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Office365 Security Task Force


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How Microsoft Helps Keep Your Data Safe from Constantly Evolving Threats

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Office365 Security Task Force

  1. 1. Task Force Office 365 Security How Microsoft Helps Keep Your Data Safe from Constantly Evolving Threats
  2. 2. Introduction Data security is a constant arms race. As developers build stronger walls and more secure protocols, hackers fashion more sophisticated techniques to break through. It’s why Microsoft created their Elite Security Teams: to identify and neutralize potential threats. By simulating and defending against the latest cyber attack strategies, their war games work to secure the Office 365 Cloud for your sensitive data.
  3. 3. Simulated Attacks for Real Security How the game is played.   The Attack Team simulates real attacks on Microsoft data. The Defense Team stays constantly vigilant to swiftly identify and respond to these simulated attacks.
  4. 4. The Attack Team: Getting in the Enemy’s Head Think like a hacker.   The best way to keep your data secure is to think like the people trying to get their hands on it. The Attack Team is a group of highly-skilled IT security experts with the background to understand the tactics hackers use to break through security and the know-how to evolve existing techniques and find new ways to attack. Their mission: to stage and perform targeted, persistent, internal attacks.
  5. 5. The Defense Team: Ever-Vigilant Knowing is half the battle.   Highly trained security experts, the Defense Team works to stop attacks before they start, repair data, defend against breaches and intrusions, and prevent vulnerabilities. Their mission: to sift through petabytes of data and identify known exploits while searching for “unknown unknowns:” types of attacks so new they haven’t been catalogued yet. When the Defense Team identifies an attack, the race is on to contain and repair, minimizing loss of data.
  6. 6. Attack Team Metrics These metrics measure the effectiveness of existing security and provide a benchmark for improvement. 1-Mean Time to Compromise: From the start of the simulation, how long does it take to get a foothold? 2-Mean Time to Privilege Escalation: How long, from the start of the simulation, to full compromise?
  7. 7. Defense Team Metrics 1-Estimated Time to Detection: How fast any attempted attacks were discovered. 2-Estimated Time to Recovery: How quickly the Attack Team was neutralized and the breach repaired. The Defense Team is able to constantly thwart potential threats based on these two metrics:
  8. 8. Peace of Mind with the Office 365 Cloud To learn more about our Elite Security Teams and Microsoft’s commitment to keeping your data private and protected, download our new eBook today.   Together, the Elite Security Teams enable Microsoft to better anticipate the next stage of data security, continually identifying threats and closing potential vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. The Modern Workplace Watchdog
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