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Case Study: Office 365 - Bakewell Biscuits


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Microsoft Office 365 through its cloud-based email, calendaring, conferencing and web-based Office apps enabled Bakewell Biscuits to collaborate efficiently. Founded in 2004, Bakewell Biscuits wanted to expand their market covering the United States and Europe and were looking for a solution that can facilitate seamless collaboration with their customers. Read more on why they chose Microsoft Office 365 over Google apps and how Office 365 helped them achieve their objectives. If you’re interested in giving your business the Cloud advantage with Office 365, call us toll-free at 1800-102-1100. You can also write to us at or SMS MS Cloud to 56060.

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Case Study: Office 365 - Bakewell Biscuits

  1. 1. Founded in 2004, Bakewell Biscuits is the dream project of Mohammed Raish and his team.
  2. 2. The company currently exports biscuits and cookies to African and Gulf countries but had its eyes set of going global and enter the US and Europe markets.
  3. 3. And to do this the Bakewell has made significant investments in state-of-the-art technology, along with global manufacturing process standards.
  4. 4. However to crack the Western market with a small team, the company needed better communication and collaboration tools to service customers in various time zones.
  5. 5. Initially, the team started with only 10 people with little need for communication tools hence were using a free email service provided by a local service vendor.
  6. 6. But this was unreliable, with frequent outages of the external mail server leading to 10-24 hours of downtime when accounting for the visits of the service provider.
  7. 7. Similar issues existed with the website, while the lack of relevant information slowing down every decision from strategy to execution.
  8. 8. “This delayed everything from quotes, invoices, sale or purchase orders and approvals, and adversely affected the business.” Mohammed Rafiq A. Jethara, Exports Head, Bakewell Biscuits.
  9. 9. By 2012, the company had grown to over 100 people and Raish realized the need to invest in technology that would support Bakewell’s international push.
  10. 10. They were on the look-out for a solution with features like IM, content sharing, audio and video conferencing etc. but at a low cost of maintenance.
  11. 11. Realizing that a cloud based solution was the answer, Bakewell roped in Bitscape Infotech, a Microsoft Gold Competency Partner to help decide between Google Apps and Microsoft.
  12. 12. Bitscape presented a detailed overview of Microsoft Office 365 for small businesses and also demonstrated several features and capabilities that Google could not offer.
  13. 13. Mohammed Rafiq A. Jethara, Exports Head, Bakewell Biscuits. “I quite liked the idea of a single global vendor for all our IT requirements, from emails to website, an intranet and web conferencing. With Google, we didn’t see all the capabilities come together as easily. Also, local support apart from lower costs was a big reason to go with Office 365,”
  14. 14. To kick things off, Bakewell deployed five user licenses of Office 365 Enterprise plan for small businesses for its management team.
  15. 15. The team now used Enterprise-grade email powered by Microsoft Exchange Online with 50GB of space for each user.
  16. 16. Lync Online gave them the freedom to interact without the expense of long distance phone call bills and international travel
  17. 17. Moreover, personal archiving, up-to-date anti- virus and anti-spam protection ensured that mailboxes were clean, clutter-free and quick to search through.
  18. 18. With SharePoint Online, the management has access to all the relevant and up to date information in a single place.
  19. 19. And using SharePoint Designer and out-of-the-box templates, the team can create sub-sites for products thus saving annual web hosting and designer costs.
  20. 20. The new solution has helped Raish become more productive with access to data all the time to take quick and timely decisions.
  21. 21. It has helped gain the trust of international customers by checking their availability and confirming convenience over IM before actually making calls.
  22. 22. Reducing costs by 35% with a pay-as-you-use model and an estimated 50% in the next year due to reduced travel, phone and shipping bills.
  23. 23. While having peace of mind that Microsoft is responsible for backing-up company and employee data so that files and document are always available.
  24. 24. “In India, we pick up the phone to communicate with customers. But in European markets this is considered an intrusion…. Now I check their availability and confirm convenience over IM before I call a customer…. This strengthens the relationship between us.” Mohammed Raish Suthar, Chief Executive Officer, Bakewell Biscuits Pvt Ltd
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