Flexible workstyle windows roadmap for solution day matthew hardman


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Flexible workstyle windows roadmap for solution day matthew hardman

  1. 1. Flexible WorkstyleMatthew HardmanGroup Manager, Windows Client
  2. 2. work-life more blur mobile digital multiple generation devices CONSUMERIZATION tech fast savvy paced
  3. 3. CHALLENGES How do you…  Provide anytime, anywhere access?  Fuel user passion and productivity?  Keep your system and data safe?  Streamline operations and drive competitive advantage?
  6. 6. WINDOWS Enterprise-grade solutionsSTRATEGY through intelligent IT infrastructureBest end user devices andexperiences on Windows
  7. 7. Flexible Workstyle Solutions ANYWHERE PERSONALIZED INTELLIGENT CONNECTION EXPERIENCE INFRASTRUCTURE Work on Unified management the road across devicesWork on your Cloud management for own device Windows devices Personalized Windows devices Work on Optimize your phone infrastructure for VDI
  8. 8. Lisa is very excited about her new slate. Can she bring it to work and use it there?LisaSenior Business ManagerLucerne Publishing WorldwideDoesn’t know the meaning of impossible.
  9. 9. Work on your own deviceAccess your corporate workstyle using your personal PC Virtual Desktop Office 365 ANYWHERE CONNECTION VDI* FIREWALL • Secure, fast browsing • Rich user experience • • • * VDI for rich, personalized experience. RDS to access specific corp apps.
  10. 10. People in Ethan’s organizationwant to use smartphones,slates, tablets, and laptopsconnect to the corporatenetwork.Can he maintain complianceand ensure corporate data issafe on all devices? Ethan Systems Engineer Contoso Financial Network Ultimate safety hero, but open to new ideas.
  11. 11. Unified management across devicesIT can use a single tool to manage & secure multiple devices, including PCs,slates, and phones, enabling users to use a variety of devices at work. ConfigMgr + Forefront INTELLIGENT INFRASTRUCTURE MSI App-V App-V RDS • Centralized tool to manage user devices • Increased security and compliance for all devices • User focused and device relevant application delivery • Unified, consistent device management experience
  12. 12. DemoWork on your own device
  13. 13. greatdevices for every workstyle
  14. 14. Frank travels a lot for his work. How can he stay connected to everything he needs?FrankManaging PartnerNorthridge ConstructionMaster collaborator and Dad of triplets.
  15. 15. Work on the roadGet instant, secure access to files, sites, apps, and people fromanywhere, with just an internet connection. Exchange SharePoint DATA Lync SERVERS FIREWALL Direct ANYWHERE SkyDrive Access CONNECTION • Easy and secure access to Mobile Broadband corp data behind firewall • •
  16. 16. Holly wants one smartphonefor both work and life.Is there a phone out therethat gets real work done? Holly Corporate Attorney Fourth Coffee Global HQ Multi-tasking champion.
  17. 17. Work from my phoneUse corporate applications via your phone anywhereyou have mobile connection. Exchange SharePoint Lync Office 365 ANYWHERE CONNECTION FIREWALL • Get real work done from the phone • •
  18. 18. DemoYour office, everywhere
  19. 19. David’s company uses contractors and telecommuters who use their own PCs for work. How can David keep these non-domain joined PCs updated and secure?DavidNetwork AdministratorTailspin FinancialJust won an IT award for Efficiency & Innovation.
  20. 20. Cloud management for Windows devicesIT can use online services to manage security and updates for Windows PCs. IT Windows Intune Manage Security & Updates INTELLIGENT INFRASTRUCTURE • No on-premise infrastructure required • You always have the latest features • Easy monitoring and reporting • IT can manage security
  21. 21. DemoCloud management for Windows devices
  22. 22. WINDOWS Enterprise-grade solutionsSTRATEGY through intelligent IT infrastructureBest end user devices andexperiences on Windows
  23. 23. NEXT STEPS Implementing flexible workstyle solutions Talk to your Microsoft representative about how to implement flexible workstyles solutions for your organization Deploy Windows 7 & Office 2010 • Accelerate your migration to Windows 7 Enterprise Resources • Develop applications in HTML5 • Adopt Microsoft Desktop Virtualization & MDOP microsoft.com/springboard • Evaluate System Center 2012 or Windows Intune microsoft.com/workstyle • Consider Windows devices