Case Study: Office 365 - Lupin Limited


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Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online helps Lupin Limited reduce cost by 40% and improve its communication system connecting 11000 employees. With operations spread across 70 countries and 4 continents, the company was looking to have a unified experience across the organization and one standard messaging platform enabling its entire workforce to communicate and collaborate effectively. Read more on how Microsoft Office 365 proved to be an apt solution for its requirement. If you’re interested in giving your business the Cloud advantage with Office 365, call us toll-free at 1800-102-1100. You can also write to us at or SMS MS Cloud to 56060.

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Case Study: Office 365 - Lupin Limited

  1. 1. Lupin Limited innovates with technology to innovate in Pharmaceuticals
  2. 2. Innovation is everything in the fast moving Pharmaceuticals sector.
  3. 3. And Lupin Limited represents one of the most exciting pharmaceutical growth stories in India…
  4. 4. With over 11,000 employees, presence in 70 countries and a host of global acquisitions.
  5. 5. Lupin understood the need to create one global system for employees to communicate and collaborate on.
  6. 6. And was relying on Lotus Notes for messaging and collaboration for over 10 years.
  7. 7. However there were significant business challenges in extending this system due to: High infrastructure costs Different user experiences Limited reach for employees
  8. 8. “We did not have a corporate messaging system for our medical executives. They were using personal email ids. We hoped that by integrating the representatives into the Lupin network through company email, it would encourage the executives to work more closely within the corporate framework.” Mayur Danait, Chief Information Officer, Lupin Limited
  9. 9. Lupin needed a standardized solution to help employees communicate with everyone in the company.
  10. 10. They chose Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online, moving 50 users daily from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook.
  11. 11. Today, Lupin has deployed over 12,000 Exchange Online mailboxes representing 90% of their workforce.
  12. 12. Helping drive better engagement globally between teams with easy to use communication tools.
  13. 13. Saving costs by up to 40% by moving to a cloud based solution. 40%
  14. 14. Improving regulatory compliance with eDiscovery to make sure data security is maintained.
  15. 15. Reducing admin cost and time on physical infrastructure maintenance.
  16. 16. And boosting employee productivity by managing updates automatically without any downtime.
  17. 17. Helping Lupin acquire a platform to grow and expand even further globally.
  18. 18. “A single, integrated messaging platform creates a sense of community. Exchange Online enables employees to be more effective, thus enhancing productivity across the organization.” Ramesh Swaminathan, President – Finance and Planning, Lupin Limited
  19. 19. Read in detail about Lupin Limited’s story Here
  20. 20. Catch us on our social channels for a quick word Or Log on to the Office 365 page and do more
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