Opswat Pazar Payı Raporu / Haziran 2011


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OPSWAT'ın hazırlamış olduğu Güvenlik, İşletim Sistemi ve Anlık Mesajlaşma Uygulamaları Pazar Payı Raporu.

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Opswat Pazar Payı Raporu / Haziran 2011

  1. 1. Security Industry Market Share AnalysisJune 2011Introduction The ResearchOPSWAT releases quarterly market share reports for several This report shows usage data for security applications onsectors of the security industry. This quarter’s report Windows systems. The data was collected using OPSWAT’sincludes both worldwide and North American market share AppRemover and Am I OESIS OK? tools, which utilize theand usage data for antivirus so ware, Windows Operating detection capabilities of the OESIS Framework to collectSystems, and for the first time, instant messaging information regarding the applications installed on endpointapplications. The data used was collected between March 23, computers. These tools are free for download on2011 and May 15, 2011. Please note that OPSWAT is not a www.appremover.com and www.opswat.com/certified/am-i-research institution; this report aims to distribute the unique oesis-ok, and are used around the world by home anddata collected to inspire public discussion, not to make any business users, both expert and inexperienced in securityclaims as to why changes have occurred. so ware. The sample is assumed to be representative of the market based on the wide accessibility of these tools to a large range of users.About OPSWATFounded in 2002, OPSWAT provides so ware engineers and If the user of the tool opts in, a report of the applicationsIT professionals with development tools and data services to installed on the computer is created. These opt-in reportspower manageability and security solutions. The company’s are compiled to generate the market share calculations inprimary product, OESIS Framework, is a manageability this report. More than 43,000 data points were compiled forsolution licensed by major technology companies like Cisco this report.Systems, Juniper Networks, F5 Networks, Microso , HP andmany others. Having been adopted as the industry standard In addition to applications detected by the OESISso ware development toolkit (SDK) for creating compliance Framework, other well known applications are also includedand manageability applications, the framework’s application in the instant messaging market share based on registrylibraries have now been deployed on an estimated hundred searches. OPSWAT acknowledges that not every securitymillion endpoint systems worldwide. To learn more about application is included in this report. Antivirus, instantOESIS, please visit the product page at messenger and other security application vendorswww.opswat.com/products/oesis-frameworkae. interested in inclusion in these reports and the OESIS Framework are encouraged to contact certification@opswat.com to learn how to partner with OPSWAT.
  2. 2. Worldwide Antivirus Vendor Market ShareAVAST So ware and AVG Technologies both top this WORLDWIDE AVAST SOFTWARE AVG TECHNOLOGIES . .quarter’s worldwide antivirus market with 12.37% each. JUNE AVIRA GMBH .AVAST shows a decrease from its leading 16.19% last MICROSOFT CORP. .quarter, which could be due to a shi in the percentage of ESET SOFTWARE .data originating from various countries. Avira and Microso SYMANTEC CORP. . KASPERSKY LABS .rank third and fourth with 12.29% and 11.24% of the market, MCAFEE, INC. .respectively. Microso ’s gain from last quarter could be PANDA SECURITY .a ributed to the distribution advantage that Microso COMODO GROUP .Security Essentials holds due to the convenient installation TREND MICRO, INC. . PC TOOLS SOFTWARE .through Windows Update and its smooth integration with the EMSI SOFTWARE GMBH .popular IE browser. Comodo also shows a noticeable SOFTWIN .increase in this report, rising from 1.27% last quarter to F-SECURE CORP. .2.79% this quarter. Several other vendors increased their OTHERS .market share from OPSWAT’s last report as well, includingAVG, McAfee, Trend Micro, PC Tools, Emsi So ware and AVAST PANDA AVG MCAFEEMARCH VS. JUNE KASPERSKY AVIRA — MARCH — JUNE SYMANTEC — MICROSOFT ESET — — — — — — — — T T ET Y G RA C EE A O RO LS E IN RE RS OM OS S AS OF AR R ND TE SK AV OD W ES O F CU HE HE I PH IC AV .C AV CA AN OS W TO FT ER PA M M FE OT OT SE SO FT CO M SO SP R M PC D SA F- IC SO EN SY KA M TR SI EM
  3. 3. N. America Antivirus Vendor Market ShareMicroso increased substantially since OPSWAT’s last NORTH AMERICA MICROSOFT CORP. AVG TECHNOLOGIES . .report, rising to the top of the market and surpassing JUNE SYMANTEC CORP. .Symantec, who held the lead for the past three consecutive AVAST SOFTWARE .quarters. As mentioned for global market share, Microso ’s MCAFEE, INC. .rise could be linked with the visibility and easy installation of ESET SOFTWARE . AVIRA GMBH .their antivirus so ware through Windows Update as well as PANDA SECURITY .its compatibility with other leading Microso products. AVG KASPERSKY LABS .also rose this quarter to hold the second leading position for TREND MICRO, INC. .the second consecutive quarter. Symantec rounds out the PC TOOLS SOFTWARE . COMODO GROUP .top three with 14.47% of the North American market. For the WEBROOT SOFTWARE, INC. .first time in OPSWAT’s past three reports, AVAST is not one SOPHOS .of the top three vendors in North America, possibly related LAVASOFT, INC. .to the altering breakdown of the data’s countries of origin. OTHERS .Several countries where AVAST has led in past reportsaccounted for smaller percentages of this report’s data. MICROSOFT KASPERSKYMARCH VS. JUNE PANDA AVG AVIRA MARCH ESET — JUNE SYMANTEC — MCAFEE AVAST — — — — — — — — FT T ET OT T Y G C EE RA DA O LS O S S S AS OF O R ER TE SK AV R OD SO ES O F RO HE I N PH IC AV AV CA AN S H TO ER PA M M VA RO OT OT EB SO CO M SP M PC D LA IC W EN SY KA M TR
  4. 4. Antivirus Product Market ShareThe top ten individual antivirus products in North America Conclusionshave continued to increase their combined share of the In North America, fi y-one different antivirus vendors weremarket. A-J below together control 60.38% of the North detected in this report. The top five of those vendorsAmerican AV market. Microso ’s Security Essentials combined to control 62.80% of the antivirus market. TheAntivirus continues to lead with 15.68% of the market, and worldwide market is slightly more distributed, with sixty-twofree antivirus solutions remain dominant, with each of the vendors and 58.25% of the antivirus market controlled bytop 3 products in North America available free for download. the top five vendors. Free solutions maintain their high levels of installationsNORTH AMERICA noted in our previous reports, both in North America andMARCH worldwide. They can be seen at the top of the individual product markets for both regions. The top three products inA MICROSOFT SECURITY ESSENTIALS (ANTIVIRUS) . North America and worldwide correlate with high rankingB AVG ANTIVIRUS FREE .C AVAST ! FREE ANTIVIRUS . vendors as well.D NORTON ANTIVIRUS .E MCAFEE VIRUSSCAN . Several companies who fare very well in the worldwideF ESET NOD ANTIVIRUS . market still have yet to achieve a large share of the NorthG AVIRA ANTIVIR PERSONAL - FREE ANTIVIRUS .H AVG [ANTIVIRUS] . American market. Both Avira and Kaspersky have more thanI SYMANTEC ENDPOINT PROTECTION . twice as much market share worldwide than in NorthJ NORTON . America. Similarly, McAfee is one of the top five antivirusK MCAFEE VIRUSSCAN ENTERPRISE . vendors in North America, but is only eighth worldwide.L PANDA CLOUD ANTIVIRUS .M KASPERSKY INTERNET SECURITY .N KASPERSKY ANTIVIRUS .O ESET SMART SECURITY .P OTHERS . P A B O C N M L D K J E I H G F
  6. 6. Windows Operating System DeploymentsNORTH AMERICA WINDOWS XP WINDOWS . . WORLDWIDE WINDOWS XP WINDOWS . .JUNE WINDOWS VISTA . JUNE WINDOWS VISTA . OTHERS < . OTHERS < VISTA VISTA XP XPWindows 7 usage continues to gain in North America, with a Worldwide usage of Windows XP grew this quarter as well,7% increase from OPSWAT’s last report. Windows Vista showing that it is still the dominant Windows Operatingshowed a sharp decline from 20.31% to 6.62%, System. However, the upward trend of Windows 7 continuescontinuing the move away from Windows Vista towards worldwide, as does the downward trend of Windows Vista.Windows 7. Windows XP usage increased from our last Only 4.72% of the computers that contributed data to thisreport, regaining more than 6% to rise above 50%. report had Windows Vista as their operating system. MARCH MARCH JUNE JUNE — — — — — — — — — — — — — — XP VISTA OTHERS XP VISTA OTHERS
  7. 7. Instant Messenger Market ShareOPSWAT used both the detection capabilities of the OESIS INSTANT MESSENGER MARKET SHAREFramework as well as registry information to determine the WORLDWIDEmarket share of well-known instant messaging (IM) JUNEapplications. The market share by application is shown to theright. Windows Live Messenger accounts for just over 40% WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER .of the installed IM applications, followed by Skype, which SKYPE .accounts for more than a quarter of the installations. The YAHOO! MESSENGER .share a ributed to Google Talk includes both users with the TENCENT QQ .Google Talk client installed and users with the video chat GOOGLE TALK . GADU-GADU .plug-in installed. ICQ . AOL INSTANT MESSENGER .In addition to detecting whether an application is installed, MIRC .the OESIS Framework can also report on various functions of XFIRE . PALTALK .supported applications, including whether the application is PIDGIN .running. OPSWAT data shows that, of the computers in North TRILLIAN .America and Europe with supported IM applications MIRANDA IM .installed, 32.65% had at least one running at the time of data DIGSBY . OTHERS .collection.ConclusionsThree instant messenger clients dominate the market for PCusers, with over 80% combined market share. This number ICQ GOOGLEdoes not account for the market share of web-based instant TALKmessaging services such as Google Chat and Facebook,which could mean that a higher percentage of PC users than TENCENT QQreported actively use instant messaging. WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER YAHOO!INSTANT MESSENGER USAGE MESSENGERNORTH AMERICA AND EUROPEJUNE NO IM RUNNING — IM RUNNING SKYPE — — — — — — —
  8. 8. Contact and Reproduction InformationPlease contact sales@opswat.com for more information on MD4SAthe OESIS Framework. For more information about thisreport, please contact marketing@opswat.com Powered by five anti-malware engines, MetaDefender for Secure Access (MD4SA) enables fast multi-scanning ofParties interested in hosting this report are free to do so as endpoints for key loggers, viruses and other malware.long as credit is given to OPSWAT, Inc. and a link is provided Available as either a cloud service or hosted so wareto www.opswat.com. package, MD4SA is ideal for quickly scanning endpoints’ running processes and memory prior to a network, web orAbout OPSWAT server login. A demo built using MD4SA technology is available at www.opswat.com/products/metadefender-Founded in 2002, OPSWAT is the industry leader in so ware for-secure-access.management SDKs, interoperability certification andmultiple-engine scanning solutions. With both so ware MDTAmanageability and multi-scanning products, OPSWAT offerssimplified and comprehensive SDKs that reduce time and MetaDefender Threat Analyzer (MDTA) is an automatedcosts for your engineering and testing teams. static file analysis solution used to analyze files and detect the presence of malicious applications by using dozens ofOPSWAT Certification tightly integrated antivirus engines. A free, online demo using MDTA technology is available at www.filterbit.com.The OPSWAT Certification Program is a free interoperabilityprogram designed to enable technology partnerships MD4Mbetween independent so ware vendors and leading networkand technology solution vendors, by verifying that their MetaDefender for Media (MD4M) is the ideal solution tosecurity applications will work seamlessly with solutions protect your organization from risks associated withemploying the OESIS Framework. Additional information is infected media present on peripheral devices such as USBavailable at www.opswat.com/certified. drives and CDs/DVDs. MD4M scans your media using up to nine licensed antivirus engines simultaneously, enhancing content security with multi-scanning technology. GOLD CERTIFIED S I LV E R C E R T I F I E D BRONZE CERTIFIED Product Type Product Type Product Type AppRemover The free AppRemover utility enables the thoroughProducts uninstallation of security applications like antivirus and antispyware from your computer. AppRemover is availableOESIS for commercial licensing if you wish to deploy multiple copies of AppRemover within an organization or entity, or if youOESIS Framework is a cross platform, open development wish to bundle AppRemover with hardware, so ware orframework that enables so ware engineers and technology other services. More information is available atvendors to develop products that detect, classify and manage www.appremover.com.thousands of third-party so ware applications. OESIS is perfectfor SSL VPN, network access control (NAC) and othermanageability solutions, and is deployed on an estimated 100million endpoints worldwide. Disclaimer of WarrantyMetascan OPSWAT Inc. makes no representation or warranties, either express or implied by or with respect to anything in this document, and shall not be liable for any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or for any indirect special or consequential damages.Metascan enables IT professionals and so ware engineers to Copyright Noticeenhance network security by integrating multi-scanning OPSWAT, OESIS, Metascan, MetaDefender, AppRemover and the OPSWAT logo are trademarks and registered trademarks of OPSWAT, Inc. All other trademarks, trade names and images mentionedtechnology into their proprietary solutions. Metascan includes and/or used herein belong to their respective owners. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmi ed, in any form or by any means, photocopying, recording orlicenses for multiple built-in antivirus engines from market otherwise, without prior wri en consent of OPSWAT Inc. No patent liability is assumed with respectleaders such as CA, ESET, AVG and others, and allows for to the use of the information contained herein. While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this publication, OPSWAT Inc. assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. Thisintegration with other engines of your choice if needed. Using publication and features described herein are subject to change without notice.multiple engines significantly improves the likelihood ofdetecting malware, as your solution will be secure if any of theincluded engines detects the threat.