Case Study: Office 365 - Macmillan Publishers India PVT. LTD.


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Macmillan Publishers India LTD could enhance its workforce productivity by 3% and save 160 man hours per month by migrating to Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online. Office 365 comes with high uptime, 0 maintenance, quick deployment and user-friendly features, which directly resulted in enhanced productivity and collaboration. If you’re interested in giving your business the Cloud advantage with Office 365, call us toll-free at 1800-102-1100. You can also write to us at or SMS MS Cloud to 56060.

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Case Study: Office 365 - Macmillan Publishers India PVT. LTD.

  1. 1. Turning over a new page at Macmillan Publishers with better IT
  2. 2. The publishing industry is built around connectivity with various people.
  3. 3. Founded in 1983, Macmillan Publishers is a global publishing company with a wide footprint
  4. 4. It has relationships with over… 2,500 titles 550 employees 1,500 schools 31 Offices
  5. 5. To connect its employees Macmillan was using Qmail, a freeware mail solution
  6. 6. But were facing numerous issues related to… Network connectivity Constant Data loss Email and Back-ups Frequent server downtime
  7. 7. In addition to these problems, Qmail had its own limitations like… Frequent downtime Only 5MB mailboxes Over 1,000 redundant accounts
  8. 8. “We were not happy with our existing email system. We hired third-party professionals to maintain our servers, which raised our maintenance costs.” Navnit Pandita, General Manager ─ IT, MPIL
  9. 9. Macmillan needed a solution that was not capital intensive and yet allowed for maximum benefits
  10. 10. And decided on the cloud based Office 365 solution with Exchange Online.
  11. 11. Migrating over 500 users to Exchange Online.
  12. 12. Operationally Macmillan saw huge advantages because of… Easy to use features Low cost subscription based model Zero need for new infrastructure Flexibility in addition and reduction
  13. 13. In addition to improved productivity by 3% with better calendars and planning.
  14. 14. Saving up to 160 hours with no need for back-ups, and no downtime.
  15. 15. Reduced operational costs with no need for physical maintenance.
  16. 16. And better user experience with a familiar user interface.
  17. 17. Allowing Macmillan Publishers to enjoy cutting edge communication tools with a secure IT.
  18. 18. “Office 365 comes with high uptime, zero maintenance, quick deployment, and user-friendly features. All these have direct impact on productivity that has improved by three percent in the last few months.” Vineet Anand, Senior Vice President & CIO, Macmillan Publishers India Ltd.
  19. 19. Read in detail about Macmillan Publisher’s story Here
  20. 20. Catch us on our social channels for a quick word Or Log on to the Office 365 page and do more
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