Finance Today: reimagined to drive impact


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Finance executives today are helping to develop corporate strategy and then funding and executing that strategy through financial planning and performance management. As a result, finance executives are becoming increasingly responsible for IT initiatives. Technologies like big data, cloud, mobile, and social computing are transforming how business is done today, and each has far-reaching implications for finance.

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Finance Today: reimagined to drive impact

  1. 1. Today’s strategic role of finance “In 2013 and beyond, finance will “assume a leadership role in vetting the new data assets driving business decision-making processes.” -IDC , 2013 CFO Predictions 55 of CFOs llllllllllllllsurveyed cited llllllllllllllenabling corporate and business unit strategy in their top three business support priorities. Deloitte, CFO Signals, 2013 Q1 of CFOs surveyed rank BI, analytics and performance management as their top technology initiatives. Gartner, FEI CFO Technology Study, May 2, 2013, G00247927 Budget forecasting Globalization Lower or maintain CAPex Compliance Efficiency Cloud Healthcare costs Tight credit markets Security Social Mobility Control Talent operational Management Lower CAPex Collaboration and strategic Insure ROI, Manage TCO risk ROI / TCO “The CFO is now expected to be a key strategist and leader, shape overall strategy and direction, and act as an agent of change who can instill a performance-driven culture throughout the company.” - Accounting Principals
  2. 2. Using technology to execute corporate strategy and enhance performance Mobility Data Turning data into business insights and impact Cloud Enhancing scalability, agility and transparency with cloud computing Increasing productivity and lowering costs with secure anywhere, anytime mobile access Social Adding value to the employee and customer experience through social media
  3. 3. The journey from insight to impact Finance at Microsoft Discipline at the core Flexibility at the Edges IT Control: End User Agility: • • • Connect & Integrate Monitor & Govern Deploy & Scale • • • Search & Analyze Share & Collaborate Access on any device
  4. 4. Harness technology to achieve business goals Enable better decision making Assess and control risk Optimize efficiency • Translate data into insight and business impact • Control risks with selfservice and automated tools • Optimize business efficiency and IT resources • Streamline processes with collaboration tools • Drive growth while mitigating risk • Transform your business with a connected platform • Give all employees anywhere, anytime access • Reduce costs with unified communications tools • Accelerate information sharing and innovation “Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven.” Bill Gates, Microsoft 5
  5. 5. Achieve business growth and operational goals with timely, easy access to information that drives impact.
  6. 6. Translate data into insight and business impact Use data visualization tools to provide the right insights, to the right people, at the right time on any device. Your executives and unit managers want the realtime data to make agile business decisions, but they often have to wait for IT to manage data collection, analysis and reporting. To drive faster, better decisions for all, powerful BI capabilities in familiar tools let more users easily find and work with all data types securely from anywhere, on any device, while IT maintains control and oversight. By integrating data insight tools with Lync’s collaboration capabilities, users can find information, share insights, and work online with peers in realtime for enhanced productivity and better decision making. Companies that are more satisfied [with their ability to analyze risk] are moving into visualanalytics reporting so they can work their way through the data in an accessible way. PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, Risk in Review Series: Global Risk In The Transformation Age
  7. 7. Manufacturer uses timely customer insight to grow Self-service data visualization tools provide broader use of data at a lower cost Results Objectives Tactics • Improve analysis of customer service data • Use data to determine growth opportunities • Improve customer service delivery Empower business users to quickly compile and analyze data on their own without having to rely on IT staff. “By using Power View, our business users can immediately gain clear views of data. This increases the speed of decision making and dramatically reduces operational workloads and costs.” Toshihiko Nakazawa Customer Satisfaction (CS) Planning Director “In strengthening our BI infrastructure and connecting it to the Microsoft products we have, we have created an environment where users can better realize the value of our information tools.” – Mr. Takahiko Akiyama, ICT Department Manager, CS Planning Division
  8. 8. Streamline processes with collaboration tools Ensure ‘one version of the truth’ and share learnings within your finance department You are presenting the monthly revenue numbers to your executive team. The CEO notices an anomaly and you quickly find the owner of the information in question to understand what happened. You connect online and in seconds, you have communicated the issue via Lync. To dive deeper, you share your desktop, and together you review the Excel spreadsheet to find the issue. The issue is resolved in minutes and, still engaged in the meeting, you explain why the number isn’t as expected. You share this with your finance peers via a private Yammer group as a learning. “Advanced software applications can streamline processes and contribute significant value.”, “Essentials Of Financial Consolidation Applications”
  9. 9. Efficiently and confidently control risk across traditional finance functions and company-wide strategy and performance initiatives.
  10. 10. Control risk with self-service and automated tools Tear down silos and give employees information they need at their fingertips Image here Your company annually distributes a paper based anti-corruption policy and form to complete when giving gifts. Unaware of the policy, a new sales employee gives a trip to a government official; this is leaked to the press. Image here To mitigate future risks, a SharePoint self-service portal is created with the anti-corruption policy and an online form. This becomes part of new employee orientation and annual employee training. An automated approval workflow is instituted for all gifts to government officials. Requests and approvals can be tracked in real-time, providing additional risk mitigation. “The key message is to… proactively adapt and adopt your governance, monitoring and policy models.”, “Emerging Tech: Are CFOs Blind to the Risks?”
  11. 11. Construction leader exceeds 300% return on investment by automating compensation processes FPO FPO Objectives • • • Tactics Improve compensation workflow processes and employee access to compensation information Reduce management costs Reduce dependency on highly trained experts Replace manual, siloed, and paper-based processes with a Business-Critical SharePoint and mobility solutions Results • • • • Provided secure, self-service access to compensation processes for all employees across multiple devices Improved employee satisfaction and productivity Maximized the value of existing IT systems Achieved tremendous cost savings “I can’t believe how quickly MyOVS had things up and running!” – Jane Cicinelli, VP of Human Resources, NPL Construction Company
  12. 12. Drive growth while mitigating risk Leverage big data and risk analysis tools to gain holistic view of opportunities Your company is considering extending its mobile payment capabilities to a new, international region; fully understanding the risks and opportunities is key to the initiative's success. Your team analyzes current revenue data and public data on customer demographics using Excel with Power View. You then assess security and privacy aspects, and save the report to your SharePoint finance portal. You review the report with the executive team and drill down into both revenue potential and risks, giving a holistic view of the opportunity and how to mitigate risk. “The ability to predict financial outcomes has become as critically important as bottom-line financial efficiency” IDC, “How CFO Priorities are Shaping IT Funding Strategies”
  13. 13. Bank gains insight needed to balance risks and returns while boosting competitiveness FPO FPO Objectives • • • • Achieve greater operational insight Increase efficiency and accuracy Facilitate innovation and agility Deliver competitive offerings with less risk Tactics Replace legacy reporting system with the dynamic reporting and analytics capabilities of Excel 2013 and SQL Server 2012 with Power View and PowerPivot for Excel Results • • • • Enabled financial staff to quickly access, create, share, and explore multidimensional reports Updated profiles in Active Directory to control access to BI and posted reports Reduced the time to produce accurate insights by over 50% Transformed departmental collaboration on services “Employees can instantly drill down and see the calculations and data points behind report values. As a result, we’ve improved BI accuracy, especially in our consolidated profit-and-loss statements.” – Jonathon Bellisha, Chief Technology Officer, Union Bank of Israel
  14. 14. Transform your business with a connected platform Meet today’s high expectations for managing costs with an ERP solution that allows users across the enterprise to operate at continual peak performance. Your company has many different systems for activities such as sales forecasting and financial reporting. You need a real-time view into your business, but instead receive quarterly reports that take days to create. You deploy a Dynamics ERP solution that brings all of your information into one place, giving the added advantage of automated processes, predictive analytics, and role-based tools. With instant access to company performance data, you can respond quickly and effectively to market trends – enabling your company to better serve your partners and customers. “ERP can improve the process-driven ways of old, and allow the event-driven possibilities of tomorrow.” Deloitte, “The ERP Evolution”
  15. 15. Revlon consolidates ERP to turn data into information and information into action Objectives • • • Tactics Create a single ERP solution to provide global subsidiaries the same information Enable agility to react quickly to fast-changing markets Provide subsidiary specific solutions Results Local ERP systems consolidated into Microsoft Dynamics AX with a solution tailored to business processes and local subsidiary requirements. • • Streamline and improve decision-making Provide flexibility for local requirements “How well you wield your information drives how good your decisions are.” - David Giambruno, Senior VP and CIO, Revlon
  16. 16. Increase productivity and lower the cost of doing business within your Finance operations and across the company
  17. 17. Optimize business efficiency and IT resources Leverage the cloud to scale and achieve IT efficiency across the enterprise Online competition is eroding your sales. Your company needs to modernize how it engages with customers, and ensure that your IT systems can support these new initiatives. All sales people are equipped with devices and applications that show a real-time view of inventory, competitor pricing, and more. Enabling this behind the scenes is a scalable hybrid cloud solution. As a result, your customer purchase frequency and size increases. Your CIO reports that the hybrid cloud solution allows IT to shift resources to supporting new business initiatives. “Imagine being able to remember a time when enterprise software and hardware upgrades were needed.” Paul A. Robinson Global Technology Lead Deloitte
  18. 18. Luxury sports car manufacturer drives collaboration and speeds business processes worldwide FPO Results • Objectives • • • Foster innovation with collaboration Implement security policies across devices to protect intellectual assets Enable IT resources to improve processes and focus on strategic initiatives Tactics Provide easy access to business-critical productivity tools and enhanced security and reliability with Office 365, Lync and SharePoint • • • Provided employees anytime, anywhere access across multiple devices Enabled Lync federation to external partners Enhanced security and compliance procedures Simplified IT administration and refocused resources on higher value projects “Office 365 gives our employees the technology they need and we don’t have to worry about it. We don’t think about storage, capacity planning, external access, or downtime. It’s a real luxury.” – Daniel Roach-Rooke, IT Infrastructure Manager, Aston Martin
  19. 19. Give all employees anywhere, anytime access Leverage cloud productivity to provide real-time information access while reallocating IT costs Your company has remote employees who need access to content, collaboration tools, and customer relationship management information to address customer service inquiries. You leverage mobile devices and cloud productivity tools to give all employees secure access to internal information anytime, anywhere and on any device. As a result customer escalations have been reduced, all employees have access to the same information, and you have transferred a portion of your IT spend from your CAPEX to your OPEX budget. ”Just having mobile access to e-mail is profoundly insufficient for increasing productivity and producing betterinformed employees.” Strategic Growth Concepts, “Mobile Technology for Increased Productivity & Profitability
  20. 20. Global engineering company to deploy strategic collaboration initiative worldwide FPO FPO Objectives • • Provide a single platform for productivity, communication, and collaboration in the cloud Embrace enterprise social networking solutions Tactics Transition from multiple collaboration and messaging solutions to Office 365 integrated with Yammer Results “Office 365 and Yammer will enable us to transform communication and collaboration among our employees, surfacing the best and most innovative ideas across the organization.” Andy Tidd Chief Information Officer ABB Group “ABB’s decision as a global technology leader to deploy Office 365 and Yammer will help it empower employees with new ways of working via enterprise social and the cloud.” – Kevin Turner, Microsoft Chief Operating Officer
  21. 21. Reduce costs with unified communications tools Enhance enterprise-wide productivity and achieve cost savings with a modern, unified communication and collaboration (UCC) strategy Your company’s travel costs have increased substantially as your business expands to new markets. Real-time communication is challenging - phone and email is not enough. You implement a unified communications platform based on Lync. The geographical barriers have been removed and employees can communicate and collaborate with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Your company has reduced travel costs by 15 percent and, your traditional PBX phonerelated costs have been cut in half. “61% of surveyed IT decisionmakers cited measurable cost savings, employee uptake and employee productivity following major UCC investments.”, June 2013
  22. 22. Helly Hansen accelerates business with hosted communication and collaboration solutions Objectives • • • Update aging, unreliable email and telephony systems Reduce costs Focus small IT staff on higher value initiatives Tactics Results Adopted Office 365, Lync and SharePoint to enable live meetings, desktop sharing and project management tools for global teams. • • • Improved communication Accelerated business processes Transformed travel culture, reducing travel costs by 10 to 15 percent. “It is important for everyone to have a Lync-certified endpoint to make their experience as good as possible …. We really appreciate the variety of devices that we can use with Lync. – Sandy Abrahams, IT Director, Helly Hansen
  23. 23. Accelerate information sharing and innovation Provide employees instant access to information and idea sharing with internal social tools Due to several acquisitions, your company has grown causing employees to become disconnected from one another. You adopt a social collaboration platform where ideas and information can be shared, transcending organizational and geographical silos. Within weeks employees are asking each other questions, coordinating projects and collaborating with one another, improving overall business health. “Individual empowerment will accelerate substantially during the next 15-20 years.” National Intelligence Council, Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds
  24. 24. Xerox accelerates innovation with Yammer Objectives • • Connect employees with the people and information they need in order to excel Merge two company cultures following an acquisition Tactics Results Deployed Yammer as a go-to place for employees to connect globally and innovate together. • • • Accelerated innovation Streamlined information flow Merged communications across two companies “There’s no question Yammer has helped us reduce the time it takes to go from a new idea or call to action to execution. It accelerates innovation.” - Gregory North, Vice President of Corporate Lean Six Sigma and Business Transformation, Xerox
  25. 25. Reimagining with Microsoft Consumers + Business Culture of reliability, security and privacy Enabling you with seamless, differentiated business solutions Personal focus | Consistent experience | Global excellence
  26. 26. Imagining the possibilities, together How will devices + services help you to reimagine the future? +
  27. 27. Next steps With a complete data platform, drive faster business insights for all using familiar tools like SQL and Excel with Power View. Enhance productivity with the cloud and Office 365 and leverage SharePoint and Lync collaboration tools. Develop an enterprise social collaboration strategy that will capitalize on products you already own. Learn more about the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solutions for Finance. Modernize your line of business applications to increase business efficiency.