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City next exambles 28102013


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Microsoft järjesti CityNext –lanseeraustilaisuuden 28.10.2013.

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City next exambles 28102013

  1. 1. Tax & Revenue nn Social Analytics nn Contact Centers & Apps nn Document & Records Mgt nn Citizen Service: Portals, Event Mgt nnn City Dashboard nn Grants Management nn City Financial Managementnn Smart Smart Grids (Electricity Generation,& Dist.) nn Water & Waste Water Mgt. nnn Energy Management & Analytics nn Carbon Management nnn Traffic Management nn Asset & Fleet Mgt nn Toll & Fare Mgt nn Parking Management nn Advanced Transportation Solutions nnn Airports, Railways & Ports nnn Email and Communication Services (O365 for Edu) 1:1 Computing Programs n Education Analytics nn Learning Management Systems nn Institutional Effectiveness for Higher Education nnn Mobile Tourism Apps nnnn Library Management Systems nn Tourism Portals nn Destination Management Systems nnn Neighborhood Management nnn Surveillance Systems nnnn Emergency Management nnnn Intelligence and Analysis nnn Court & Judicial Management nnn Population Health Mgt nn Home & Remote Care nnn Social Benefits & Administration nnn Personal Health & Wellness nn Pandemic Management nn Primary Care nnn Smart Buildings nn Street Lighting nn Building Automation Systems nn Waste Management nn Parcel, Zoning and Land Use nnn Devices & Services Platform Identity, Security & Device Management Communication & Collaboration Data Center & LOB Platform CRM & ERP Big Data & Analytics Phones, Tablets, PCs, Embedded Devices City Function 2 Product Key nSQL nDynamics nAzure nDevices Government Admin. Public Safety & Justice Health & Social Services Education Energy & Water Buildings, Infrastructure, Planning Tourism, Recreation, Culture Transportation City Function City Customer Solution Needs City Function City Customer Solution Needs
  2. 2. Tax & Revenue Social Analytics Open Data Documents & Records Management Citizen Services: Portals, Call Centers & Apps City Dashboard Grants Management City Financial Management Smart Grids Electricity Generation & Distribution Water & Waste Water Management Energy Management & Analytics Carbon Management Traffic Management Asset & Fleet Management Toll & Fare Management Parking Management Airports, Railways & Ports Advanced Transportation Solutions Smart Buildings Street Lighting Building Automation Systems Waste Management Parcel, Zoning, and Land Use Email and Communication Services 1:1 Computing Programs Education Analytics Learning Management Systems Institutional Effectiveness for Higher Education Population Health Management Remote Care & Case Management Social Benefits & Administration Personal Health & Wellness Pandemic Management Primary Care Neighborhood Management Emergency Management Surveillance Systems Intelligence and Analysis Court and Judicial Management Mobile Tourism Apps Library Management Systems Tourism Portals Destination Management Solutions Government Admin Energy & Water Transportation Buildings Planning & Infrastructure Education Health & Social Services Public Safety & Justice Tourism, Recreation, Culture Disaster Response Determine occupancy for tax collection Install solar panels on property Identify at-risk students Develop visitor itinerary
  3. 3. Microsoft CityNext Government Administration
  4. 4. t
  5. 5. Government Key Solution Scenarios Citizen Service Delivery and Engagement Cloud Services
  6. 6. Case Study: London boroughs of Havering, Newham & Waltham Forest £13.6m of cashable in- year savings £7 -> £0.07 per transaction From 12,000 citizen pages down to 600 62 business processes enabled in 12 months First ‘digital by default’ service Autumn 2012 Mutualised shared service
  7. 7. Case Study Regional Government of Biscay 8
  8. 8. Citizens Public Data Register Corporations Agency Systems End User Systems Government Altinn Business Service Applications– Altinn Norway
  9. 9. Microsoft Confidential10 Company Overview: The City of London provides local government services for the financial and commercial heart of Britain, the “Square Mile,” and through the policies it pursues and the high standard of services it provides. Jill Bailey, Access to Services Program, Manager at City of London Previously had no unified CRM system; each department was capturing and storing data separately, with no consistent way to track interactions or service inquiries. Business Pains Chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM due to holistic approach, ease-of-use, powerful analytical capabilities, and ease of integration. Now able to have a single view of customer information, unify service to constituents, and enable consistency in interactions. Solution Microsoft Dynamics CRM to set up the Contact Centre. It has proved to be very flexible and other parts of the organization have taken on CRM organically. CRM is moving into the center of the business.  Single customer view (history, interactions, services, etc.)  Efficiency gains (CTI integration, screen-pops)  Able to answer 95 percent of calls within seconds  Reduced call abandon rate to 2 percent  75 percent of citizens rate service as “Excellent” Benefits
  10. 10. Microsoft Confidential11 Company Overview:  Population 1.3 million, but its “City Users” are three times the number of its residents  Integrate contact center with Web channels  Handle peaks at taxation and motor traffic program requests Business Pains  CRM powered service center with CTI  Single 020202 contact number  Three levels of support expertise  Service Management Reporting  Web Integration Solution What convinced the local government to invest in this project” explains Antongiulio Bua, Department for Quality, Services to Citizens and Simplification, Civil Services) of the City of Milan, was the need to provide our Municipality with integrated front-end channels dedicated to our citizens and aimed at satisfying a number of needs.  Integrated and multichannel communication with the public  Improved peak management  Reengineering of administrative processes  Capability to monitor City Users’ needs and plan information campaigns Benefits The City of Milan has a population of about 1.3 million, but its “City Users” are three times the number of its residents.
  11. 11. 12 Shows the record for a Milan citizen Shows the log of contacts for a Milan citizen Shows the service record for a Milan citizen Shows the service calendar for Milan citizen service activities City of Milan workflow
  12. 12. 20 different case management systems being consolidated into a single view, transforming citizen interaction and reducing time and costs Copenhagen Serving Citizens as ONE city government
  13. 13. Barcelona city council Services of support to citizens CRM Core Strategy of Relationship project value “…the Project not only aims to improve the efficiency of citizen services, wants also to build a new relationship more proactive and personalized with citizens…”
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Government Key Solution Scenarios Next Generation Government Workplace
  16. 16. 19
  17. 17. Structured question, answer, comment process Moderator and employees filtering tools Activity indicators
  18. 18. Talent finder
  19. 19. Government Insight and Accountability Government Key Solution Scenarios Administration and Finance Data Interoperability Business Intelligence Open Government Big Data world’s
  20. 20. CityNext By designing and building a solution on SharePoint Server 2010 to achieve paperless workflows, Microsoft Services has helped us save money, reduce our carbon footprint, and deliver more efficient service. - Ute Bendhaack, Senior Project Manager, Ministry of Finance, City of Hamburg The Challenge Hamburg’s Ministry of Finance—like most other departments within the city’s public administration—used paper-based workflows to manage approvals for expenditures and other initiatives. But reliance on manual processes was time consuming. The Solution The Ministry of Finance engaged Microsoft Services for help in designing a custom workflow solution based on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. The Impact • 1 million Euro Savings through a reduction in paper consumption and printing costs. • Automated Workflow reduces approval times from days to minutes. Government Admin City Financial Management Customer: City of Hamburg Partner: Microsoft Services City: Hamburg, Germany Technology: Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010; Microsoft Consulting Services; Business Productivity - Collaboration Link to Full Case Study
  21. 21. data/en/?cl=1
  22. 22. CityNext Microsoft has helped to transform data in data services [and] is helping us to improve our network. - Llius Sanz I Marco, Director Información de Base en Institut Municipal d'Informàtica The Challenge The City of Barcelona has been using Microsoft technologies for more than 20 years. The city was looking for economic development through Open Data to secure new business within the city and enhance transparency, open government and help the economic point of view. The Solution The Barcelona Open Data project was developed using Microsoft infrastructure technology and Microsoft Gold Partner Bismart. As part of the project, Bismart developed a Windows 8 City Dashboard app – Bigov Better City Indicators The Impact • New, faster network • Quickly answers critical government questions • Delivers public data through an open data database hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud • Azure offers access to web services in an easy way Government Admin City Dashboard Customer: City of Barcelona Partner: Bismart City: Barcelona, Spain Technology: Windows Azure; Microsoft SQL Server 2012; Windows 8; Windows 7 Link to Video Case Study
  23. 23. WE Microsoft CityNext Public Safety & Justice
  24. 24. Secure Messa ging Email Mobile Devices SMS Cloud Services City Dashboard Citizens Visitors Local Agencies National Agencies International Bodies Suspicious Activity Car Accident Sighting of Vehicle of Interest Drug Transaction Illegal Gathering Assassination Plot Murder committed Gang member sighted Sighting of Person of Interest Mention of bomb attack Suspicious financial transaction Suspiciously high chatter Large protest planned Evidence of corrpution Conspiracy in planning Data Bases Lawful Interception License Plate Recognition Face Recognition Cellular Tracking Gun Shot Detection Call Detail Records Aerial Surveillance Cameras Social Networks Web Smart Phone Environmental Air/Water CyberRadarsVibration Sensor Electronic Surveillance Data Fusion Social Media Situational Awareness Real-Time Alerts Predictive Analytics Dissemination Sensors
  25. 25. A B C D-1 D-2 E-1 E-2 E-3 Street Coverage Highways Hotels Stadiums Access Bridges Events Public Transportation Monuments Airports Municipality Buildings Schools, Campuses Shopping Centers AGT Safe City reference - Abu Dhabi All city safety & security aspects hosted and serviced from a single shared SAFETY infrastructure
  26. 26. CityNext The Challenge SUMMA 112’s current technology platform had become obsolete, and couldn’t classify different types of emergency calls or scale to track their current vehicle fleet, compounding the challenges of being able to quickly response to emergencies with the appropriate resources, The Solution Implemented Atos GEMMA, which integrates the management of complex emergency response infrastructures and provides interoperability with different agencies, such as the Madrid regional health service, ambulance service and civil protection agency. The high level of integration between all system components is essential for ensuring a smooth, secure and real-time transfer of information. The Impact • Supports 472.000 dispatches a year via an extensively, and growing fleet of ambulances • Provides real-time communications to ambulances and hospitals, including instant life data on patient needs and progress • Reduces responses times – when minutes can mean life or death -- and prioritizes life-threatening emergencies Public Safety & Justice Emergency Management Customer: Ayto de Madrid Partner: Atos City: Madrid Spain Technology: Microsoft ASP.Net Link to Full Case Study The system allows us to automatically transmit real-time information on the incident and patient medical data to the dispatched vehicle. That’s a big improvement on the situation before where operators had to communicate dispatch data by phone and the first responders had to write it down. - María José Fernández Campos, Medical Director, SUMMA 112.
  27. 27. CityNext The requirement was to quickly commission a new secure, agile, and resilient email system using the public cloud and then remove the service at the end of the Games to minimise any ongoing costs. Microsoft Office 365 with Exchange Online proved the ideal solution. - Sarah King, Project Manager, Metropolitan Police. The Challenge The Metropolitan Police Service in London required easily accessible email for extra police officers during the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. To avoid costly capital expenditure on its existing infrastructure, they wanted to quickly provision these users and then remove the service when no longer required. The Solution The Met implemented the Office 365 platform with Microsoft Exchange Online to give mutual aid officers a secure temporary email address that could be decommissioned after the Games. The Impact • Avoided Capital Expenditure or Costly Changes to System Integrator Managed Systems • Overcame any data sovereignty/privacy issues associated with the public cloud Public Safety Emergency & Events Management Customer: Metropolitan Police Partner: City: London, UK Technology: Microsoft Office 365; Microsoft Exchange Online Link to Full Case Study
  28. 28. CityNext The solution stands out due to its great adaption, the usability, an easy and agile parameterization, the integration with other Microsoft Office products and its scalability towards mobility products. - Andreu Martínez, General Director of Security Administration of the Generalitat of Catalonia The Challenge The Department of Interior of the Generalitat of Catalonia needed a technological platform that would allow them to manage the care and monitoring of victims of gender and domestic violence. The Solution In order to reduce the number of victims, guarantee their safety and improve care, SIAV was born, the new Integrated System for Care of Victims based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and used by the Generalitat of Catalonia. The Impact • Increased productivity • Improvement in the service of care to victims • Cost savings • Better management of public resources • Better public image Public Safety Neighborhood Management Customer: Departamento de Interior de la Generalitat de Catalunya Partner: Microsoft Services City: Catalonia, Spain Technology: Microsoft Dynamics CRM; Microsoft Dynamics Link to Full Case Study
  29. 29. Business process platform Event driven Goal driven Collaboration Handling Content support Functions Incident reg Prisoner reg Victum support Mail registration Execution & services Technical policing
  30. 30. 39 The ESR developed the Eagle Suite, an integrated emergency-management solution built on Microsoft® Office SharePOint Workspace , Office SharePoint Server, and ESRI ArcGIS software • Easier collaboration • 30% reduction in meeting time • Faster incident response • Single view of all operational data • Excellent data coverage Middle Gelderland Emergency Service Region “I estimate that the Eagle Suite has allowed us to cut 20 minutes off each 60-minute status meeting, which lets us take action that much faster.” Stefan Diehl Program Manager Middle Gelderland Emergency Service Region
  31. 31. Ventura PD partnered with Motorola and Microsoft to deploy PremierOne™ CAD and Mobile applications that were developed with Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and the Microsoft® .NET Framework. • Enhanced situational awareness and officer safety • Increased officer presence • Efficient resource allocation • Dispatch flexibility Ventura Police Department "PremierOne is as important to an officer as his or her sidearm. I would not send an officer to a call without a gun or the capabilities and critical information this system provides.” David Wilson Commander Lieutenant Ventura Police Department
  32. 32. Microsoft CityNext Health & Social Services
  33. 33. Real Impact for Healthier Cities
  34. 34. Municipality of Umeå (Sweden) Lennart Malm, Financial Director, Social Services Department
  35. 35. CityNext The greatest benefit is that our employees can now collaborate and communicate independent of time or place and can access the documents that they need in order to do their jobs from anywhere and at any time. - Miranda de Gouw, Informatisation and Automation Manager at Florence The Challenge Florence wanted to be able to share news, search for information, and collaborate easily. They wanted to significantly improve the quality of their operations by improving the way everyone communicated with each other. The Solution Florence in conjunction with their partner decided on Office 365, a cloud-hosted solution which consists of SharePoint Online, Lync Online, and Exchange Online, thus giving Florence all the ‘tools’ it needs for sharing knowledge, communicating, and collaborating in- house. The Impact • Improved Collaboration and Communication Due To Cloud Based Services. • Faster Access to Information Through Improved Search Capabilities. Health Home & Remote Care Customer: Florence Zorg Partner: Rapid Circle City: The Hague, Netherlands Technology: Microsoft Lync Online; Microsoft Office 365; Microsoft SharePoint Online; Microsoft Exchange Online Link to Full Case Study
  36. 36. CityNext Our healthcare surveillance system based on SQL Server 2012 provides actionable insight. This isn’t about crunching statistics—it’s about compressing the time it takes to identify the problem and act on it the best way possible. - Paul Henderson, Business Intelligence Division Head at Ascribe. The Challenge With access to large volumes of data, Ascribe wanted a BI solution that would help healthcare providers detect, predict, and respond more quickly to outbreaks of infectious disease and other health threats. The Solution Ascribe and Two10Degrees designed an end-to-end Big Data solution with business intelligence (BI) tools based on Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and Windows Azure HDInsight Service. The Impact • Transforms Healthcare With Near-Real-Time Access to Information. • Speedier Response to Health Threats • Provides Actionable Insight Into Large Volumes of Structured and Unstructured Data Health Pandemic Management Customer: Ascribe Limited Partner: Two10Degrees City: Leeds, UK Technology: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Windows Azure Link to Full Case Study
  37. 37. CityNext The Health Choices (mobile application) provides Windows Phone users with their own patient information as it includes access to Microsoft HealthVault- the cloud- based platform offering intuitive and interactive ways to create and monitor wellness information. - Bill Crounse, MD, Senior Director, Worldwide Health, Microsoft The Challenge NHS Choices is UK’s largest health website; it wanted to put the best health information and resources at people’s fingertips. The Solution 3chillies created the Health Choices mobile application in collaboration with NHS Choices, who supply all NHS service details and condition / treatment information. Integration with Microsoft HealthVault adds the ability to save condition and NHS service information against a secure personal account. The Impact • UK citizens can: • Search for NHS services by name and location. • Obtain comprehensive information on conditions and treatments. • Securely retrieve and store information about conditions, local NHS services and more. Health Personal Health and Wellness Customer: NHS Choices Partner: 3chillies City: Reading, England Technology: Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8; Microsoft HealthVault; Bing Maps Link to MS Health Blog Piece
  38. 38. CityNext With a solution based on SQL Server 2012 and Windows Azure HDInsight Service, we can capture data written in plain English and use it to improve services…This will reinvent the way we work with medical records in the future. - Paul Henderson, Business Intelligence Division Head, Ascribe The Challenge To help clinicians improve services, Ascribe wanted to provide rapid insight into large volumes of data from multiple sources. The Solution Ascribe and Two10Degrees designed an end-to-end Big Data solution with business intelligence (BI) tools based on Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and Windows Azure HDInsight Service. The Impact • Transforms healthcare with near-real-time access to information • Speeds response to health threats • Provides actionable insight into large volumes of structured and unstructured data Health Population Health Customer: Ascribe Ltd Partner: Two10Degrees City: Bolton, United Kingdom Technology: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Windows Azure Link to Full Case Study
  39. 39. CityNext It was crucial to get the best possible quality for image sharing, and Lync is simply the best for that. The fact that we can share documents and applications just as easily too is a bonus. - Rik Vereecken, Head of the Medical Technology department of AZ Sint-Lucas & Volkskliniek The Challenge St. Lucas hospital wanted to save consultants time by being able to discuss individual patients care remotely, but needed to be able to share high quality medical images. The Solution The hospital and its IT partner, RealDolmen,decided that Microsoft Lync was the most suitable solution. The Impact • Improves GP Productivity By Reducing Travel Needs • Sharing of High-Quality Images Aids Discussion • Mobile Support Provides Flexibility Health Primary Care Customer: St. Lucas Hospital, Ghent Partner: RealDolmen City: Ghent, Belgium Technology: Microsoft Lync Link to Full Case Study
  40. 40. CityNext In the old situation, you often had to wait two months for management information. In the new situation, you have it almost instantaneously. - H.H. Nauta, Director of Information Technology at the University Medical Center Utrecht The Challenge To improve care quality, the medical center wanted to replace its legacy hospital/clinic information system with an integrated platform that offers healthcare providers the complete, up-to-date information they need to perform their best work. The Solution UMCU hired Dutch software company ChipSoft to replace its electronic medical records (EMR) system with an advanced system that is based on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and is easily extensible and provides a complete view of patient information. The Impact • Improved Administrative Efficiency Through Real-Time Access to Operational Information. • Enhanced Patient Safety Through New Digital Medication System. Health Primary Care Customer: University Medical Center Utrecht Partner: Chipsoft City: Utrecht, Netherlands Technology: Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010; Microsoft SQL Server 2008; Microsoft Office 2010 Suites Link to Full Case Study
  41. 41. CityNext The quality of employee work will be much better with our new management system. We’ve created a foundation for continually improving processes, which means continuous improvement for residents. - Lena Brosché, Director, Varberg Municipality Social Services Administration The Challenge The administration needed to introduce a management system that would streamline and improve the quality of its work processes while also ensuring compliance, thus providing an efficient and high-quality service for its residents. The Solution With Microsoft Partner Network member Mogul, the Varberg Municipality Social Services Administration is implementing a management system based on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and the Microsoft Visio drawing and diagramming software within the framework of the existing intranet. The Impact • Time Savings and Higher Quality due to Better Process Mapping. • Faster Case Management Through Improved Search Capabilities. Health Social Benefits & Administration Customer: Varberg Municipality Social Services Administration Partner: Mogul City: Varberg, Sweden Technology: Microsoft Visio Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Link to Full Case Study
  42. 42. Microsoft CityNext Education
  43. 43. CityNext We’ve transformed the traditional classroom, in which teachers stand up and lecture students, into a much more creative, dynamic, effective, and self-paced learning environment. The percentage of parents who regularly communicate with the school has increased from 10 percent to more than 70 percent. - Konstantinos Doukas, Chief Executive Officer, Doukas School The Challenge In August 2011, the Microsoft Partners in Learning for Schools selected Doukas School as a Microsoft Innovative PathFinder School for its innovative approach to education. The Solution Doukas School installed tablet PCs with digital curricula, interactive software, and educational games for all students in the fourth through twelfth grades. Using laptops, Doukas School has been able to take a more personalized approach to education that complements the individual learning paces and styles of each student. The Impact • Increased student participation in the classroom by 50 percent. • Parents who communicate with the school has increased from 10 percent to more than 70 percent. Education 1:1 Computing programs for Education Customer: Doukas Schools Partner: n/a City: Athens, Greece Technology: Windows 7 Professional Microsoft Office 2010 Suites Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft SharePoint Online Link to Full Case Study
  44. 44. CityNext We used to be uncomfortable about moving sensitive information electronically, so we always worked onsite. Now we work remotely because we’re confident in the security of the technology. - Darren Cole, Project Manager, Target Tracker, Essex County Council The Challenge The Target Tracker application provides information to support learning ran on Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software. To stay ahead of its competitors, Target Tracker needed to rebuild the solution using latest technologies. The Solution The organisation used Windows Azure SQL Database, a cloud database service built on SQL Server technologies plus the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 client application to provide an intuitive interface. The Impact • Scalable system supports rapid growth. • Cloud solution accelerates setup. • Managed solution keeps costs down. • Data availability is assured. Education Education Analytics Customer: Essex County Council Partner: Target Tracker City: Essex (County), UK Technology: Windows Azure; Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Link to Full Case Study
  45. 45. CityNext I believe the greatest benefit and the reason why media and one-to-one are so important concepts in school is that the students are put in the position to deal independently with the software. - Ryan Myndio, Chemistry Teacher, ZIS The Challenge The ZIS wanted to implement a collaborative technology system to support their vision of a mobile learning community based around every student having a tablet device. The Solution The school decided on the Lenovo ThinkPad X 220 Windows 7 Tablet Edition and Microsoft Office OneNote as the central software. This was The Impact • Tablet Computers Remove Need For Text Books • Course Content Available At Any Time From Anywhere Education 1:1 Computing programs for Education Customer: Zurich International School Partner: n/a City: Zurich, Switzerland Technology: Microsoft Exchange Server; Microsoft Office; Microsoft OneNote; Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010; Microsoft Office 2010 Suites Link to Full Case Study
  46. 46. CityNext Lync Server 2013 provides us with highly reliable communications that are easy to use. We are doing a lot more videoconferencing and desktop sharing than we did in the past, and it really makes a difference in resolving issues and strengthening relationships. - Bas. Groeneveld, Chief Technology Officer at Dunamare . The Challenge Dunamare wanted to provide its educators and staff with more efficient and flexible ways to communicate and collaborate with one another while also reducing costs. The Solution Dunamare deployed Microsoft Lync Server 2013 to enable more flexible communication and collaboration and help reduce telephony costs. The Impact • Increased Collaboration Through Presence Information. • Reduced Telephony Costs due to Lync Functionality. Education Email and communication services for Education Customer: Dunamare Education Group Partner: Wortell City: Haarlem, Netherlands Technology: Microsoft Lync Server 2013; Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Link to Full Case Study
  47. 47. CityNext By powering our online International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme courses with Microsoft technology, we brought together the tools we needed to connect students, enable learning, and enhance educational outcomes. - Ed Lawless, Principal, Pamoja Education The Challenge Pamoja Education needed to develop an online environment that would support students worldwide and meet rigorous International Baccalaureate standards. The Solution Desire2Learn helped Pamoja Education build a centralized learning portal with a simple, intuitive interface that included course content, collaboration environments, and assessment tools. The Impact • Pamoja Education can broaden its course offerings over the next three years from 11 courses to 30+ • Doubling enrollment by the next school year • In the future, predictive analysis of student outcomes, based on online behavior Education Learning Management Systems Customer: Pamoja Education Partner: Desire2Learn City: Oxford, England Technology: Windows Server 2008; Microsoft .NET Framework 4; Microsoft SQL Server 2008; Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 Link to Full Case Study
  48. 48. CityNext If it snows, leaving pupils and staff stuck at home, they can continue to learn and communicate with each other through Microsoft Office 365. - Geoff Baker, DGfL Head of Service, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council The Challenge The council required a review of its current collaboration platform, but also wanted to lay the foundation for future upgrades with an agile, cost-effective collaboration platform that could meet current and future needs. The Solution Dudley chose to migrate its collaboration platform to Office 365 based on advice from RM Education and feedback from the user group. The Impact • Student learning is enhanced cost-effectively. • Ongoing maintenance costs and complexity are reduced. • Cloud platform boosts flexible learning. Education Email and Communication Services for Education Customer: Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council Partner: RM Education City: Dudley, UK Technology: Microsoft Office 365 Link to Full Case Study
  49. 49. Microsoft CityNext Energy & Water
  50. 50. Solution: Water & Power Conservation Minimal Requirements Data Sources •Water Flow & Pressure •Power Meter •Weather •Historical Data Cloud Core public data and utility data is to reside in Microsoft Cloud (Azure, Public/Private Hybrid, or Private) Local government jurisdiction data can reside On Premise Software for data processing correlating, tracking reside on the Cloud. Software •Office •SQL Server 2012 •Dynamics CRM (optional) •Azure Partners: China Southern Grid Atos Telvent Schneider Electric OSISoft Accenture ESRI Value •Lower energy costs resulting from reduced pumping •Reduced water consumption •Streamline infrastructure maintenance resulting from improved visibility and historical information •Citizen satisfaction resulting from self service conservation program and real time alerts Description: The integration and correlation of real-time water and power data can reduce power cost by as much as 5% or more, improve water conservation and water quality, and reduce maintenance & support costs.
  51. 51. CityNext By the end of 2011, our green IT programme had reduced carbon emissions by around 550 tonnes a year. - Ian Abell, Head of Technology Services, Leicester City Council The Challenge The council wanted to modernize its ICT infrastructure, reduce costs, make better use of its information assets, and improve customer service. The Solution It deployed a solution using Microsoft desktop, server, collaboration, unified communications, business intelligence, and mapping technologies. The Impact • Reduced Carbon Emissions Through Server Virtualization • Staff Efficiencies Due To Electronic Documents • Lowered Costs Through Replacing PBX With Lync Energy & Water Carbon Management Customer: Leicester City Council Partner: Risual City: Leicester, UK Technology: Microsoft Lync Server 2010; Microsoft Biztalk Server 2006 R2; Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Link to Full Case Study
  52. 52. CityNext We expect around 17,000 residents to regularly help our team of 16 tree inspectors to maintain our urban environment. Using the same Silverlight technology, we will deliver the application on Windows Phone—further enhancing the user experience and increasing the number of participants.” - José Javier García Doval, Director of Research and Innovation, Tecnigral The Challenge Tecnigral wanted to build a web-based solution to help Madrid citizens send requests to their city council to better maintain local tree growth. The Solution To ensure a highly secure and scalable IT infrastructure, Tecnigral created an application using the Windows Azure platform, and it used Microsoft Silverlight to deliver a compelling user experience. The Impact • Tecnigral has helped authorities more effectively deliver on one of their major environmental goals—preserving trees while protecting residents. • Enhanced infrastructure reliability, scalability to meet demand, and improved security. Energy&Water Carbon Management Customer: Ayto de Madrid Partner: Tecnigral, Plain Concepts City: Madrid, Spain Technology: Windows Azure; Microsoft Silverlight; Microsoft Expression Blend; Bing Maps; Microsoft Visual Studio 2010; Microsoft SQL Azure Link to Full Case Study
  53. 53. Working with CapGemini on these Smart Energy Projects is enabling us to reach our goals of becoming energy neutral by 2020. - Eric Hercules, Alderman of the Municipality of Texel The Challenge The Dutch island of Texel, located in the North Sea with a population of 14,000, wants to become energy neutral by 2020, by eliminating the need to get energy from the Netherlands mainland. The Solution Created a cloud-based Home Energy Management System, used by Cloud Power communities to collaborate and coordinate the use of energy by households. In addition, deployed smart lighting grid to remotely view and control public street lights. The Impact • By 2015, will reduce 37% of energy use by utilizing intelligent switching and dimming. • Reducing energy consumption by matching demand and supply, and implementing tactics like replacing old light bulbs. • Saving money by leveraging scalable Azure cloud platform. Energy & Water Energy Management & Analytics Customer: Municipality of Texel, TexelEnergie Partner: CapGemini City: Texel, the Netherlands Technology: Windows Azure, Microsoft Bing Maps, Link to Full Case Study
  54. 54. CityNext In our design process alone, we are completing the work order lifecycle 40 percent faster by utilizing Schneider Electric’s solution. - Chris Folta, manager of GIS, Benton PUD The Challenge The CAD-based GIS technology being used by the Benton PUD to map and manage assets was repetitive, inefficient, labor-intensive, and prone to error. The Solution Implemented an open architecture ArcFM™ Enterprise GIS and Design solution, which provided a graphical view of the utility’s infrastructure and tools, and streamlined their design, estimating, and construction processes. The Impact • Saved labor costs and eliminated the need to print thousands of maps, design packets, and work order forms. • Integrated each work order type and the necessary workflow into Workflow Manager. • Simplified planning, analysis, and operational response times. Energy & Water Smart Grids Customer: Benton Public Utility District (PUD) Partner: Schneider Electric City: Kennewick, WA, USA Technology: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2012, Silverlight, .NET Link to Full Case Study
  55. 55. CityNext "We are proud to continue our global leadership as a Smart Water Network solution provider. Our accurate and adaptable technology will help Anglian Water meet its ambitious leakage targets and remain at the top of its class.“ - Ignacio Gonzalez, CEO and Chairman, Telvent The Challenge Anglian Water is the largest water and wastewater company in England and Wales by geographic area, and operates in one of the world's most competitive, regulated and technologically advanced markets. The Solution Telvent’s Smart Water Network solutions provide a suite of tools that transform data into meaningful information for more informed decision making. Anglian Water will employ the Integrated Leakage and Pressure Management System to leverage water network data, for faster detection of leaks and improved response time. The Impact Anglian Water will ultimately achieve lower operational costs by: • Reducing water loss • Optimizing key processes • Ensuring regulatory compliance and enhancing service to its 4.3 million customers Energy & Water Water & Waste Water Management Customer: Anglian Water Services Ltd. Partner: Telvent City: Huntingdon, England Technology: Multiple Link to Press Release
  56. 56. CityNext The successful proof of concept and seamless link with external data sources were the main reasons behind our decision for MECOMS and Microsoft Dynamics AX. - Kiki Quist, Functional Manager at Waternet The Challenge Waternet needed a new CRM system to support all its business processes around water billing. Furthermore it would need to be capable of integrating widely diverging data sources all in an efficient and cost-effective way. The Solution Waternet chose a Microsoft AX based system from partner Ferranti Computer Systems. The Impact • Increased Employee Productivity By Up To 20%. • Reduced IT Management Headcount by 50%. • Flexibility to Match All Business Processes and Data Integration Needs Energy & Water Water & Waste Water Management Customer: Waternet Partner: Ferranti Computer Systems City: Amsterdam, Netherlands Technology: Microsoft Dynamics AX Link to Full Case Study
  57. 57. Solution: Smart Grid – Demand Side Management Minimal Requirements Data Sources •Smart Meters •Large buildings and facilities submeters, control panels •Utility data •Weather Cloud Core public data and utility data is to reside in the Private Azure Cloud Software for data processing correlating, tracking reside on the Private Azure Cloud. Software •Office 2012 or newer •SQL Server 2012 & BI •Dynamics CRM (optional) •Azure Partners: OSISoft Itron China Southern Grid ICONICS Accenture Avanade Value •Lower energy costs resulting from better insight and management, new infrastructure investment reduced through mitigation of peak usage scenarios. •Ability to change or shape energy consumption based on usage, costs, and environmental factors •Streamline infrastructure maintenance resulting from improved visibility and historical information •Business & Citizen satisfaction resulting from self service and real time alerts Description: The integration and correlation of real-time energy consumption data from commercial, utility, and government facilities can reduce power cost and provide a mechanism to shape energy consumption.
  58. 58. Solution: Big Data in Smart Grid Minimal Requirements Data Sources •Smart Grid (SCADA Systems) •Smart Meters •Historical Data •ERP, CRM Microsoft Platform Software •SQL Server 2012: •Streaminsight •SQL Server Historians/ODS •SQL Server Parallel Data WH •HD Insight on Windows Azure •Azure Partners Itron BI Voyage OSISoft Scalability Experts ADRM Ferranti Computer Systems China Southern Grid Value •Holistic Business Insight •Enhanced Grid Operations •Improved Customer Relationships •Asset Fault Causality •Well defined pathway for aggregating reliability, outage, costing & financial data •Integrates very disparate worlds of customer information system, financial, and operations •Standard means of defining and analyzing data Description: Solutions supporting Smart Grid Data Aggregation, Analytics, Reporting and Utility Industry Data Model for complete grid visualization and monitoring.
  59. 59. Microsoft CityNext Buildings, Infrastructure, Planning
  60. 60. CityNext The remote control system helps to resolve two key issues for an intelligent city such as Valdespartera: it guarantees the remote integrated control and management of municipal networks and helps to access and analyze environmental impact relation to the defined bioclimatic criteria, creating a knowledge base that will serve to improve future designs. - Noelia Olona, Techncal Area Manager of Ecocity Valdespartera Zaragoza The Challenge Turn the grounds of a former barracks into an environmentally sustainable city with integrated bioclimatic management systems for Valdespartera’s urban operations. The Solution Implemented Invensys Wonderware solution to capture, manage and centralize data from breadth of urban operations, including drinking water supply, sewage and rainwater treatment, water systems, electrical and gas supplies, street lighting, pneumatic waste collection, energy consumption in homes, and even watering of green areas. The Impact • Increased energy efficiency, improved use of natural resource, and reduced waste and emissions. • Integrated and consolidated data from a multitude of instrumentation devices tied to city’s breadth of systems. • Adhere to Kyoto Protocol environmental sustainability objectives. Building, Infrastructure & Planning Smart Buildings Customer: Ecocity Valdespartera Zaragoza, City of Zaragoza, Aragón Government Partner: Invensys City: Zaragoza, Spain Technology: Microsoft .net, SQL Server Link to Full Case Study
  61. 61. CityNext IBORs offers an innovate way to reduce costs by centralizing and managing the operation of discrete systems, such as dimming street lights, managing traffic flow, responding to emergency situations, monitoring usage and replacement of resources, and even increasing water flow to respond to fires. - Jan Cornelis den Ouden, Senior Business Developer, Logica [should it be CGI?] The Challenge The fourth largest city in the Netherlands, Utrecht wanted to reduce costs and CO2 emissions by managing street light usage, and also more effectively and safely respond to situations. The Solution Implemented CGI IBOR, which enabled them to integrate and remotely monitor and manage services from one location, such as in the event of an accident, guide emergency vehicles by controlling traffic lights, route ambulances and police around street obstructions, control water pressure if there’s a fire, and alert fire fighters to hazards materials. The Impact • Reduce energy costs by 25-40% by decreasing light levels and dynamics switching. • Increase safety and mobility in public spaces through the use of a central control room and smart phones. • Enable resources to automatically report energy usage. Buildings, Infrastructure & Planning Street Lighting Customer: Municipality of Utrecht Partner: CGI City: Utrecht, the Netherlands Technology: Microsoft Surface 2.0, Windows 7, Silverlight, SQL Server, Windows Azure, AppFabric Link to Full Case Study Utrecht, The Netherlands
  62. 62. Solution: Smart Buildings/City-Scale Energy Efficiency Requirements Data Sources •Building Management Systems Data •Building Meter Data •Weather Data •Aggregated data from multiple buildings •Utility Billing Data •Utility Meter data Azure Cloud Integration of building management system (VPN or other connection to building Analytics Microsoft Platform Software •Azure •SQL Server •Streaminsight •Sharepoint •Windows Server 2012 (optional) Partners: ICONICS Accenture Ezenics CAP Gemini Switch Automation Johnson Controls iEnergy iq Siemens OSIsoft China Southern Grid Energy Points Software Value •Energy Savings equal big cost savings for large govt and commercial buildings •Enables demand side management for large energy consumers. •Enables IT as component of utility conservation programs and delivers insight into building performance for both owners and utilities. •Utility forecasting improved and mitigates peak Description: Monitor and measure energy consumption at city scale with energy intensity utilization map, analyze building performance to improve forecasting and enable conservation programs, cut energy costs for building owners.
  63. 63. Microsoft CityNext Tourism, Recreation, Culture
  64. 64. Technology’s Role in the Tourist Experience Collecting Information Online •Quality content •Interactive & easy to navigate •Personalization Booking Services •Availability •Reservations •Agencies & operators Visiting Destination •Location-Based Services •Mobile Services •Interactive Kiosks Sharing Experiences & Memories •During or after the trip •Social Computing •User Generated Content Technology plays an increasingly important role in all the stages of the visitor’s experience.
  65. 65. Portal – Tourism 77
  66. 66. Reservations Book direct with hotel
  67. 67. Social Computing—User Generated Content / Business Intelligence
  68. 68. CityNext “The core of our marketing is about engaging the customer to wind mindshare for Ireland, over any other holiday destination.” - Mark Henry, Central Marketing Director, Tourism Ireland The Challenge Tourism Ireland is a publicly funded organization responsible for marketing the island of Ireland overseas. The Solution Working together with their social media channels, Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps to give the organization a deeper look at their customers and allows Tourism Ireland to bring a personalized experience to prospective visitors to the Emerald Isle. The Impact • Single customer database • Quickly accessible • Easy customization of marketing communications. Tourism, Recreation,Culture Destination Management Customer: Tourism Ireland Partner: n/a City: Dublin, Ireland Technology: Microsoft SQL Server 2008; Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5; Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 2; Microsoft .NET Language Integrated Query Link to Video Case Study
  69. 69. Social Computing—User Generated Content /default.aspx /search.aspx?q=finl and&sortby=Number OfViews
  70. 70. Microsoft CityNext Transportation
  71. 71. CityNext We are excited to explore the possibilities of moving to Office 365 as part of our strategy to improve communications and collaboration. - Dr. Sebastian Saxe, Chief Information Officer, Hamburg Port Authority The Challenge With employees managing operations across a vast port territory, HPA recognized a need to improve employee productivity by adopting more modern devices with access to Microsoft Office tools. The Solution HPA upgraded to Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus because it is easy to deploy and update, supports anywhere access, and runs on the most modern devices—including Windows 8 touch-enabled devices. The Impact • Enables mobility strategy • Reduces deployment hours by 75 percent • Reduces business disruption • Improves emergency response Transportation Airports, Railways, and Ports Customer: Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) Partner: Blue Communications Software City: Hamburg, Germany Technology: Microsoft Office 365 Link to Full Case Study
  72. 72. Inrix Win8 Demo • Introduce Inrix the company – A Microsoft partner based in Kirkland, WA with 300 employees worldwide – Provides accurate, real-time, historical, and predictive traffic information in 20 countries across North America and Europe – Inrix’s traffic information covers • 10 Billion data points per month • 1.5M miles of road per minute • 1 million miles of roads in North America and • 1 million kilometers in 28 European countries • Enough to circle the globe 64 times! – Runs on 400 Windows Servers and 200 SQL Servers in Tukwila • Intro the beautiful Win8 Metro interface – Focus is content over chrome – Focus is an end user, citizen, taxi driver, truck driver, etc. – The Inrix data is coming from a crowd-sourced traffic network • Built on a foundation of commercial fleets - taxi cabs, delivery vans and long-haul trucks and a growing community of consumer vehicles and mobile devices. • Incident information from a community of agency providers as well as factors in the impact that weather concerts, sporting events, school schedules and other unique local variables have on traffic. • All continuously reporting every minute of the day ensuring the most accurate real-time view of traffic
  73. 73. CityNext We estimate that by 2023 we will have completed more than 60 million trips totaling 550 million kilometers. These trips would produce 75 million metric tons of carbon dioxide if drivers used gas-fueled vehicles instead of electric cars. - Marcelo Pera, Project Manager at Syndicat Mixte Autolib’ The Challenge Autolib’ wanted to relieve traffic congestion in the capital city and provide more flexible transportation options for the 8 million people living in the region. The Solution Autolib’ implemented an intelligent car-sharing solution based on Windows Embedded that connects in-car systems with rental and registration kiosks, charging stations, and management applications. The Impact • Reduced Carbon Emissions Due To Intelligent Monitoring. • Cuts Transportation Costs Through Car Sharing. • Enhanced User Experience Due To Personalized Services. Transportation Traffic Control & Management Customer: Autolib Partner: IER City: Paris, France Technology: Windows Embedded Standard 2009; Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise; Windows Embedded Posready 2009; Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Link to Full Case Study
  74. 74. AFMS / ADIMS Platform Ticketing Tolling and Congestion
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