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BETT 2014: Kodu Kup, Nicki Cooper


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BETT 2014: Kodu Kup, Nicki Cooper

  1. 1. @KoduKup /KoduKup
  2. 2. About the Competition The Kodu Kup is open to anyone from a UK school aged between seven and fourteen. Children must be entered as a team of three, forming a mini “game studio”.
  3. 3. What Should be Submitted? Teachers should enter their pupils’ work using the Microsoft Partners in Learning website. Two files will need to be submitted per team:  The game itself  Design documentation The closing date for all entries is Friday 30th May. 30 MAY
  4. 4. Prizes The top three teams in each category will receive an invitation to present their games to a panel of judges from the games industry at Microsoft Headquarters in Reading. At the end of the day the winners of each category will each receive a Surface RT tablet and the overall winning team will take home the Kodu Kup!
  5. 5. Quick Reference Guide What do you need to do and when? Follow the guide below: JANUARY 2014 FEBRUARY 2014 FEBRUARY 2014 Like and follow KoduKup on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates. Familiarise yourself with Kodu Game Lab or Project Spark and begin to introduce this in school. Promote the Kodu Kup competition in school. MAY 2014 APRIL – MAY 2014 MARCH – MAY 2014 Pupils create game documentation for their game. Pupils upload games to Kodu Game Lab or Project Spark community and promote their game in school. BY 30th MAY 2014 JULY 2014 Submit games and documentation to be entered for the competition. Winners invited to Microsoft HQ in Reading to receive their prizes and attend workshops. Pupils design, develop and test their games in groups of three.
  6. 6. Useful Links  Facebook Page  Twitter  Partners in Learning Network  Kodu Game Lab Home Page  Tutorial Videos on YouTube  Scheme of work aimed at Key Stage 3
  7. 7. @KoduKup /KoduKup