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Modern Marketing: The Case of Microsoft US


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What are the challenges facing CMO's today? Explore the opportunities in modern marketing, and get a close up view of how Microsoft US is embracing digital transformation.

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Modern Marketing: The Case of Microsoft US

  1. 1. Customers expect value not just relevance Customers expect both personalized interaction and data protection & privacy Customers expect a seamless customer experience between the various marketing interactions & the sales engagement
  2. 2. of CEOs concentrated on customer loyalty recognise that mastering the customer agenda can unlock value and provide competitive advantage 88% 73% 78% 79% concerned that they are not keeping pace with customer needs and expectations, especially digital millennials concerned about the quality of data on which their decisions are based Concerned their current business models are not disruptive enough to remain competitive Source: KMPG Global CEO Outlook, 2016
  3. 3. P A R T C R E A T I V E P A R T S C I E N T I S T Financial Analysts Tie activity to revenue objectives and drive performance through the demand funnel Technical Proficiency Tech-savvy marketers that understand automation tools, SEO and web production Data & Analytics Data experts that see trends and are always testing to optimize market tactics Performance Tracking Evaluates performance against established goals using KPIs and single source of truth reporting Content Marketing Creates & amplifies written content to tell a relevant story through the buyer journey Digital Destinations Uses digital channels along with programmatic paid media to influence Social Engagement Has changed how marketers interact with buyers making digital relationships important Local Experiences Promotes brands physically at a local level. Includes events, exec briefings & immersion experiences
  4. 4. Creation and nurturing of customer demand to generate leads Reputation programs seed the market for effective demand creation Lead creation & quality Marketing sourced pipeline Sales Qualified Leads Revenue Contribution Creating awareness Changing perceptions Preference shift Press coverage REPUTATION DEMAND CREATION Modern Marketing Impact: keep it simple! Sales enablement is responsible for making the sales teams and cycle more effective Enablement asset performance Pipeline acceleration Consumption & Usage Contactability SALES ENABLEMENT
  5. 5. Classified as Microsoft Confidential
  6. 6. Microsoft Transformation Pillars CAPABILITIESCULTURE TECHNOLOGY+ +
  7. 7. Culture can make or break you! Growth mindset Making a difference Diverse and inclusive One Microsoft Customer obsessed Empower every person & every company on the planet to achieve more
  8. 8. #1 #2
  9. 9. Global Advertising Global Demand Center Customer Experience Industry Marketing Integrated MarketingAccount-Based Marketing Analytics & Marketing Operations
  10. 10. Know your Customers Embed a customer-first approach to marketing using data & insight to support creativity Understand the Customer Journey Use data & insight to ensure we are timely & relevant to our customers, turning up in the right channel at the right point in their purchase journey Digital & Social Analytics Identifying & corking the leaky bucket in the digital journey Understanding the external landscape & Voice of the Customer Optimize performance Build an in depth understanding of what good looks like & the levers we need to pull to get there Measure impact & understand ROI Test & Learn framework Interpretation & optimization of digital destinations
  11. 11. 110 60 13,000 932,0001,200 30+ total brands and audiences
  12. 12. Lead Optimizer AI models & Machine Learning for lead scoring to improve customer nurturing real time, ensure continuity of experience for customer, & optimize for conversion Daily Recommender Seamless handover of stack- ranked leads, shows ‘next best action’ in the customer journey and improving sellers productivity Sales Assistant 24/7 AI to help sellers save time, serve customers better, and keep learning Leads scored Influenced revenue Opptys created Influenced revenue
  13. 13. What I learned in the process Engage, listen and respond – to your customers and your team First seek to understand, then build the layers of the experience to show customers you know them Data & technology are a tool - not an end – to drive customer delight & lifetime value Be bold: plan, test, learn, evolve and repeat Don’t forget your team. Having the right hiring strategy and building a diverse culture is key
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