incl. Delivery Excl. VAT Delivery Excl. VAT Delivery Excl. VAT Delivery Excl. VAT Delivery Lease it: 36 monthly payments of £28.98 per month¹
  5. 5. | 9 Dell recommends Windows. Case study Case study “We are committed to empowering our students through technology and 21st century skills. Our long relationship with Dell is helping us create this learning environment for all students”. Dr. Lorraine S. Lange, Superintendent, Roanoke County Public Schools, United States Case study, based on a similar programme: Who: Roanoke County Public Schools Industry: Education Employees: 2,300 plus 14,000 students Challenge: Roanoke County Public Schools wanted its high school students to have more personalised learning experiences to help them achieve a balance of 21st- century skills and content knowledge. Solution: Freshmen get new Dell laptops, preloaded with learning and productivity applications, to use through graduation for developing critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication skills. Read the full case study on Eleven years ago, Roanoke County Public Schools started issuing laptops to students as a pilot programme in one high school. Since then its 1:1 Laptop Initiative has evolved to become the core of the Virginia school district’s technology programme, which provides continuous access for all high school students. This includes take-home laptops for all high school students. According to Lorraine S. Lange, Ed.D., superintendent for the district, the way technology empowers the learning of all students is what is important, not the accolades. “We are committed to empowering our students through technology and 21st century skills” she says. “Dell is helping us create this learning environment for all students.” Since 2004, the school district has experienced a significant increase in the percentage of disadvantaged students. Lange believes that all students, regardless of socioeconomic circumstances, deserve the level playing field for personalised learning that access to technology can provide. “The key factor in how the laptop initiative has helped close the socioeconomic gap is that all this comes at little cost to the student,” Dell Venue 11 Pro starting at £316* Featuring a Quad-Core Intel® Atom™ processor 10.8 your students to learn more, everywhere. inspire
  6. 6. | Dell recommends Windows. Dell 1:1 Learning programme Case study Meet the future of IT Learning in the classroom. With Dell and Dell Financial Services’ ability in providing tailored technology and financing solutions to Education, and CPU Group Ltd’s expertise in delivering bespoke insurance and online administration tools to Schools, Colleges and Universities, you can rest assured that your Educational institution, faculty, pupils and parents are all fully supported throughout the life of your “Dell 1:1 Learning” programme. The future of IT Learning in the classroom Many Education institutions across the UK are currently reviewing one-to- one pupil mobile device initiatives. By its very definition, “Dell 1:1 Learning” is essentially delivering to every staff member, teacher and pupil/student a laptop or tablet, enabling continuous access to applications both in the classroom and at home. “Dell 1:1 Learning” delivers improvements to the classroom educational experience, helps provide inclusive internet access to low income homes, and builds an environment in which there is closer engagement not only between the teacher, pupil and parent, but the School/College/University and the wider community as a whole. Dell, Dell Financial Services and CPU Group Ltd are now able to offer this programme to you and help manage this change in partnership with you. “Dell 1:1 Learning” is a fully compliant, secure and sustainable solution that facilitates new learning environments, while helping Schools, College and Universities manage budgets, risk and administrative burden. The initiative includes: • Leases for hardware, software, support and accessories • Online administration of billing, collection, and insurance claims • Insurance and collection services • Online ordering for parents, faculty, and pupils your students in and out the classroom empower
  7. 7. | 13 Dell recommends Windows. Dell Connected Security solutions provide academic institutions with end- to-end protection from the data centre to the classroom, ensuring a safe and secure technology environment for educators, administrators and students. Protect your infrastructure and your classrooms. Network security Today’s academic institutions are at risk from the same viruses, worms and hacker attacks that plague businesses. Always-on broadband connections mean networks must be protected around the clock, seven days a week. Staff and student laptops, tablets and mobile devices expose schools to viruses picked up from unsecured home networks. Dell next-generation firewalls help organisations of all sizes to safeguard their networks against today’s ever-evolving threats. SonicWALL TZ Series firewalls combine Unified Threat Management (UTM) security with high performance to safeguard smaller organisations against the latest threats. They feature intrusion prevention, anti-malware, content/URL filtering and application control, and offer broad support for laptops, smartphones and tablets. Educational institutions face the on-going challenge of supporting the demanding communication needs of their administrators, faculty and students while maintaining high levels of security across disparate networks. Inbound e-mail threats such as spam and viruses are a major concern, yet outbound e-mail content must also be monitored to ensure the protection of confidential information. Dell offers a suite of e-mail security solutions that leverage multiple-threat detection techniques and a unique, worldwide attack identification and monitoring network to safeguard schools from outside attacks while ensuring that confidentiality and compliance mandates are met with ease. • Archive Manager and Recovery Manager for Exchange provide compliance and e-mail discovery for Windows environments • ChangeAuditor for Exchange and Security Explorer audit access and enable management of Windows® environments Connected Security solutions Discover our Education solutions on Facing the challenges.
  8. 8. | 15 Dell recommends Windows. Education institutions are facing a number of pressures that are forcing them to reevaluate and modernise their operations. At the top of the list is how to meet the ever-changing mix of new computing and connectivity demands from administrators, faculty and students – all within tight budgets. A streamlined network to meet evolving demands. K1000 The KACE Management Appliance delivers a fully integrated systems management solution via a flexible, intelligent appliance-based architecture that deploys in days and is self-maintaining. The KACE solution will manage servers, desktops and laptops across Windows® , Apple and Linux environments. K2000 The Dell KACE Deployment Appliance provides an integrated systems provisioning solution based on a centralised library. Administrators can automate deployments via computer inventory scanning and assessment, network OS install, disk imaging, user state migration, remote site management, and system repair and recovery. K3000 The Dell KACE K3000 Mobile Management Appliance provides functionality to enforce security and policy management for mobile devices running iOS and Android. The K3000 provides everything you need to allow school and personal mobile devices to access data in a scalable and secure manner. Simplify the management of your computers. Hundreds of schools, colleges and universities have deployed Dell KACE appliances to save their IT staff time and to save them money through simplifying their systems management processes. The Dell KACE Family of Systems Management Appliances is easy-to-use and affordable — and the single-appliance form means they are simple to install, have a short learning curve and are virtually maintenance-free. The Dell KACE Systems Management Appliances perform: • Computer Imaging and Deployment • Asset Management • Software Distribution • Service Desk • Compliance • Security and Patching • Configuration Management • Power Management Software Discover our Education solutions on
  9. 9. Exceptionally durable laptop built for education. Dell recommends Windows. *Offers available until 31/10/2014. Subject to availability, prices and specifications are correct at date of publication and may change without notice. Terms and conditions of Sales, Service and Finance apply and are available on request or at Promotional offers apply to maximum order size of 20 systems. Microsoft Technology Access Programme offers are only available to government funded schools. 1 Leasing and financing provided to qualified customers by Dell Bank International Limited, trading as Dell Financial Services (DFS) and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Offers made to qualified customers may not be available or may vary in certain countries. Where available, offers may be changed without notice and are subject to product availability, credit approval, execution of documentation provided by and acceptable to DFS, and may be subject to minimum transaction size. Offers are not available for personal, family or household use. Intel, Intel Logo, Intel Core and Intel vPro are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries. Microsoft, Windows, Exchange Server, Lync, Office 365, Microsoft Active Directory and Windows 8 are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Dell, Latitude, Wyse, Dell ProSupport, SonicWALL and KACE are trademarks of Dell Inc. Pictures are for illustration only. Colour and design details may vary. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Dell Corporation Limited, Dell House, Tohe Boulevard, Cain Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 For more information, please contact us at 0844 444 3017 With 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors, a spacious 13.3” display and the exclusive fully sealed keyboard and touchpad, Dell’s Latitude 13 Education Series laptop is ideal for education. Dell Latitude 13 Education serie £ 294* Prices from Excl. VAT, Incl. Delivery Lease it: 36 monthly payments of £8.66 per month¹