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Microsoft Tag Retail Concept


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This is a mock-up scenario of a Tag solution that can be used in a retail setting and features Real Time Location as a key driver for engagement. Feel free to download and make your own changes to let us know how you would improve this scenario.

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Microsoft Tag Retail Concept

  1. 1. Own Your Customer’s In-Store Mobile Experience<br />TRIGGER DISCOVERY…<br />CONTROL EXPERIENCE…<br />DRIVE BEHAVIOR…<br />Customer scans display for a product<br />Triggers mobile experience that spurs engagement<br />Customer incentivized to make purchase while in-store for discounts <br />Customer<br />Customer can purchase good online, but does it while in store <br />Discounts only valid if direct from retail chain<br />Tag ‘s on DM pieces use RTL to direct users to nearby store <br />DM<br />$550 <br />Saved all time<br />My stats:<br />20% off<br />My smart shopper rank<br />Cross-sell opportunity through discounts on complementary items <br />75 percentile<br />MAP<br />Add to virtual shopping bag<br />Product: Watch<br />Price: $<br />% off complementary products<br />Up-sell opportunity on similar products<br />Similar products on special<br />Customers visits store to browse, and/or buy<br />Product: Pants<br />Price: $$<br />Product: Pants<br />Price: $<br />Customer scans Tags while in-store<br />