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Case Study | Tatweer

  1. 1. Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Customer Solution Case Study Saudi Schools Project Provides Scalable Email Solution for Students and StaffCustomer:King Abdullah Bin Abdul AzizPublic Education Development Project “Exchange Server 2010 introduces new productivity(Tatweer) features compared to earlier versions, and helps Size:200 prioritize communications in their mailboxes.”Country or Region:Kingdom of Saudi Eng. Sultan Rayes Bin Saddeek, Messaging and Infrastructure Consultant, TatweerArabiaIndustry:Education—Primary andsecondary schools The King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Public Education DevelopmentCustomer Profile Project (Tatweer) aims to improve educational outcomes in theThe Tatweer education program in Saudi Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through greater use of technology.Arabia aims to modernize teaching andcurriculum delivery by offering 6 million Tatweer wanted a standardized secure email system for 6 millionstudents and their teachers free access to students and their teachers. It chose Microsoft Exchange Serveremail and the Internet. 2010 supported by Microsoft security products to protectSoftware and Services students against inappropriate Internet content. Microsoft Server Product Portfolio − Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 − Microsoft Forefront Protection 2010 Business Needs nationwide program aims to change the for Exchange Server In Saudi Arabia, 29 per cent of the way the country’s 6 million students are − Microsoft Forefront Unified Access population is under the age of 14 years. To educated, encouraging students to analyze Gateway 2010 support its young students, the and problem solve rather than learn by − Microsoft SQL Server 2008 government spends more than 25 per cent rote. The project also aims to improve − Windows Server 2008 R2 of its annual budget on education. And, as training for 500,000 teachers. − Microsoft System Center part of its commitment to learning, the Configuration Manager 2007 government under King Abdullah Bin Eng. Tarek Mohamed Abd El Naby, − Microsoft System Center Operations Abdul Aziz Al Saud has launched Operations Manager, Tatweer says: “A key Manager 2007 aneducational project called Tatweer, driver in the project is to provide a Microsoft Office 2010 which is run by the Tatweer Education standardized secure email messaging Technologies Holding Company. system for up to 6 million students and − Microsoft Operations Framework 4.0 their teachers in an on-premises and Tatweer is introducing new ways of hosted environment.It will provide a learning into the education system using platform for additional functionality, the Internet, computer applications, and including unified communications and other technologies. The U.S.$2.4 billion collaboration solutions.”For more information about otherMicrosoft customer successes, please
  2. 2. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has strict laws to use other facilities such as tasks and administrators the option to use on-on data security. The principle that calendars.” premises email for some groups of userscorrespondence and communication should and a hosted service through thebe kept confidential is enshrined in the Tatweer opted for the Microsoft solution, Microsoft private cloud for other users.Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Law of with its in-house team planning and Focus on teaching. The solution helpsGovernance. As a result, the Tatweer on- deploying the solution using the Microsoft staff cut down the time previouslypremises and hosted email project for Operations Framework (MOF) 4.0. The needed for routine administration. Eng.schools required the service provider to team, which is MOF certified, is also using Abdullah Twijery, Chief Informationretain all data within the kingdom rather the Windows Server 2008 R2 operating Officer, Tatweer, says: “They can sharethan use a data center in another country. system, Microsoft System Center calendars, schedule meetings, and Operations Manager 2007, and Microsoft reserve resources such as conferenceSecurity was also a major consideration to Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange rooms at the click of a mouse.”ensure proper protection of the students Server. Secure access to corporate resources.from malware, and adherence to strict With Forefront Unified Access Gateway,policies preventing young people from Tatweer will deploy Exchange Server 2010 key users such as teachers andreceiving inappropriate content through the on a phased basis over three years, with administrators can gain remote accessInternet. 60,000 users online so far. Eng. Sultan to corporate resources from any Rayes Bin Saddeek, Messaging and location using a browser.Solution Infrastructure Consultant, Tatweer, says: Improved integration. Exchange ServerTatweer considered Google Apps and open- “Exchange Server 2010 introduces new 2010 offers users easy integration withsource solutions, but decided to create an productivity features compared to earlier address books and mobile devices suchemail solution with Microsoft Exchange versions, and helps users prioritize as iPhone and iPad, ensuring a first stepServer 2010 and Microsoft Forefront Unified communications in their mailboxes. It towards unified communications. Eng.Access Gateway 2010. Tatweer realized the offers an improved web-based email Ahmad Mustafa, Network Departmentvalue of Microsoft Services Premier Support experience with built-in business Manager, Tatweer, says: “We now haveProblem Resolution and Proactive Services, continuity features.” plans to deploy Microsoft Lync 2010 andwhich maximize the availability of the IT Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010infrastructure and improve staff technical Tatweer has also taken advantage of low- Enterprise collaboration software.”skills. Exchange Server 2010 is the first cost volume licensing of software through Enhanced security. Forefront Protectionserver designed to work both on-premises the Microsoft School Agreement. for Exchange Server stops malware andand as a hosted service using cloud viruses attacking the network. It alsocomputing, which Tatweer is keen to use in Benefits helps schools block dangerousfuture. Tatweer is using Exchange Server 2010 for attachments and enforce policy students up to the age of 18 years, giving guidelines by file and keyword filtering.The principal objection to Google Apps was them free email and Internet accessthat data would not reside in Saudi Arabia through an on-premises solution in theirand instead be held offshore.Eng. Feras schools. The Microsoft solution is highlyAhmed Talal Badawi, IT Manager, Tatweer, cost effective through the existing low-says: “We needed to comply with the cost volume licensing agreement for Saudigovernment Council of Ministers rulings for schools and the manageability advantagesdata protection, which are strictly enforced. of the System Center suite. It uses theAs far as open-source alternatives were latest Microsoft security products.concerned, it would have been difficult tofind the resources in the kingdom to Flexible for future use.Microsoftsupport such a large number of users and Exchange Server 2010 givesThis case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THISSUMMARY.Document published March 2012