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One Step Ahead 2014 Social Business


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Hvad vil det sige at være en Social Business. Social har både interne og eksterne elementer – sæt de organisatoriske rammer for din organisation. Produktchef Jon Haugens præsentation fra One Step Ahead 2014.

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One Step Ahead 2014 Social Business

  1. 1. THE SOCIAL BUSINESS Work Like a Network Jon Haugen, Produktchef Yammer & Sharepoint
  2. 2. The world has become a giant network. #worklikeanetwork
  3. 3. #worklikeanetwork
  4. 4. #worklikeanetwork Seamless social experiences across familiar Microsoft applications, all delivered on an enterprise-grade platform Work like a network.
  5. 5. #worklikeanetwork Listen to conversations that matter Adapt and make smarter decisions Grow your business Work like a network.
  6. 6. Jimmy notices customer sentiment trending down on Microsoft Social Listening Becky responds that the sustainable clothing line has been delayed, attaching the live roadmap from OneDrive Within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Jimmy alerts his team on Yammer that customers want sustainable clothing options Jimmy views the roadmap and a relevant file is suggested to him on his Oslo app thanks to the Office Graph #worklikeanetwork Listen to the conversations that matter.
  7. 7. Jimmy develops and shares a business case PowerPoint directly from OneDrive to his manager, Jane Jane shares the proposal with Manufacturing and Sourcing Groups on Yammer for feedback Jane schedules a Lync meeting with Outlook so the team can co-edit the proposal for executive approval With sign-off from Manufacturing and Sourcing, executives agree that this is a viable plan to lift customer sentiment and loyalty #worklikeanetwork Adapt and make smarter decisions.
  8. 8. Production on the sustainable clothing line begins, thanks to international coordination over Lync and Yammer Existing and new customers are made aware of the new sustainable clothing line through a campaign managed with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Jimmy sees a lift in customer sentiment while monitoring Microsoft Social Listening, and sales trend up on Microsoft Dynamics CRM #worklikeanetwork Grow your business.
  9. 9. OsloPreview The Office Graph
  10. 10. Work like a network?
  11. 11. Oslo – Reimagine Search and Discovery Work as a network Tap into your colleagues to get work done People and content- centered experience Visually engaging. Delightful. Fast. Fluid. Natural, intuitive views of my work and people Proactive and Tailored for me Stay “in the know” with what your closest colleagues are working on across Office 365
  12. 12. Content and signals across O365 auto- populating the Office Graph for teams Insights derived with machine learning to help YOU get the job done right NOW
  13. 13. What is The Office Graph? KAT Documents People Conversations
  14. 14. Manager Direct report Works with Shared with me Viewed by me Trending around me Presented to me Liked by me What is The Office Graph? Works with Modified by Jenny Gottfried Trending around Jenny Gottfried Modified by Jenny Gottfried Liked by Jim Geist Emailed to me Emailed to me Works with Modified by Jim Geist Modified by Alan Brewer Commented on Commented on Trending around Nancy Anderson
  15. 15. Email Viewed by me Presented to me Shared with me Public Groups Public and Private Signals Always Respect Your Privacy Manager Direct report
  16. 16. Office Graph: Enabling Teams to Work like a Network • PEOPLE  Me, Peers, Groups, Ad-hoc, Meetings, Tasks … • CONTENT  Docs, Sites, Media, Conversations, Customers … • ECOSYSTEM  3rd party population w/ content, activities & tasks • INSIGHTS  Deep insights enabling team productivity • EXPERIENCES  1st party: Oslo, Yammer, Groups, OneDrive …  3rd party apps: Team productivity ecosystem
  17. 17. Oslo
  18. 18. Oslo People experience