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Mobilité, opportunités et risques, comment mettre la DSI de votre côté ?


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"« Innover pour survivre » - vous êtes en face de challenges pour transformer vos métiers et vos outils de travail impacts vos efforts.
Les évolutions techniques et l’environnement de travail peuvent - au-delà de répondre à vos besoins – vous ouvrir de nouvelles opportunités et accélérer vos efforts pour innover.
Nous vous proposons de discuter avec vous des nouveaux usages offerts par l’environnement de travail moderne et comment impliquer votre DSI pour accélérer leurs adoptions"

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Mobilité, opportunités et risques, comment mettre la DSI de votre côté ?

  1. 1. Innover pour survivre
  2. 2. Julien Bertheas Sébastien Dethève Digital Advisor Microsoft France Digital Advisor Microsoft France
  4. 4. Des nouvelles technologies ouvrant des applications métiers innovantes
  5. 5. Vos données métiers, disponibles, en temps réel pour tout vos collaborateurs sur le terrain
  6. 6. Des interfaces naturelles pour de nouvelles interactions avec les clients
  7. 7. De nouveaux usages… et de nouveaux risques de sécurité 8
  8. 8. Définir la roadmap des évolutions techniques qui supportent la maitrise de l’environnement de travail et ouvrent les possibilités pour de nouveaux usages Identifier des scénarios d’usage impliquant les outils de l’environnement de travail et les besoins d’évolutions pertinentes Réaliser les business case de l’évolution du TCO : as-is, to-be et visualisation du ROI avec un planning de réalisation des bénéfices #mobilité #securité Produire la roadmap associant les évolutions techniques et opérationnelles compatibles avec et la réalisation des bénéfices sur le TCO et d’atteindre une target de ROI Produire la roadmap de réalisation des nouveaux scénarios d’usage associée au planning des chantiers techniques qui permettent leurs mises en œuvre Définir la roadmap de réalisation des scénarios métiers associés à la réalisation des bénéfices financiers #benefices #TCO #evolutions #maitrise #opportunités #réalisations
  9. 9. 10 Business Finance IT & Business IT (& Business)
  10. 10. 11 L’innovation au travers des scénarios d’usages Expérience client - utilisation d’un service Journée du collaborateur Processus opérationnels autour des produits Processus opérationnels autour des services Idéation produit et processus de développement
  11. 11. Microsoft Confidential 12 SITUATION Adrian is a married 45-year-old father of three, and he is looking to purchase a new large television for his home. He plans to set up the TV in his living room, where he and his wife will use it to watch sports and Netflix and his kids will use it to play video games. Adrian cares about having state-of-the-art technology, but he is also price-conscious and wants to get a good deal. ILLUSTRATIVE Receive follow-up tips and content ▪ As Adrian’s family starts to use the TV, he receives after-point-of-sale (APOS) support: helping him integrate possible content sources, and sending him relevant tips ▪ Personalized data-driven notifications about the latest relevant content and services are sent automatically, based on Adrian’s specific preferences Browse products and discussions online ▪ After browsing a retailer’s website, Adrian receives suggestions from a personal recommendation engine on which TVs might be best for him, and saves them to a “wish list” ▪ He views crowdsourced opinions on the retailer’s app, about which models in his price range have the highest customer satisfaction ratings Visit store to see the options in person ▪ Under an optimized cross-channel experience, Adrian’s “wish list” online is shared with the experts at his nearest physical retail outlet ▪ When Adrian walks through the doors, geofencing is used to identify him and personalized offers and recommendations – such as a 10% sale on two of his selected brands – are sent to his smartphone app Receive personalized assistance ▪ On his smartphone app, Adrian taps a “call button” that pulls up an expert who has his selected options ready to review ▪ A visualization tool on the retailer’s mobile app allows Adrian to preview how each TV model will look in his living room Decide to purchase and quickly checkout ▪ Adrian decides on a specific TV model, and uses his smartwatch to seamlessly authenticate his payment and shipping information ▪ He gets a date and time window for delivery, and regular shipping updates on his smartphone based on geotracking of the package Encounter problem, and contact customer service ▪ Before Adrian faces an issue himself, a digital support agent reaches out proactively, based on prior data about other users’ support queries ▪ Support operatives can visualize in multiple panels, Adrian’s customer information and the perfect issue resolution path, communicating with Adrian through videoconference Give feedback to retailer and review product online ▪ Adrian is automatically prompted for one- click feedback on his retail experience, and he receives a response after communicating his thoughts to the retailer ▪ He engages in conversations on online and social media channels, sharing his opinions and tips about the TV he bought Receive custom offers and consider related products to buy ▪ Given his purchase history, Adrian receives regular notifications about custom offers on related products and services from the retailer and other partners ▪ The retailer uses advanced campaign management systems to send relevant, personalized offers to Adrian at key points
  12. 12. 13 Attract new customers Customer service and post- sales care Retain customers and reduce churn Activate and develop targeted offerings Prospect potential customers Develop customers and promote loyalty Sell tailored products and services Up-sell/ cross-sell (increase share of wallet) Steps in the customer lifecycle Digital advertising and CLM Online and mobile commerce Customer service automation Tech-enabled stores Omni-channel experience delivery Tech-enabled stores Digital advertising and CLM Customer data management and analytics Digital capabilities Engage your customers: analysis of end-to-end customer lifecycle management revealed critical digital capabilities ILLUSTRATIVE
  13. 13. N° 14
  14. 14. @microsoftideas @microsoftpme N° 15 | @jbertheas
  15. 15. N° 16 Notez cette session Et tentez de gagner un Surface Book Doublez votre chance en répondant aussi au questionnaire de satisfaction globale * Le règlement est disponible sur demande au commissariat général de l’exposition. Image non-contractuelle