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Real time operational analytics - M-Files


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Mahdollista: Data Driven Business 3.5.2016, Jukka Pesonen, M-Files

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Real time operational analytics - M-Files

  1. 1. 2016-05-03 Microsoft Data Driven Day Real time operational analytics
  2. 2. M-Files Vision Changing the Way the World Manages Information
  3. 3. Analysts call what we do EIM, or Enterprise Information Management M-Files manages all of your stuff (like documents, projects and business processes) and adds intelligence by combining it with information from other systems The M-Files approach relies on a unique metadata-driven architecture that enables users to quickly find and access information based on its personal relevance regardless of the system or repository in which it is stored M-Files - One simple way to find, access and manage information
  4. 4. Software product company Global organization Offices in Finland, UK and USA 300+ employees Strong partner program: 450 resellers in 80 countries Technology praised by analysts Thousands of customers in over 100 countries M-Files Corporation
  5. 5. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2008 - 2015 Growth is 1500% MEUR ( 2016 Q1 M-Files secured EUR 33M series B investment to boost the global growth )
  6. 6. Forrester ECM Wave 2015 "M-Files is unique with its strong metadata-centric approach to ECM."
  7. 7. SQL Server 2016 included many technical breakthroughs in indexing technology to enable a quantum leap in the performance of certain kind of common database queries There are cases where the new technology can help to avoid the need for separate NoSQL or data warehouse solutions with a complex ETL layer by just adding new indexes in the database In addition to massive cost and complexity reduction compared to other separate alternatives, the data will never be out-of- date Real time operational analytics Column store indexes on in- memory tables Updatable secondary column store indexes B-tree indexes on primary column store indexes Column store scan improvements
  8. 8. M-Files provides the customers the ability to have their own dynamic structures for information, workflows, security models etc. instead of forcing to use the one-and-only, fixed out-of- the box model Providing the users the ability to have personalized up-to-date and secure views on exponentially growing amounts of flexibly structured information is a huge technical challenge also performance wise Why M-Files was an early bird in adopting the new indexing technology
  9. 9. We examined various technological options to improve the performance of navigating in M-Files views with massive amounts of data Already before the SQL Server 2016, we found the column store index being a superior option for us, execpt one dealbreaker – column store index was not updateable when the data changed With SQL Server 2016 we gained up to tenfold performance improvement in certain use cases, with nearly zero development effort Many of our customers in Azure Cloud are already enjoying the performance boost, on premise customers when they upgrade to SQL Server 2016 Enterprise Edition Why M-Files was an early bird in adopting the new indexing technology
  10. 10. +1 972.516.4210 +358.3.3138.7500