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Case Study: Office 365 - Ascent Yarns


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Microsoft Office 365 through SharePoint Online and other Cloud collaboration tools enabled Ascent Yarns to make quicker business decisions. With operations spread across geographies and time zones, timely approvals, access to documents and managing responsibilities were some of the challenges faced by Ascent Yarns. Read more on how Microsoft Office 365 through workflows in SharePoint Online and other collaboration tools enabled them to have a central repository of all the documents with well-defined access, leading to increased productivity and efficiency. If you’re interested in giving your business the Cloud advantage with Office 365, call us toll-free at 1800-102-1100. You can also write to us at or SMS MS Cloud to 56060.

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Case Study: Office 365 - Ascent Yarns

  1. 1. Your complete office in the cloud. Weaving a new era of collaboration at Ascent Yarns with Office 365
  2. 2. In the apparels business, labels are the most identifiable way in which consumers make buying decisions.
  3. 3. And having consistent quality in woven labels across 1,000s of garments is paramount to manufacturers across the globe.
  4. 4. Three entrepreneurs from Ahmedabad thought the same and got into the business of manufacturing specialized yarn for woven labels.
  5. 5. Based in Gujrat, Ascent Yarns, a subsidiary of Global Pacific Nominees, Australia, provides yarns to important brands like H&M, Zara, Nike, Levis, Next, Target, GAP and many more.
  6. 6. Over the years, Ascent Yarns has expanded its export business across Asia Pacific by adding offices in Sri Lanka, helping it to grow its distribution network.
  7. 7. A small business, Ascent works with 16 employees who manage the business and over 200 employees who work in the factory.
  8. 8. The three managers responsible for business are based in Melbourne and travel extensively to manufacturing locations.
  9. 9. And because of their constant travel, decision making and time management was becoming an acute problem in ensuring things got done on time.
  10. 10. “Access to information was the key hindrance. With key decision makers traveling internationally, we needed to have a full background on each purchase order or payment. The time difference meant that simple decisions could take up to 2─3 days.” Ashvini Shekhar, Director, Ascent Yarns
  11. 11. On any day, the team expects to take about 20-25 decisions between them, so having updated and relevant information was critical at Ascent.
  12. 12. They started looking for a solution that would provide a consistent and efficient way to manage, monitor and approve decisions without adding significant costs.
  13. 13. Ascent met with Bitscape Infotech, a Microsoft Gold Competency Partner to explore a solution was quick to deploy and cost effective.
  14. 14. Bitscape suggested the company move on to Microsoft Office 365 with SharePoint Online as a key solution for collaboration across the organization.
  15. 15. “We chose SharePoint Online to minimize decision making time while still providing the latest communications and collaboration capabilities. Their licensing model and monthly payment option made Office 365 the ideal choice.” Anup Khushu, Director, Ascent Yarns
  16. 16. Within 10 days all process flows and workflows related to the approval hierarchy system were on SharePoint Online.
  17. 17. With SkyDrive Pro, the team could allow users to share files and documents in a central location and access the information from virtually anywhere.
  18. 18. Now rather than physically carrying documents, employees could simply scan and upload documents to access it at any given time.
  19. 19. Decisions were made faster as the team could quickly decide on things, based on historical facts available, which wasn’t possible earlier.
  20. 20. With pay-as-you-go licensing, additional user licenses were purchased against a fixed price every month as and when required rather than having to make bulk investments.
  21. 21. And automated processes reduced time consuming, unnecessary communications resulting in efficient and effective management targeted at growth.
  22. 22. Today, Ascent Yarns is planning how it can bring its external partners, suppliers and customers on board to give more visibility to its stakeholders.
  23. 23. And looking to weave in the next chapter of its growth story with Microsoft Office 365.
  24. 24. “Office 365 is the lifeline of our business.” Anup Khushu, Director, Ascent Yarns
  25. 25. Read in detail about Ascent Yarn’s story Here
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