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Complete deck tech launch v2


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Windows Server 2012 UK Launch Event Slides: More info here:

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Complete deck tech launch v2

  1. 1. #WS2012
  2. 2. Maurice Martin#WS2012 Director Server & Cloud Platform Microsoft UK
  3. 3. Keynote: #WS2012 Built from the Cloud UpSession 1: Beyond VirtualizationLunch with our partnersSession 2: Power of Many Servers Simplicity of 1Session 3: Every App, Any CloudSession 4: Modern Workstyle, EnabledDrinks – brought to you by our MVPs
  4. 4. Turi WidsteenGeneral ManagerMicrosoft Corporation
  5. 5. trends cloud new social computing & app patternsconsumerization data of IT explosion
  6. 6. for the world’s appsCloud OS
  8. 8. Jeff WoolseyPrincipal Program ManagerWindows ServerMicrosoft Corporation
  9. 9. for the world’s appsCloud OS
  10. 10. Unlocks insights on any data
  11. 11. The Industryhardware vendors service providerssystem integrators software vendors
  12. 12. Our CommitmentCloud OS
  13. 13.  Scenarios for Server Virtualization Hyper-V Enhancements Mobility and Flexibility Storage and Networking Enhancements for Hyper-V Network Virtualization 25
  14. 14. Dynamic memory Network Larger virtual Open, extensibleincrease assigned to virtualization for machines to support switch to help virtual machines to multitenancy and IP increased workloads support security andincrease capacity with portability management needs no downtime 26
  15. 15. VIRTUAL MACHINE ISOLATION ANDSCALE AND PERFORMANCE MOBILITY CONTINUOUS SERVICES OPEN AND EXTENSIBLE MULTITENANCY Larger virtual Simultaneous live Clustering Open, extensible Network machines support migrations ease enhancements switch helps support Virtualization increased workloads management increase availability security and supports burdens management needs multitenancy and IP portability Hardware Shared-nothing live Dynamic Memory Increased support Resource Metering offloading offers migration enables increases capacity for Windows shows how many better performance live migration with no downtime PowerShell helps resources each tenant and scale between clusters increase automation is using 27
  16. 16. Run more Take advantage ofdemanding newer Bigger, faster virtual machinesapplications with hardware, while stillbetter performance using existing Guest applications hardware to take advantage of maximum improved Non- advantage Uniform Memory Hardware Access (NUMA) offloading support 28
  17. 17. SCALE AND PERFORMANCE Maximum number Improvement Windows ServerSystem Resource Windows 2008 R2 2012 factor Logical processors on hardware 64 320 5× Physical memory 1 terabyte 4 terabytes 4×Host Virtual processors per host 512 1,024 2× Virtual processors per virtual machine 4 64 16× Memory per virtual machine 64 GB 1 terabyte 16×Virtual Active virtual machines 384 1,024 2.7×machine Virtual disk size 2 terabytes 64 terabytes 32× Nodes 16 64 4×Cluster Virtual machines 1,000 8,000 4× 29
  18. 18. SCALE AND PERFORMANCE vNUMA node A vNUMA node B vNUMA node A vNUMA node BNon-Uniform Memory Access • Projects NUMA topology onto a virtual machine • Allows guest operating systems and applications to make intelligent NUMA NUMA node 1 NUMA node 2 NUMA node 3 NUMA node 4 decisions • Aligns guest NUMA nodes with host resources Guest NUMA topology by default matches host NUMA topology 30
  19. 19. 31
  20. 20. Manage virtual machines independently Live migration Live migration offrom underlying infrastructure within a cluster storage Shared-nothing live Hyper-VHandle changing needs on demand migration Replica 32
  21. 21. VIRTUAL MACHINE MOBILITYLive migration based on server Modified pages transferred Memory handle moved Storage Live migration setupmessage block (SMB) share Improvements VM Modified memory pages Configuration data Memory content VM MEMORY • Faster and simultaneous migration • Live migration outside a clustered environment IP connection • Store virtual machines on a File Share SMB network storage 33
  22. 22. 34
  23. 23. VIRTUAL MACHINE MOBILITY Disk Reads are mirrored; outstanding Disk contentswrites go to to new writes and are copied newLive migration of storage Reads and writes go to the source VHD changes are replicated destination VHDMove virtual hard disks attachedto a running virtual machine Computer Benefits running • Manage storage in a cloud environment Virtual machine Hyper-V with greater flexibility and control • Move storage with no downtime • Update physical storage available to a virtual machine (such as SMB-based Source device Target device storage) • Windows PowerShell cmdlets 35
  24. 24. 36
  25. 25. VIRTUAL MACHINE MOBILITY DiskDisk writes are mirrored;new Reads and writes go toto contents are copied the Live Migration Completes Live Migration ContinuesShared-nothing live migration outstandingsourceMigration Begins source VHD.changes VHDreplicated destination are Live VHD Source Live Migration Destination Hyper-V Configuration data Hyper-V MEMORY Modified memory pages Memory content Benefits Virtual machine Virtual machine • Increase flexibility of virtual machine IP connection placement • Increase administrator efficiency • Reduce downtime for migrations across cluster boundaries Source device Target device 37
  26. 26. VIRTUAL MACHINE MOBILITYNew feature Primary site Replica siteReplicate Hyper-V virtual machines from a Exchange virtual machineprimary site to a replica site CRM virtual machine IIS virtual machine Exchange replica SQL virtual machine virtual SharePoint virtual machine Benefits machine CRM replica virtual • Affordable in-box business continuity and machine disaster recovery R2 • Failure recovery in minutes Replicate over R1 R3 P1 P2 WAN link • More secure replication across network • No need for storage arrays • No need for other software replication SMB file share SAN Hyper-V role and tools Hyper-V role and tools technologies Hyper-V Hyper-V PS Hyper-V Hyper-V PS • Automatic handling of live migration cmdlets integrated UI cmdlets integrated UI • Simpler configuration and management Send/receive replica traffic Hyper-V Management Module Hyper-V Management Module tracks and replicates changes for receives and applies the changes to each virtual machine the replica virtual machine 38
  27. 27. SCALE AND PERFORMANCEVHDX Features Large allocations and 1 MB aligned Data region (large allocations and 1 MB aligned) • Storage capacity up to 64 TBs Block Allocation User data blocks Intent log Table (BAT) • Corruption protection during power failures Sector bitmap blocks • Optimal structure alignment for large-sector disks Header region Metadata region (small allocations and unaligned) User metadata Benefits Header Metadata table File metadata • Increases storage capacity • Protects data • Helps to ensure quality performance on large-sector disks 39
  28. 28. SCALE AND PERFORMANCECapabilities• Improved performance of virtual hard disks on 512e disks• Ability to host virtual hard disks on native Logical sector 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 4 KB disks Physical sector 0 Physical sector 1 Sector bitmapBenefits• Reduces impact of 512e disks on virtual Virtual hard disk 4 KB block (blue) not hard disk stack• Workloads complete more quickly aligned with physical 4 KB boundary 40
  29. 29. SCALE AND PERFORMANCEAccess Fibre Channel SAN Hyper-V host 1 Hyper-V host 2data from a virtual machine • Unmediated access to a storage area network (SAN) • Hardware-based I/O path to virtual hard Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide disk stack Name Set A Name Set B Name Set A Name Set B • N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) support • Single Hyper-V host connected to different SANs • Up to four Virtual Fibre Channel adapters on a virtual machine • Multipath I/O (MPIO) functionality Live migration maintaining • Live migration Fibre Channel connectivity 41
  30. 30. OPEN AND EXTENSIBLEOffloaded Data Transfer (ODX)Token-based data transfer betweenintelligent storage arrays Benefits • Rapid virtual machine provisioning and migration Token • Faster transfers on large files • Minimized latency Offload read Token Token Offload write • Maximized array throughput • Less CPU and network use Intelligent storage array • Performance not limited by network throughput or server use • Improved datacenter capacity and scale • Automation Actual data transfer Token-based copy operation 42
  31. 31. 43
  32. 32. Extending the Hyper-V Extensible SwitchFor new capabilities Manageability • Windows PowerShell and scripting support Extensibility features Extension monitoring • Unified tracing and enhanced diagnostics Extension uniqueness Extensions that learn virtual machine life cycle Benefits Extensions that can veto state changes • Open platform to fuel plug-ins Multiple extensions on same switch • Free core services Integration with built-in features • Windows reliability/quality Ability to capture extensions • Unified management • Easier support • Live migration support 44
  33. 33. OPEN AND EXTENSIBLESingle Root I/O Virtualization Virtual machine(SR-IOV) Network stack • Increases network throughput Software NIC Virtual function (VF) • Reduces network latency • Reduces host CPU overhead for processing network traffic Benefits Hyper-V Extensible Switch • Maximizes use of host system processors and memory • Handles the most demanding workloads SR-IOV network adapter VF VF VF 45
  34. 34. 46
  35. 35. #WS2012
  36. 36.  Server Manager and PowerShell Highly Available Files and Services Storage Enhancements Network Enhancements 51
  37. 37. STANDARDS-BASED MANAGEMENT MULTISERVER ECOSYSTEM AND MANAGEMENT EXTENSIBILITYWindows Management Framework Server Cross Manager platform capabilitiesROBUST AUTOMATION StandardizeWindows PowerShell 3.0 d interfaces and tools 52
  38. 38. MULTISERVER MANAGEMENTWindowsServer 2008 R2 FILE SERVICESConnect to server roles HYPER-V(such as File Services, STORAGEHyper-V, and RemoteDesktop Services) on aper-server basis.Windows Server 1 Server 2 Server 3Server 2012 Server 1 Server 3 Role 1 Server 2 Role 2Manage a server role as Server 1 Role 3it spans across servers,or look at a server and Role 1 Role 3the server roles on that Role 2server. Both options areimportant. 53
  39. 39. 54
  40. 40. ROBUST AUTOMATION Key featuresBroader coverage Greater resiliency• Rich management through more than 2400 • Robust session connectivity cmdlets • Disconnected sessions • Session configuration files • Job scheduling • Windows PowerShell Web AccessMore intuitive• Integrated Scripting Environment 3.0: Syntax simplification | IntelliSense | Reusable text in code examples Higher performance• Cmdlet discovery and module autoloading • On-the-fly compilation—up to six times• Updatable help faster• Script-sharing • Windows PowerShell Workflow 55
  41. 41. More intuitive ROBUST AUTOMATION Cmdlet Integrated Scripting Get-Command *-Net* Environment (ISE) 3.0 discovery Get-Help *-Net* Updatable Update-Help Help Save-Help Script-sharing IntelliSense 56
  42. 42. 57
  43. 43. ROBUST AUTOMATION Simplified process for defining a new session configuration Remote sessions remain in a connected state during transient network glitches or failuresSession # Start a remote session, disconnect, and close WindowsConfiguration PowerShell Disconnect-PSSessionFiles PS C:> $s = New-PSSession - ComputerName srv1 -Name LongSession • Disconnects a session connection from a remote PS C:> $job = Invoke-Command $s { computer 1..10| % {echo "Long running job - partRobust Session $_"; sleep 5} } -AsJob Connect-PSSession PS C:> Disconnect-PSSession $s Reestablishes a session connection with a remoteConnectivity • computer exit Receive-PSSessionDisconnected # Start Windows PowerShell on a different computer • Resumes execution of a command on a remote session and retrieves the session outputsessions PS C:> $s = Get-PSSession - ComputerName srv1 -Name LongSession • Implicitly reconnects to session (without Connect- PS C:> $job = Receive-PSSession $s - PSSession command) Out Job PS C:> Receive-Job $job 58
  44. 44. ROBUST AUTOMATION03 Job Job Job Schedule Options Triggers Schedules Get-ScheduledJobOption Job Scheduling Add-JobTrigger Disable-JobTrigger Disable-ScheduledJob Enable-ScheduledJob New-ScheduledJobOption Set-ScheduledJobOption • New cmdlets Enable-JobTrigger Get-ScheduledJob in the PSScheduledJob module Get-JobTrigger Register-ScheduledJob • Jobs execute based on triggers New-JobTrigger Set-ScheduledJob Remove-JobTrigger Unregister-ScheduledJob Set-JobTrigger Internet Windows Internet HTTPS PSRP End user PowerShell (Browser) Target 1 Windows Server 2008 R2 Web Access Target 2 Windows Server 2003 • New to Windows Server 2012 PowWA • Manage computers running Gateway Windows by using Windows Windows Target 3 PowerShell within a browser Windows Server 2012 Server 2012 59
  45. 45. PowerShell 3.0 Modules ROBUST AUTOMATIONWindows PowerShell 3.0 New Modules • Comprehensive server management with more than 2,400 cmdlets • Many new modules that allow the use of Windows PowerShell 3.0 to manage all aspects of the datacenter; for • Over 60 new modules to replace command line commands example, new modules for: • Networking, DNS, DHCP, BranchCache, DA, Server Roles, AD • Dynamic Host Configuration Deployment, Firewall, Teaming, PKI, Security, Remote Protocol (DHCP) server Desktop, VDI, RRAS, Group Policy, AppLocker, and many more • Domain Name System (DNS) server • No more knowing the module, modules load on the fly. • Others 60
  46. 46. STANDARDS- BASED MANAGEMENT• Primary, default server deployment option• Supports more roles and • Minimal User Experience Option services, including .Net • Server Core with GUI tools Framework 4.5 and SQL Server • Server Manager and cmd.exe 2012 launch by default when server is• Firewall-friendly remote booted management (WinRM) and • Allows other GUI tools to be Windows PowerShell are enabled loaded and installed by default • Enabled through Add Roles and• Adds the ability to easily move Features wizard, or with between Server Core and PowerShell MinShell 61
  47. 47. 62
  48. 48. NETWORKING QOS DHCP FAILOVERIP ADDRESS MANAGEMENTInbox feature for integrated management of IP addresses, domain Helps guarantee Automaticallynames and device identities predictable replicates and load network balances DHCPTightly integrates with Microsoft DNS and DHCP servers performance and scopesProvides custom IP address space display, reporting, and fair sharing duringmanagement congestionAudits server configuration changes and tracks IP address use Helps enforce customer SLAs and NIC TEAMING maximum pricingHYPER-V NETWORK VIRTUALIZATION caps Supports Combine any two bandwidth floors adapters with oneIsolation traffic without VLAN – Keep customers on the same server but and bandwidth caps PowerShellon different IP subnets commandCross Subnet Migration – Move a VM to a new subnet without changingthe IP address in the VM 63
  49. 49. SIMPLIFIED MULTITENANT INFRASTRUCTURE Blue sees Orange sees SQL Server Web SQL Server Web Virtualization Network Virtualization What’s really happening• Run multiple virtual 192.168.n.n • Run multiple virtual servers on a physical networks on a physical server PROVIDER ADDRESS SPACE (PA) network• Each virtual machine • Each virtual network acts as though it is acts as though it is running as a physical running as physical server fabric SQL Server SQL Server Web Web CUSTOMER ADDRESS SPACE 64
  50. 50. CONTINUOUS APPLICATION AVAILABILITY• Provides network fault tolerance and continuous availability when network adapters fail by teaming multiple network interfaces• Vendor agnostic and shipped inbox Virtual adapters• Provides local or remote management Team network adapter Team network adapter through Windows PowerShell or UI• Enables teams of up to 32 network adapters• Aggregates bandwidth from multiple network adapters• Includes multiple nodes: switch dependent and independent 65
  51. 51. HIGH- PERFORMANCE NETWORKING Without RDMA With RDMA • Higher performance through offloading of network I/O processing onto network adapterFile Client File Server • Higher throughput with low latency and ability to take advantage of high-speed networks App Buffer (such as InfiniBand and iWARP) • Remote storage at the speed of direct storage SMB SMB Buffer Buffer • Transfer rate of around 50 Gbps on a single NIC port OS OS • Compatible with SMB Multichannel for load Buffer Buffer balancing and failover Driver Driver Buffer Buffer iWARP Adapter Buffer rNIC NIC rNIC NICAdapter Buffer InfiniBand 66
  52. 52. CLUSTER AWARE DEDUPLICATIONSMB 3.0 UPDATINGSMB 3.0 Automatically Eliminates file moves file server duplication for up toSMB Multi-Channel roles to additional 95% spaces savings nodes without on software andContinuously Available File Server service interruption. VHD library folders Orchestrates updates across all ONLINE BACKUP cluster nodes withSTORAGE SPACES zero downtime. Backup directly to a Returns all roles to Windows AzureThin Provisioning preferred node on subscription completionClustering 67
  53. 53. ALWAYS ON, ALWAYS UP CHKDSK NTFS improvements • Seconds to fix corrupted data • Rapid recovery from file system corruption without affecting • availability time when used with CSV No offline• Rapid recovery from file system corruption without • Data scanning process separated from repair allocate-on-write • Disk corruption virtually eliminated through process affecting availability • Period checksumwith volume, offline repair • Online scanning validation of file system meta-data• Resilient against power outage corruption • Seamless data integrity protection• Periodic checksum validation of file system metadata 400• Improved data integrity protection 300• Greater compatibility with SATA standards 200• Ideal for file server volumes 100 0 1 2 3 Series1 Series2
  54. 54. ENTERPRISE-CLASS FEATURES ON LESS EXPENSIVE HARDWARE Windows Application Server or File Server • Virtualization of storage withPhysical or Storage Pools and Storage Spacesvirtualizeddeployments • Storage resilience and availability with commodityIntegrated File Server Administration Hyper-V SMB Multichannel hardware Consolewith other • Resiliency and dataWindows redundancy through Failover Clustering NTFS SMB DirectServer 2012 n-way mirroring (clustered orcapabilities unclustered) or parity mode Cluster Shared Volume NFS Windows Storage Mgmt. (unclustered) • Utilization optimized throughWindows thin and trim provisioning andVirtualized Storage Space Storage Space Storage Space enclosure awarenessStorage • Integration with other Windows Server 2012 capabilities Storage Pool Storage Pool • Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)Physical and Serial AT AttachmentStorage (SATA) interconnects 69 (Shared) SAS or SATA
  55. 55. 70
  56. 56. ENTERPRISE-CLASS FEATURES ON LESS EXPENSIVE HARDWARE • Highly available, shared Microsoft data store for SQL Server Hyper-V Cluster SQL Server databases and Hyper-V workloads SMB • Increased flexibility, and Single Logical Server FooShare easier provisioning and File Server management Cluster • Ability to take advantage Single File System Namespace of existing network infrastructure Cluster Shared Volumes • No application downtime for planned maintenanceWindows or unplanned failures withVirtualized RAID Storage Space RAID Storage Space Storage SpaceRAID failover clusteringStorage Array Array Array • Highly available scale-out file server Storage Pool Storage Pool SAN • Built-in encryptionPhysical supportStorage 71
  57. 57. This presentation explores how  Industry trends and challengesWindows Server 2012 helps youflexibly build—and more quickly  Windows Server 2012: Every app, any clouddeploy and scale—applications  Flexibleand websites on-premises and inthe cloud.  Scalable and elastic  Open  Summary  Get started 74
  58. 58. New Device Data Cloudapps proliferation explosion computing 75
  59. 59. Scale and secure workloads, cost-effectively build a privateBeyond virtualization cloud, and securely connect to cloud servicesThe power of many Efficiently manage infrastructure while maximizing uptimeservers, the simplicity and minimizing failures and downtimeof one Build on an open and scalable web platform that supportsEvery app, any cloud applications across premisesModern Support a mobile and flexible work styleworkstyle, enabled 76
  60. 60. Build and deploynext-generation applications Scale web applications and Reuse developmentacross premises manage resources optimally skills and knowledge 77
  61. 61. FLEXIBLE SCALABLE AND ELASTIC OPENBuild on-premises Increase website density Support open standards andand in the cloud and efficiency common tools 78 78
  62. 62. Increased productivity Increased IT flexibility Cloud-based and with programming with virtual machine hybrid applications symmetry portability Windows Azure SDK Same development Provision, manage and HTML5 or XAML model between move VMs between base for UIBuild hybrid and symmetrical Windows Server and Windows Server and Windows Azure Windows Azure I/O operations withapplications across premises isolated storage Common development Common set of tools tools for configuring VM Common workflows workloads and rules 79
  63. 63. Common development tools Create and deliver powerful applications Shorten development time On-premises datacenter Provide a rich and comprehensive experience Development framework and tools Use common workflows More easily create and Azure DEVELOPER deploy applications that run on Windows Azure Use Metro-style development Development tools framework and tools 80
  64. 64. Improved site Increased isolation Simplified scalability and and security of management of performance websites multiple sites NUMA-Aware IIS CPU Throttling Centralized SSL Scalability Certificate Support FTP Logon AttemptIncrease scalability and Application Initialization Restriction Server Name Indicationelasticity for multitenant-aware Dynamic IP Restriction IIS Configuration Editorapplications and websites 81
  65. 65. Centralized SSL Certificate Support Provision secure web farms elastically and on demand Server 1 Certificate store Simplify certificate management Reduce hosting costs Server 1 Server 2 Scale to thousands of SSL Web Server 2 certificates hosting certificate store Server 3 Server 3 Server n Server n 82
  66. 66. Best platform for .NET Open web platform Support for multiple Framework Open source software programming .NET for Modern UI apps support languages New Async language and HTML5 support ASP.NET 4.5 integration runtime supportBuild mission-critical WebSocket protocol Support for multiple Increased application support languages, includingapplications and take advantage speed and startup via .NET, PHP, Node.js, andof open frameworks, open background JIT Pythonsource applications and various compilation Enhanced support fordevelopment languages Many new features PHP and MySQL through across IIS extensions ASP.NET, WPF, WCF, and WF 83
  67. 67. WebSocket protocol support Support standards-based WebSocket Support asynchronous operations and client-driven web applications HTTP Polling PERFORMANCE Create rich HTML5 Polling applications HTML5 WebSocket WebSocket BETTER 84
  68. 68. How do I embrace How do I increase the How do I deliver next- How do I enable modernthe cloud? efficiency in my datacenter? generation applications? work styles? Scalable Flexible Open and elasticBuild and deploynext-generation Scale web applicationsapplications across and manage resources Reuse developmentpremises optimally skills and training 86
  69. 69. Download Windows Server 2012Learn more about Windows Server2012, Microsoft Private Cloud solutions, andMicrosoft System Center 2012Work with a Microsoft representative forproof of concept and current and futurelicensing needs 87
  70. 70. #WS2012
  71. 71.  VDI Enhancements Direct Access Active Directory Improvements Dynamic Access Control 92
  72. 72. EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT RICH USER EXPERIENCE StreamlinedEasy deployment Unified administration management RemoteFX for wide Graphics processing area network (WAN) unit (GPU) support for BEST VALUE FOR VDI USB redirection Seamless experience Multiple storageUser Profile Disk Fair Share options 93
  73. 73. RICH USER EXPERIENCEDelivers a consistently rich user experience to users over LAN or WAN Corporate LAN Internet or WAN 94
  74. 74. BEST VALUE FOR VDI What should I deploy?Benefits User Profile Disk• Available with pooled virtual machine With every virtual machine pool and collections and remote desktop session host collections remote desktop session host collection User environment virtualization• Stores all user settings and data User Profile Disk with pooled virtual machine To apply roam settings across collections• Contains roaming user profile, Folder collections Folder Redirection Redirection cache, and user environment virtualization To apply roaming user data across collections• Roams with user within collection To centralize user data backup• Appears as a local disk and improves application compatibility User Profile Disk with remote desktop session host collections 95
  75. 75. 96
  76. 76. DIRECTACCESS Support for Windows Easy-deployment PowerShell for wizard client and serverTransparent network accessto the end user from anyInternet connection Support for Site-to-site multiple sites tunnelingSimple to deploy Flexible Unified Built-in support forand manage deployment management IPv6 translationcentrally scenarios experience technology 97
  77. 77. 98
  78. 78. ACTIVE DIRECTORY DOMAIN SERVICES Support for virtualized domain Rapidly provision new controllers Improved domainManage Active domain controllers as controllerDirectory at organizational needs deploymentscale change experience Domain controller cloning Full management Enhanced ActiveDeploy Active Directory of Active Directory Directorydomain controllers into using Windows Administrativepublic and private clouds PowerShell Center 99
  79. 79. ACTIVE DIRECTORY DOMAIN SERVICESVirtual domaincontroller Clones Rollback Detection • Virtual domain controllers use the unique GenerationID attribute to detect when: • Snapshots are applied • A virtual machine is copied Use the wizard to deploy a single virtual domain • GenerationID changes when an event controller. affects virtual machine’s position in time • During startup, the virtual domain Configure additional options for domain controller controller compares the current value of clone (for example, name and IP information). GenerationID against the value stored in the directory Copy source domain controller virtual machine and restart to complete cloning operation. • A mismatch (rollback event) triggers safe virtual domain controller convergence 100
  80. 80. ACTIVE DIRECTORY DOMAIN SERVICESBenefits• Reduces the learning curve• Increases confidence in scripting• Enhances Windows PowerShell discoverability• Graphical user interface supports Active Directory recycle bin functionality 101
  81. 81. 102
  82. 82. Rights ManagementClassification Access control Auditing Services protection Identifies data Controls access to files Audits access to files Applies RMS encryption• Classifies files • Provides central access • Provides central audit • Reduces information automatically and policies for an policies for compliance leaks manually organization-wide reporting and forensic safety net analysis• Classification-based encryption • Expression-based access rules • Access-denied Assistance 103
  83. 83. DYNAMIC ACCESS CONTROL Active Directory Corporate Domain Services file serversHigh business impact Organizational policiespolicy • High business impact • Personally identifiable informationPersonallyidentifiableinformation policy Finance department policies • High business impact • Personally identifiable informationFinance policy • Finance User folders Finance folders 104
  84. 84. DYNAMIC ACCESS CONTROL Active Directory File Domain Services server User claims Device claims Resource propertiesUser.Department = Finance Device.Department = Finance Resource.Department = Finance User.Clearance = High Device.Managed = True Resource.Impact = High Access policy 105
  85. 85. Visit Microsoft Virtual Academy for free online readiness Learn and Get Certified Explore Microsoft Learning certifications on Windows Sever Windows Download Windows Server 2012 Server 2012 Evaluate Take the free 90-day trial Windows Azure Engage in Join the online launch experience Launch
  86. 86. From Partner Winner From Partner WinnerCitrix Jason Dines NetApp Gordon WrightDatacore Julian Simpson OSCL Sean MorrisEACS Matt Tennant PCS Systems Ashis BistaHP James Baldwinson QA Richard MarderInframon Clive Williams Risual David WebbKingston Steven Morley Trinity Anna OstacchiniMillgate Joe Sutton Ultima Jason StovesX-IO Daniel Warn-Holland Veeam Nigel Berryman
  87. 87. Please give feedback through evalsTalk to our partnersJoin us for drinks brought to you by our MVPs