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A Day in the life of a Student


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Published in: Education
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A Day in the life of a Student

  1. 1. A Day in the Life: Student A student builds knowledge and skills which will enable his success in the workplace. See what his experience is like working with Microsoft Office 365 versus using Google Apps. Prints assignment at home. Concerned about formatting See how issues at print time. See past complaints Prepare for school Saves group presentation to Cannot view or edit Google review on school bus. presentation without Internet. See how See limitations Captures knowledge from teacher’s Finds bugs when copying shared, OneNote notebook. & revising in Google Docs. See how See user issues Organizes information for all Takes notes with no ability to tag, subjects in a single, digital notebook. catalog or search in a set of notes. Learn at school Use unsupported tools Learn how Cannot find supported tools for Solves problems with Word add-ins. math & science for Google Apps. See mathematics demo & chemistry demo See service limitations Reviews audio & video he Cannot record with Google Apps. recorded in class. Use unsupported products See how Learn outside of school Cannot access & play recorded Accesses recorded lessons to make up missed work. lessons using Google Apps. See how Investigate 3rd party tools Uses shared desktop with online Needs unsupported Google +, whiteboard & video calling to unavailable for students under 13, plan the project with others. for video calling or online Learn how to whiteboard & see more whiteboard sessions. See service limitations Creates a team site with SharePoint. Learns group members are having Learn more problems uploading to Google Sites. Work on See issues group projects Uses Office 2010 & Word Web App Loses data in co-authoring with Office to co-author a document. document using Google Cloud Connect. Learn to co-author View report Sees group’s inputs to a document easily Requires searching full revision history to with tracked changes from each student. trace each student’s input to the document. Learn how See process Shares work with Learns that Google earns poor disabled student in group. grades on screen reader support Use tools for all & accessibility. Work with Learn from authority & see report Learns disabled student is very tools for all Sees that school excludes Google successful with screen reader & Office. Docs due to screen reader issues. Hear from student View report Analyzes complex data sets Sees weak, workplace demand & presents results. for Google skills. See needs for Excel skills Gain skills to Review scarce needs for Google Apps & Google Docs prepare for Drafts & formats a report, inserting real world Finds Google has history of photos, charts & graphics. abandoning tools. See needs for Word skills See abandoned tools With 22 million people in education using Microsoft cloud tools, students can reach their full potential & prepare for the workplace without technical boundaries.June 2012