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Help Your Employees Find Their Productivity Sweet Spot


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Mobility & Productivity

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Help Your Employees Find Their Productivity Sweet Spot

  1. 1. PRODUCTIVITY SWEET SPOT Help your employees find their
  2. 2. Most likely, your employees typically spend their days in an environment like this one: From the center cubicle to the corner executive suite, this place is a hub of activity. Stark white walls form a perimeter around khaki cubicles. Overhead lighting is fluorescent, filing cabinets are metal, phones ring, and the coffee maker runs non-stop. Best for: Those who enjoy water-cooler conversations and office politics. Employee benefits: Everything is within arm’s reach. Employer benefits: Like Big Brother, you always know where your employees are, and what they’re working on (was that a 62-minute lunch break?). The Office
  3. 3. Every professional likely has a preferred place to work. This “sweet spot” increases productivity and encourages creativity. Whether they’re creating spreadsheets, designing the next big computer game, or setting up an organizational chart, your employees’ work environment should work with them, not against them. With the right amount of flexibility and security, you can give them the freedom they need. Their productivity sweet spot might look something like... Chances are, your employees’ best ideas don’t always come to them sitting behind a desk.
  4. 4. Park Bench Sweet Spot: A natural setting with fresh air and great views, providing a break from the four walls that close in the work week.
  5. 5. Best for: Explorers, nature lovers, health nuts, and those who require a change in venue now and again. Employee benefits: Sunshine provides plenty of vitamin D while all that fresh air increases energy levels and clarity of mind.1 Accessing company servers requires a single password and using unprotected Wi-Fi isn’t a worry–corporate data remains safe. 1 Park Bench Sweet Spot:
  6. 6. 2 benefits-employers-and-employees Park Bench Sweet Spot: 30% of professionals said telecommuting allowed them to accomplish more in less time, and 23% were willing to work longer hours, according to a ConnectSolutions survey.² Employer benefits: Productivity soars during uninterrupted quiet time, and even if an employee accidentally misplaces their smart phone, data can be wiped remotely to protect corporate information. Productivity tools: A lightweight, fully charged laptop, a smartphone, and sunglasses. Park Bench Sweet Spot:
  7. 7. Home Office Sweet Spot: A dedicated workspace complete with your own bathroom, your favorite chair, and all the leftovers you can scrounge.
  8. 8. Best for: Professionals with long commutes, parents with young kids, entrepreneurs, and startups with tiny budgets. Employee benefits: A sweet commute, a super-relaxed dress code (robe and slippers anyone?) and the ease of accessing company servers and information with a single password. Home Office Sweet Spot: 3 4 reliable-than-office-peers 78% of employees who call in sick do so because of family issues, personal needs, or stress. These unscheduled absences cost employers approximately $1,800/employee per year.³ Remote workers are 52% less likely to take a sick day than their in-office counterparts.⁴
  9. 9. Employer benefits: Without the commute, employees tend to start earlier and work more efficiently. And with EMS, they’re as connected as if they were in the center cubicle. Productivity tools: A solid desktop computer, all-in-one printer, smart phone, and headphones for drowning out the sound of the washing machine. Home Office Sweet Spot:
  10. 10. County Library Sweet Spot: Books as far as the eye can see.
  11. 11. According to research firm Global Workplace Analytics, if professionals who desired to work remotely did so 50% of the time, a typical business would save $11,000 per employee per year.⁵ 5 County Library Sweet Spot: Best for: Book nerds, and those who prefer to go old school. Employee benefits: Quiet is virtually guaranteed, courtesy of the blue-haired librarian. You’re all set to log in to your company’s servers and can access any data you need.
  12. 12. Employer benefits: Your employee is focused and won’t have any trouble accessing necessary information. And there are no worries about prying eyes (or hands) if a device is left unattended. Your data is safe and secure with EMS. Productivity tools: A laptop (and charger for long days), smart phone (with hotspot accessibility for Wi-Fi dead zones), a smartpen for keeping the old-school vibe, and your library card. County Library Sweet Spot:
  13. 13. Coffee Shop Sweet Spot: This tried-and-true remote workspace combines the buzz of coffee with the bustle of customers.
  14. 14. Businesses that allow employees to work remotely at least three times a month are more likely to log revenue growth of at least 10% compared with firms without such policies, according to a WSJ report.⁶ 6 Coffee Shop Sweet Spot: Best for: Those who like to put things off until the last minute and then hyper focus to get a lot done in a short amount of time. And those who are stimulated by background conversations and activity. Employee benefits: Coffee 24/7, super-fast Wi-Fi and a secure portal, thanks to EMS.
  15. 15. Employer benefits: Fully wired (technologically and mentally speaking) employees, and the knowledge that even an open coffee shop network won’t compromise your corporate data’s security. Productivity tools: A lightweight laptop, a smartphone, a smartpen for bursts of creativity, and a debit card for all those ‘double-shot, vanilla-caramel, skinny lattes’ to keep you caffeinated. Coffee Shop Sweet Spot:
  16. 16. Sweet Spot: A plush environment typically furnished with dark wood and buttery leather. Soft carpeting underfoot helps convey a sense of affluence. Country Club Lounge
  17. 17. Best for: Entrepreneurs and dreamers with a penchant for getting things done. Employee benefits: Luxurious and comfortable with all the necessary bells and whistles for plugging in and getting down to business. No worries about using personal devices here, data is kept private, and access to company servers is simple and secure. Country Club Lounge Sweet Spot: A 2015 Stanford University study found that employees who worked from home increased their firm’s productivity by 20–30% over a 9-month period.⁷ 7
  18. 18. Employer benefits: Even if your employees are working from their personal devices, you can rest assured that EMS keeps company data secure. Productivity tools: A laptop, portable charger, and smart attire (mind the dress code). Country Club Lounge Sweet Spot:
  19. 19. Regardless of where your employees set up shop, productivity soars with Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite. Learn how to give your team the flexibility, security, and freedom they need to create their perfect productivity sweet spot in The Innovator’s Guide to Uncompromised Freedom. Get the eBook
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