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Windows 10 yrityksille


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Windows 10 antaa aktiivisten ihmisten tehdä asioita todeksi. Windows-liiketoimintajohtaja Tom Toivosen esitys Microsoft Vision Days -tapahtumassa 20.5.2015.
Vuoden 2015 Microsoft Ignite -tilaisuuden Windows 10 -esitykset katsottavissa Channel 9 -palvelussa

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Windows 10 yrityksille

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Miksi Windows 10 - Tee se todeksi
  3. 3. Demo Windows 10 käyttöliittymä
  4. 4. Windows Store • Modern apps • Sign in with MSA • Pay with credit card, gift card, PayPal, Alipay, INICIS, mobile operators Business Store Portal “Company Portal” • Modern apps • Leverages Azure Active Directory for administration, some scenarios • Private organization store for the org’s preferred or LOB apps • Pay with credit card or PO/invoice • Deploy modern apps offline, in images, and more • Modern app license management • Sideload line-of-business modern apps • Deploy apps from the Windows Store (even when the Store UI is disabled) as well as uploaded LOB apps through BSP integration using MDM
  5. 5. Consumer devices Updates installed via Windows Update as they arrive Keeping hundreds of millions of consumers up to date Large and diverse user base helps drive quality of the OS updates BYOD devices are up to date & secure No new functionality on long term servicing branch Regular security updates Control with WSUS Special systems Examples: Air Traffic Control, Emergency Rooms Windows as a Service Caught in the middle? Business users
  6. 6. Roll out rings Maintenance windows Peer to peer delivery Integration with your existing tools like System Center Introducing Windows Update for Business
  7. 7. *Conceptual illustration only Time Päivitysten testaus Current Branch for BusinessEngineering Builds Windows Insider Preview Branch Current BranchBroad Microsoft Internal Validation 10’s of thousands Hundreds of millions Several Million Contoso Internal Ring1 Contoso Internal Ring 2 Contoso Internal Ring 3 Contoso Internal Ring 4
  8. 8. Windows Update for Business Why choose Windows Update for your business: More secure with latest updates Control your deployment with enterprise rings Optimize for bandwidth needs Reduce device management costs
  9. 9. Windows Update for Business (WUB) Windows System Update Services (WSUS) Windows Update (WU) Consumer devices BYOD Scenarios Test Machines Special Systems Factory floor machines Emergency Room systems Knowledge Workers Salesforce Non mission critical systems Windows 10 Software Update Options