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Reimagining with Mobile and BYOD


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Mobility has become a widely recognized megatrend—alongside other trends such as social, cloud, and big data that are sweeping the enterprise. The numbers being reported by analysts and the press speak for themselves. People are engaging en masse in mobile computing, which is making them more agile and effective. On the business side, new possibilities in mobile devices and connectivity enable truly "deskless" work scenarios allowing workers to cut the time required to reach closure on any issue – whether it is an internal decision or a customer complaint. If businesses are dependent on partners, suppliers, etc. to deliver value to their customers, then they must embrace new mobile communication and collaboration mechanisms or end up losing to competitors. And CMOs are looking to build deeper, richer relationships with customers, reaching them at the times and places they are most likely to make purchasing decisions and wowing them with dynamic content-fueled experiences.​

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Reimagining with Mobile and BYOD

  1. 1. How will you deliver fluid experiences that… …untether your workforce …connect you with your customers …transcend time, place, context, and device?
  2. 2. Mobile has become the new normal The influence of consumer technology and always-on connectivity Mobile Social Changing work styles Nearly 80% of workers spend at least some portion of their time working out of the office. Big data Cloud The mobile consumer 29% of today’s global workforce are anytime, anywhere information workers who use 3+ devices, work from multiple locations and use many apps. 2/3 Nearly of consumers use their mobile/smartphones to get information about products, brands, or destinations at least 34 days/week. By 2016 , tablets and smartphones will put power in the pockets of 1.4 billion global consumers.
  3. 3. Enterprise mobile Enabling deep, real-time business and customer connections
  4. 4. Embrace device choice and anywhere access Without compromising security and supportability A company embraces device choice by allowing both personally- and corporate-owned devices, while providing productivity tools that work on multiple device form factors. The access strategy varies based on each device’s capabilities. When users self-register their devices, they can select which business apps to install. An integrated suite of management tools allows the IT department to manage many devices without being overloaded by complexity and cost. Microsoft empowers individuals and businesses to choose the device(s) that are right for them, without compromising on security and manageability.
  5. 5. Reimagining remote PC management Delivering better service at lower costs with cloud-based remote PC management Business goal Tactics Results Manage 3,500 dealership PCs remotely to ensure consistent customer service, reduce downtime, and enhance security. Deployed cloud-based Windows Intune solution to run management tasks remotely. • Avoided an estimated US $1.3 million in infrastructure costs over three years. • Able now to perform global, simultaneous software distribution. • Achieved peace of mind through consistent, enhanced endpoint security. “With Windows Intune, Toyota Motor Europe can see if all dealerships are using updated cardiagnostic systems. Now we can ensure consistent, quality service for all customers at more than 3,000 facilities.” –Niels Svaerke, Manager, Business Process Office, Toyota
  6. 6. Stay productive on the go Deliver familiar, connected productivity tools and apps to mobile workers A sales representative asks her customer to update his account information in Microsoft Dynamics CRM using her phone (or tablet) while at his office. After her meeting, she works on a draft proposal with her sales team by sharing it through SkyDrive Pro, soliciting feedback in Yammer, and co-editing details with others in real time. While editing the proposal, she uses Lync to review the presentation with her colleague, using the rich HD video and desktop sharing capabilities to collaborate more effectively. Microsoft delivers your productivity, business, and social applications anywhere, all optimized for the best experience across your devices.
  7. 7. Retailer delivers a better shopping experience with Office 365 store portal Business goal Tactics Results Empower employees across this multinational organization—from head office to stores—to connect and work together. Deployed Office 365 as a portal for collaboration and social engagement. • • • Improved information flow to support decision-making. Increased employee engagement. Improved working practices to create value for shoppers. “[Office 365] will allow our colleagues to engage with each other and deliver an optimal shopping experience on any channel, as well as encouraging colleagues to share, re-use, and reward ideas and expertise.” –Mike McNamara, CIO, Tesco
  8. 8. Increase business agility with mobile LOB apps And unlock data in a mobile-ready backend architecture A company service-enables their core business application functions, enabling them to quickly extend important workflows to any mobile device. IT simplifies app deployment, installation, and maintenance on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 by providing users with a single interface for installing line-of-business apps and apps from the public store. When employees can view, interact with, and update business information from the field, business processes run quicker and decisions can be made in real time. Windows 8 and Microsoft Cloud services can help enterprises build and deploy mobile LOB apps faster and easier.
  9. 9. Legal content provider delivers mobile app to connect lawyers with critical information on the go Business goal Tactics Deliver added value to customers through mobile access to case and client information. • • Built and hosted a mobile app on Windows Azure. Engaged Microsoft Services for development support. Results • Meets customer demand for mobile access to real-time practice information. • Improved subscription retention rates. “We were able to use the versatility of Windows Azure to quickly build a mobile solution that transforms the way our customers access case and client data on the go.” –Jonah Paransky, Vice President and General Manager, Law Firm Practice Management, LexisNexis 10
  10. 10. Excite and engage users With an immersive, connected mobile experiences use or would like to use a smartphone to shop while in-store or on the go. A customer learns about a new product through mobile advertising that is highly relevant and provides a compelling offer and engaging experience on her tablet or phone. A customer uses a company-provided app to self-manage his account and gain access to valueadded services for the products he has already purchased. A customer uses her tablet to search for the “Contact Us” page on a company’s website and uses Click to Chat to reach a customer service department via Skype. Windows 8 apps and Windows Phone 8 apps deliver beautiful user experiences with the security, stability, and performance businesses require.
  11. 11. Airline uses Windows 8 line-of-business application to deliver extraordinary customer service and experiences Business goal Tactics Results Deliver extraordinary customer service and experiences. Deployed a Windows 8 line-of-business application called Knowledge-Driven Inflight Solution (KIS). • Conducts in-flight upgrades, a key differentiator for the airline. • Routes customer feedback immediately to management. “KIS [Knowledge-driven In-flight Solution] running on Windows 8 enables me to deliver an amazing in-flight experience.” –Anita Grillo, Purser for Emirates 12
  12. 12. Bank frees tellers to advise customers directly with Windows 8 tablets Business goal Tactics Results Improve the advisory experience by bringing tellers directly in front of the customer instead of behind a desk. Provided Windows 8 tablets and an app to help tellers advise customers. • Enables better advisory services, as the advisor and customer work together within the application. • Improved management and security, as Windows 8 tablet is integrated into standard IT environment. 13
  13. 13. Engage a growing, global, always-on mobile user community Build scalable, connected, mobile-optimized cloud services By the end of 2013 , there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people. As a company’s global customer base grows rapidly, they use a servicesoriented, cloud-based app model to scale and ensure high-bandwidth content, such as video, is readily accessible to users on any device, anywhere. IT incorporates the Bing platform into their mobile business apps, adding rich dynamic content from the web, voice recognition, language translation, and contextual location services, including 2D and 3D mapping. An app developer using Windows Azure can focus more time on the user experience as the platform streamlines mobile development, deployment, and hosting tasks. Windows Azure and the Bing platform empower developers to quickly deliver amazing connected experiences for mobile devices.
  14. 14. Healthcare software provider gives patients and caregivers mobile access to medical information Business goal Tactics Results Build a more scalable, costeffective, and accessible web platform for delivering medical information. Migrated the web platform to Windows Azure and made it accessible through Windows Phone and Windows 8. • Increased mobile users from 22 percent to 39 percent of the total traffic. • Experienced a surge in monthly visits to the site—a 71 percent increase to 6 million. • Meets sudden surges in demand with a cloud-based platform. “Mobile access has risen from 22 percent to 39 percent of visitors, with our community responding favorably to the new innovative mobile applications.” –Ben Foster, Operations Director,, EMIS Group 15
  15. 15. Reimagining with Microsoft Consumers + Business Culture of reliability, security, and privacy Enabling you with seamless, differentiated business solutions Personal focus | Consistent experience | Global excellence
  16. 16. Reimagining enterprise mobile with Microsoft Embrace device choice and anywhere access Participate in an immersive demo and devices + unified management strategy briefing. Stay productive on the go with familiar, connected tools Work with your account team to conduct a trial evaluation of Office 365 and Lync. Increase business agility with mobile line-ofbusiness apps Develop a line-of-business app for Windows 8 tablet and Windows Phone 8. Deliver connected and engaging experiences that excite end users Develop a consumer-facing app for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Use mobile-optimized cloud services to engage a global, always-on user community Try Windows Azure for free. Start small, scale as you need.