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Flex workstyle aug 31 alan stone


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Flex workstyle aug 31 alan stone

  1. 1. The New World of WorkThe Microsoft Experience
  2. 2. THE MICROSOFT IT Environment FIRST AND BEST CUSTOMER ENTERPRISE INFRASTRUCTURE HIGH SCALE PROCESSES  4 production data centers 180K+ Windows 7 clients   7K production servers 700K+ SharePoint Sites on  World’s largest corporate  100+ countries website 2010  29K sq ft wireless coverage  1.7B hits per day Windows Domains and Infrastructure Services all  300K System Center managed  750K concurrent running Windows Server 2008 computers  300 GB per second R2  950K devices  Filter 20M spam per day SAP single instance on SQL  180K end users  2M remote connections Server 2008 R2 CTP  50+% of users use OCS for their per month phone  1000+ applications
  3. 3.
  4. 4. The New World of Work Cloud-Gazers Nomads Cloud • People who have roles that keep • People who can work anywhere, them at their desk most of the day. anytime. • They have virtual collaboration • These people will have the freedom options that open the world to to collaborate without boundaries. them. • They carry only the device(s) they • Their stuff is stored in the cloud want, to access their stuff in the and shared with others. cloud.Static Mobile Hermits Pack-Mules • People who come to work, to work • People who spend much of their work alone. Doors closed? time on the move. • These people may consider that • These people spend a lot of their attending meetings checks the time meeting others and interacting. collaboration box. Local • They carry everything they might • Their ‘stuff’ is stored in their cave and need to do their job, with them. How is theirs alone. heavy is your laptop bag? The Old World of Work 4
  5. 5. Technology Leadership For our Employees• Supporting consumerization of IT • Leaders champion New World of Work • Enable users’ connection to their ‘stuff’ through personalized client experience rather than sponsor all the time from any device• Evolve IT services by provisioning next • Build cross-workplace services council • Cultivating nomadic work culture by generation IT technology and among HR, IT, Finance, RE&F & offering nomad readiness pack infrastructure Procurement Technology Management Customers Leadership Employees EnvironmentEnvironment Management For our Customers & Partners• Actively deploying Social Computing to • Update organization policy to support • Microsoft to anchor broad ‘live cultivate collaboration & embracing mobility and broadband showcase’ workplaces for customers & social media in our workplace • Develop new ‘out of sight’ management partners• Establish Microsoft to be a role model practice and train our managers • Microsoft enable innovation in for supporting Environmental customers and partners Sustainability
  6. 6. EinsteinProductivity Overall employee productivity•Cost New World of Work performance vs legacy sites improvement Productivity(US$ 338/mth per employee)• Employee satisfaction higher overallFinancial 34% improvement in workplace satisfaction has improved by• NWoW SMSG solution’s enables average P&L reduction by 14% over 5 year’s impression on customers 10%• Allows portfolio efficiency productivity * has improved byProduct Alignment• Enables showcasing of the Microsoft 3% 23% improvement in platform & technologies formal• Schiphol directly attributed increased revenue collaboration to changes in the workplace 13% improvement in 15%Environmental privacy + improvement in informal collaboration• Reduces CO2 emissions concentration• Give’s attention to human factors like access to daylight and nature 6
  7. 7. Employee: Activity- Teaming: Workplace: Remote: based Work Encourages Transparent, open Secure & seamless Environment collaborative work and accessible access Enabling New World of Work thru Microsoft Platform & Technologies Windows Network Policy & Access Services Client Foundation Dedicated Cloud (Laptop with Lync Voice & Headset) Windows Server 2008 R2, Lync (UC), Sharepoint Portal, Windows 7, Bitlocker & TPM, Office Identity Management, Self- Workspace, Office 365 & Web2010, Windows Phone, Windows Slate Enrolment PKI, Secure Wireless App, Office Talk, Mingle with TPM (in progress) LAN
  8. 8. Development Tools Built to ChangeBuilt to last Windows
  9. 9. Technology Anywhere & Seamless Access (self provisioning) – Windows 7, Direct Access & TPM, SCCM Productivity Tools – Office, Sharepoint, Exchange, Lync Meeting, Lync Unified Communications Reducing Cost – Cloud-based Office 365, Windows AzureCollaborations Workplace Strategic Alignmentacross HR, IT,Real Estate &Procurement Smart IT & Real Estate Portfolio Management Remote Worker Policy & Benefits New Broadband & Mobility Solutions Managers’ Remote Management Training