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BETT 2012: Introducing Windows MultiPoint Server 2011


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One computer. Multiple users. A familiar Windows experience. BETT 2012 presenation on Windows Multi Point Server.

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BETT 2012: Introducing Windows MultiPoint Server 2011

  1. 1. Introducing Windows MultiPoint Server 2011One computer. Multiple users. A familiar Windows experience. Clark Nicholson Principal Program Manager BETT 2012 London, UK Microsoft Corporation
  2. 2. Today’s Education Computing ChallengesWe want every student to develop the skillsthey need to succeed in the knowledgeeconomy, but cannot fund a 1:1 computingmodel.Many schools face:– Limited finances for new PCs– Restricted ICT maintenance budgets– Limited ICT integration training opportunities for teachers– Need to contain school power bills and be energy- efficient– Requirement to make the most of existing investments in mice, keyboards, monitors, etc.
  3. 3. Economics and Evidence 66% You save two out of every three dollars when you deploy computing seats with WMS3
  4. 4. Economics and Evidence4
  5. 5. Economics and Evidence 43 1275
  6. 6. Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 Windows MultiPoint Server Windows 7 Windows 7 Windows 7 Windows 7 Desktop Desktop Desktop Desktop6
  7. 7. Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 Windows MultiPoint Server USB Video Direct Video Repurposed LAN Thin Connect Connect PC/Laptop Client7
  8. 8. Client Station Hardware Examples Multiport Graphics Card USB Zero Client USB/LAN Zero Client LAN Clients Network Monitor8
  9. 9. Desktop Orchestration Desktop Orchestration • Gives the administrator visibility and control over station desktops • Functionality includes • View near real-time thumbnails of activity • Block station • Open and Close Apps • Project one station to another or all • Limit Web Site Browsing9
  10. 10. WMS 2011 Case Study – Czech Rep
  11. 11. Key Feature Summary MultiPoint Direct USB LAN Thin Repurposed Server Video Video Client PC Connect Connect Broad client support Desktop orchestration Support for both low-cost locally Monitor and interact with student created stations and conventional stations. thin clients. Familiar Windows experience Simplified Windows 7 user experience at each Designed for non-IT Pros across station. Support for multiple multiple servers. languages. ISV extensibility Expanded availability Shares the Windows Server Domain-joinable Premium SKU Solutions SDK with Small Business available to all customers via VL Server and Home Server 2011 and OEM licensing11
  12. 12. Windows MultiPoint Server at BETT Fujitsu G150 Hewlett Packard J40 Ncomputing J50 Wyse Technology E11912
  13. 13. Resources • Availability: – Download Center – MSDN, Technet – Volume License Download • Social: – – – – – –
  14. 14. ISV Extensibility MultiPoint Manager Extensibility • Ability to add new tabs or new sub- Fabrikam tabs in MultiPoint Manager • Common SDK with Windows Small Business Server 2011 and Windows Home Server 2011 • Shares Dashboard portions of SDK; does not include provider framework • Leverage existing controls or create from scratch with WPF15 15
  15. 15. Economics and Evidence Traditional 1:1 Windows MultiPoint Environment Server 2011 Hardware $75,600 $25,475 66% Energy $35,640 $11,642 67% Ongoing Maintenance $9,320 $42 99% Software $3,090 $5,057 -64% Total $123,650 $42,216 66% Cost per Seat $1,145 $391 66% Full Study16
  16. 16. Minimum System Requirements These recommendations represent a rough guideline. Actual sizing requirements depend on the particular workload and hardware. Always validate sizing using your own applications and hardware. Application Up to 4 5-6 7-10 11-14 15-20 scenario stations stations stations stations stations Productivity CPU: 2C1 CPU: 2C CPU: 4C1 CPU: 4C CPU: 4C+MT or 6C1 Office, Web browsing RAM: 2GB RAM: 4GB RAM: 6GB RAM: 8GB RAM: 8 GB Mixed CPU: 2C CPU: 2C CPU: 4C CPU: 4C+MT or 6C1 CPU: 4C+MT or 6C Productivity plus some video RAM: 2GB RAM: 4GB RAM: 6GB RAM: 8GB RAM: 8 GB Media intensive2 CPU: 2C CPU: 4C CPU: 4C+MT or 6C CPU: 4C+MT or 6C CPU: 4C+MT or 8C Productivity plus Frequent video RAM: 2GB RAM: 4GB RAM: 6GB RAM: 8GB RAM: 8 GB Thin Client: RemoteFX3 USB video not recommended 1 - 2C = 2 cores, 4C = 4 cores, 6C = 6 cores, MT = Multithreading 2 - Video testing was performed using 360p H.264 video at its native resolution 3 - RemoteFX, or equivalent technology for RDP, is required when 15 – 20 remotely connected thin clients running full motion video within their session17
  17. 17. Editions and Pricing Features Standard Premium CAL Premium Standard $330 $817 $139 20 Simultaneous Open 10 Sessions YES Domain Join NO $115 $29 32 Academic Max 8 Memory (GB) 2 Max CPU 1 Sockets $115 $29 1+1 Charity Hyper-V NO Both Standard and Premium are available in VL and OEM licensing. VL is shown above. Each station requires both a WS and a WMS cal. Combined price shown above.18
  18. 18. WMS 2011 Case Study - USA
  19. 19. Languages for WMS 2011 Arabic** Italian Chinese Traditional Japanese Chinese Simplified Korean Fully localized for Chinese HK* Polish* Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 English Portuguese (Brazil) MultiPoint Manager AND for client experience French Portuguese (Portugal)* German Russian Hebrew** Spanish Hungarian* Turkish Bulgarian Lithuanian Croatian Norwegian Czech Romanian Additional languages available Danish Serbian Latin with Windows Server 2008 R2 Dutch Slovakian and Language Packs (localized for client experience only) Estonian Slovenian Finnish Swedish Greek Thai Latvian Ukrainian20 * New with Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 ** New with Update Rollup 1.1.