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5 Ways Affordable Innovation Can Revolutionize your Business


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Take a look at our mini slideshare for the 5 ways affordable innovation can revolutionize your business.

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5 Ways Affordable Innovation Can Revolutionize your Business

  1. 1. Five ways Affordable innovation can revolutionize your business
 A modern mini-manual
  2. 2. A touch of productivity Until recently, truly mobile, fully-functional business solutions either didn’t exist or cost too much to implement. New developments in tablet technology are bringing the specs up and costs down for handheld, touch-enabled devices. These newcomers have great processing strength and the ability to run much of the software of today’s laptop in a light, portable, and powerful package. Keep reading to discover five innovative ways brands are using affordable tablet technology to empower employees, improve customer experience, and drive revenue. Introduction
  3. 3. Promotional giveaways Branded tablets put your logo on a high-value device your customers are likely to use every day. Branded tablets are great for building brand affinity, whether they are offered as a promotional giveaway at an event or a redeemable reward as part of a customer loyalty program. Royal Caribbean gave tablet PCs to their crewmembers on one new vessel as a pilot program. The tablets were so successful at raising employee morale that Royal Caribbean is distributing them to all 40,000 of its crew members. Tablet giveaways are also an easy way to raise employee morale. Supercharge your employee incentive program with a tablet as one of the rewards, or replace your typical company-branded holiday gift with a device employees can use at work and at home. “The Royal Caribbean men and women who provide such great vacations are the real heroes of our fleet and these gifts demonstrate our appreciation in a tangible way.” — Richard D. Fain, Chairman and CEO, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. 3 Five Ways Affordable Innovation Can Revolutionize Your Business 1
  4. 4. Manuals and handbooks Paper manuals and employee handbooks are a heavy addition to the mobile employee’s loadout. Delta used tablet PCs to replace their 40-lb flight bag of operations manuals. The switch gives Delta’s pilot real-time risk management functionality while reducing paper waste and time spent updating manuals. The new “electronic flight bag” saves Delta an estimated $13 million per year in fuel and associated costs. Once paper materials are printed, any change in policy or procedure means having to reprint and re-deploy the documents to your entire workforce. Tablet PCs enable your employees to carry an entire library wherever they go, and you can easily push changes to every device at once.  “With these improvements, we’re able to reduce the airline’s environmental impact while providing a great deal of flexibility to continue to add mobile technology solutions into our flying operations.“ — Capt. Steve Dixon, Senior VP, Flight Operations at Delta 4 Five Ways Affordable Innovation Can Revolutionize Your Business 2
  5. 5. Mobile point of sale (POS) and sales enablement Traditional POS kiosks create a bottleneck, forcing customers to wait in line while a single staff member checks each person out in sequence. Rooms to Go deployed Windows-enabled tablets to ease the stress on its check-out kiosks. They cut line lengths, increased efficiency, and empowered their employees to provide better customer service. Tablet-based mobile POS, empowers staff members to help customers as soon as they’re ready to make a purchase. Tablet PCs enable sales outside of the retail environment, too. They give sales teams on-the- go access to rich-media marketing materials like PowerPoint presentations, interactive charts, and videos. The tablet also provides real-time access to Customer Resource Management and Configure- Price-Quote solutions, removing common barriers between the salesperson and the sale. 5 Five Ways Affordable Innovation Can Revolutionize Your Business 3
  6. 6. Field services It’s no secret that many of today’s employees accomplish much of their work away from the office. These employees can’t afford to sacrifice productivity, nor should they. The Nottinghamshire County Council saw a 16 percent increase in productivity when they gave employees tablets for working on-the-go. They are currently deploying 2,000 Windows tablets to staff throughout the organization. The increased efficiency and productivity is projected to save the Council £154 million in 2016/17. With a Windows tablet, employees have constant access to all the software needed to get the job done right. From updating shared Excel spreadsheets, to collaborating on PowerPoint presentations, to video conference calls, tablets equip employees to get real work done in the field. 6 Five Ways Affordable Innovation Can Revolutionize Your Business 4
  7. 7. Inventory management Taking inventory with a pen and paper is not just inefficient, it’s also prone to costly human errors. The Habit Burger Grill replaced their outdated inventory process with a tablet-based solution. The new process is 20 percent faster and 100 percent electronic—no filing cabinets required. A tablet equipped with a barcode reader and inventory software makes the process faster and more accurate. Employees are empowered to take inventory, generate reports, and place orders electronically. Tablets mean efficient, decisive inventory management, fewer costly errors, and the elimination of the word “triplicate” from corporate lexicons everywhere.. 7 Five Ways Affordable Innovation Can Revolutionize Your Business 5
  8. 8. We’ve only touched the surface For more ideas and insights, download the full Modern Manual to Sales Enablement to learn more about revolutionizing your business with affordable innovation. Conclusion
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