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Digital Mega Trends & Security Impact


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Explore the 4 mega trends:

Big Data

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Digital Mega Trends & Security Impact

  1. 1. Mega trends and Security impact Mobile Social Cloud Big Data Over Digital content will grow to (F 3 By 201 v Millennials in; smart hones and W'" make “P 5“ °f MW ePP5 Wi" in 2012 u 48% ' P of ] be distributed or from 2011’ rocketing; P ‘ G tablets will put power in V K the pockets of a billion 5 h kfo b deP'°Yed °" toward 8ZB by 2015. global consume” fl tzoezvévor rte y clouds In 2012. _, _ & § E in "/ The world's mobile 0 0 0 worker popuiafion [0 I . of organizations [0 Wm reach Of companies ‘i are either using or D growth of unstructured are deploying at 1 .3 over 31% least one social of the total workforce by 2015 5°flW3"e *°°l‘ investigating Clo! -Id data is predicted over the computing solutions next five year; Data theft 8: Business I} Malicious software T‘ f Targeted attacks *1 'j insiderleaks T‘ If Impact —| ,5 '~ 2- «Ari: ‘ @ ° ‘& 33¢ lowm la $8.9M $1658 2 5 O A7 1 . . average annual Cumulative EXP°"e"‘lel “Se in M°b"e Wldesplead More sophisticated successful attacks M l l l IOn spend to protect Cybersecurity Gmwm Mama” legacy anad“ experienced user accounts stolen credit card “Om, deteei. and ‘Spend b)’ 2023 °f IDS ‘ech"°| °9y every week accounts stolen recover from attacks
  2. 2. Purposefully designed solutions Can help drive business success Business innovation D ' Z “ M . . u obile Social . Secu rity Strategy Cloud Threat management Established security practices Strong response