Business Insight 2014 - Data insights flyer


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Business Insight 2014 - Data insights flyer

  1. 1. Where big data meets the cloud By using Windows Azure, HDInsight, and SQL Server 2012, we can collect, analyze, and generate near real-time BI with Big Data collected from social media feeds, GPS signals, and data from government systems. LLUIS SANZ MARCO DIRECTOR OF INFORMATION This will reinvent the way we work with medical records in the future. PAUL HENDERSON BI DIVISION HEAD Now, with HDInsight, we can use data that is produced by our automated equipment. We can save time processing the information and spend more time interpreting it. Microsoft big data technology is the perfect solution for the new challenges we face. MORTEN MELDGAARD PROJECT DIRECTOR @SQLServer @MicrosoftBI @WindowsAzure /SQLServer /MicrosoftBI /WindowsAzure /mscloudosWhat can your data do for you? With Hadoop on Windows Azure, we can mine data and understand our audience in a way we never could before. MARK VAYMAN LEAD PROGRAM MANAGER, HALO SERVICES TEAM Windows Azure is enabling us to keep up with the data deluge in the DNA sequencing space. We’re not only analyzing data faster, but analyzing it more intelligently. WU FENG PROFESSOR OF COMPUTER SCIENCE Excel gives users… what-if analysis in minutes instead of days… RON VAN ZANTEN VICE PRESIDENT OF DATA QUALITY Bringing big data and BI to a billion people Apache Hadoop on Windows Server from Hortonworks SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse and Hadoop on Windows Windows Azure HDInsight Use Microsoft BI with data warehouse tools on-premises or in the cloud: Excel and Power BI for Office 365 Unlock insights on any data Accelerate time to insights and action on data of all types and sizes, no matter where it lives. Microsoft's approach to big data makes it easier for everyday users to ask questions of data and get answers. Powerful, familiar tools to make BI engaging and fun Complete data platform that connects data across on-premises, cloud, and devices Easy access to data, big and small, to drive the best decisions
  2. 2. Interactivity + exploration Business analyst Self-service analysis BI professional Advanced analysis Data scientist Quality and accuracy Scale user-driven BI Action over data in real time Security, governance, and compliance Cloud and on-premises Harness the power of a complete data platform Find, combine, and manage To deliver insights on any data, you need a platform that provides complete data processing and management across relational, non-relational, and streaming data - no matter where it is located. With Microsoft's data offerings, users can pull in all types of data easily, right from Excel. IT can store, process, and manipulate this data across sources using one single query model. Take action and operationalize Reap the benefits of a complete data platform. Work with the latest data of any size in real time. Scale BI capabilities across all your users and access insights from anywhere. Ensure security, governance, and compliance. And do all of this where you want: on-premises, cloud, or across both. Form theories, analyze, and refine Put analytical power into the hands of everyone across the company, not just analysts or data scientists, and go from raw data to real insights quickly. Once you’ve got these insights, collaborate on them, publish them, and access them from anywhere to help you make better business decisions. Easy access to data, big and small Search, access, and shape internal and external data Combine different data types Simplify management Easily access all data using one query model Unstructured Streaming Structured Discover and combine Model and analyze Visualize and interact Connect and collaborate SQL Server Single query model Extract, transform, load Data quality Master data management DATA ENRICHMENT & FEDERATED QUERY Relational Non-relational Analytical Streaming Internal & external DATA MANAGEMENT & PROCESSING Scalability Virtualization Security & Identity Quality of service INFRASTRUCTURE Self-service Corporate Collaboration Mobile Predictive BI & ANALYTICS