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Microsim ICT Consulting - ICT solutions for socioeconomic impact

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Microsim Company Profile

  2. 2. Global ICT Consultancy Based on Microsoft and Related Technologies Our Vision “We see Africa’s ICT for “Empower the Poor and the Youth so their Development Potential” Creativity and Potential can Payoff through ICT” MICROSiM ICT Center Our Mission “Impact Development in Africa - Business, Education, Public Health, MICROSIM and Good Governance through Strategic ICT Solutions & Services” We partner with Microsoft Corporation and other innovators to:  Innovate custom solutions, master your business and advancement  Implement breakthrough ICT Solutions and architectures  Optimize information systems (IS) integration, performance and operations  Support clients through technical expertise and insights on IT’s best “Microsim enables you see the future” practices and change management.
  3. 3. SOLUTIONS AND SERVICES Database and Software Solutions  Database Development and Management We develop and implement databases and database intelligent software (dbis) solutions - that automate  Software and Application Development workflows and business processes. Our solutions are easy to use, cost-effective to maintain, and maximize  E-Government, e-Learning, e-Health, e- time to value for your enterprise. Where necessary, we Tourism, and e-Commerce solutions redesign, or re-platform your mission-critical information systems (IS) using emerging technology.  Web Portal Development and Content Management Mobile Data Solutions and Support  Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) We develop, implement, and support Development and Integration Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Field Force Automation (FFA)  R&D Data Solutions – Data Mining, applications that utilize smart, thin, Processing, Analytic, and Management and thick clients via mobile networks Tools Development - enabling remote users to stay connected to enterprise data centers.  Business Intelligence (BI) – Business Insights and Solutions Development  Mobile Data Application Development We engage teams that are synergetic and diligent  Data Center Solutions and Architecture about serving clients and are trusted advisors of ICT  Computer Information Systems Integration, Maintenance, and Support  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Development, Integration, and Support IT Strategy & Transformation  Document Management Solutions Microsim research indicates that high-performance businesses view IT as a strategic asset—a source of  Digital Villages Integration and Support both operational excellence and competitive advantage. Our Strategic IT Effectiveness (SITE) experts help top  SAP and ERP Solutions management adopt that mindset and achieve greater business value from IT. We bring boardroom-relevant  IT Strategy, Planning, Architecture, and criteria to IT investments and help businesses to "think Transformation bigger" about IT's ability to improve operating results.  Specialized ICT Training ICT for Development (ICT4D) Solutions  Career Placement and Temp Services We see the role of ICT in enhancing economic and  Offshore IT Outsourcing Solutions social development in Africa. Our ICT4D solutions target research and development of poor communities,  Medical Transcripts Data Processing small-scale agri-business, and the youth. We collaborate with global organizations to develop and  Call Center Solutions implement ICT4D solutions that accelerate the adoption and productive use of ICT in development projects.  Cloud Computing Solutions Impacting Development through Strategic ICT Solutions and Services
  4. 4. INTERNET KNOWLEDGE INTELLIGENCE  E-Government Solutions: and services Solutions Implementation Road internationally. We collaborate with government institutions to automate workflows and services within enterprise intranets and extranets. Our goal is to take public sector services to the grassroots Microsim is committed to helping customers through ICT while helping improve through every phase of implementation. Our listed solutions will help you evaluate a Microsim government service delivery, accountability, solution for your organization. transparency, and good governance.  Web-Portals and Mashups: We build solutions that integrate data from multiple systems - creating an integrated experience Evaluate of knowledge at a snap shot. Our web-based Determine whether the Technology solution will meet business solutions, reduce cost, increase your business goals and employee productivity, and help connect objectives. business partners and customers.  E-Learning: We utilize web-based technologies to integrate learning activities and services to the global digital e- Plan classroom. Develop the high-level architectural plan, identify risks, and develop the project plan.  Digital Villages: We are committed to bridging the digital divide through ICT4D across developing countries. We work closely with organizations to identify community ICT4D needs and build solutions tailored for the poor and the youth - enabling Build Detailed design, lab work, testing, them to collaborate through the internet. and development  E-Health: We develop healthcare breakthrough solutions, services, and tools utilizing ICT4D resources, to enable the public stay informed about best health Deploy practices that improve their health. Efficient, low-risk deployment of the technology solution.  E-Tourism: We utilize web-technology to bridge the tourism industry across the globe, facilitating availability of tourism solutions and services through the internet. Operate Establish the right operational  E-Commerce: We bring global procedures and support. marketplace services to the local market and vice versa through web-based technology. Impacting Development through Strategic ICT Solutions and Services
  5. 5. IT Outsourcing Solutions Specialized ICT Training Microsim delivers solutions and services for all enterprise- Microsim understands the diverse level technology needs globally. We are a participant partner training needs ICT professionals have in the globalization of resource utilization through Business under their busy schedules. We offer Process Outsourcing (BPO) and African Growth and specialized ICT training opportunities Opportunity Act (AGOA). We offer offshore IT outsourcing both advanced and beginning, to ICT solutions and services to developed economies. We work and non-ICT professionals - with a closely with global clients in defining IT solutions and specialized focus to their projects and services delivery - through a global virtual workspace. day-to-day work. Microsim is an expert in evangelizing  Microsim is passionately committed to enhancing Microsoft solutions and related positive interdependence and cutting costs through technologies. We work side by side with BPO and AGOA - while helping bridge the divides your teams to identify solutions to your technology challenges. Our staffs’  We are experts at collaborating Africa’s ICT experience and in-depth knowledge of resources to service the developed economies. the IT domain, enables us to implement best technology practices for you. We provide training expertise in a variety of areas and not limited to the highlights below: ICT Strategy Briefings This briefings start by examining your Microsim current IT environment and business objectives and then move into the envisioning center, where you will see MICROSIM IT solutions in action, through powerful demos and scenarios customized to meet your needs. The Call Center Solutions sessions include mutual discovery, tailored product and technology drill- downs, and expert presentations, and Microsim understands the potential value of Emerging ICT they culminate with the delivery of a Markets (EICTM) and ICT infrastructures in developing clear and actionable picture of how economies. We have resources that are excellent with MICROSIM and partner technology customer service and technical support for various global innovators can help you reach your IT products and services. We utilize these resources and state of and business goals. the art technology to service various industries in developed economies. We cut service costs while serving clients around the clock. We work closely with our clients in tailoring our ICT Architecture Frameworks services to every customer-need. This custom sessions drill into your business objectives and align them with specific applications of ICT to help you not only meet your goals, but also capitalize on them. We will provide architectural guidance, preferred practices input, and risk analysis to chief technology officers, ICT architects, and Strategic ICT Intelligence is POWER STRAII EGIC senior members of your ICT team. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN ICT Solutions for Socioeconomic Impact
  6. 6. Microsim ABOUT US ICT Strategy: Our goal is to provide you the very best ICT strategy frameworks and development of scalable solutions that will enable your organization to be more strategically competitive. Microsim is an ICT consultancy provider, Our unique connections with Microsoft based in Nairobi, Kenya, with branches in and other USA organizations, enhances Webuye, and Washington D.C. U.S.A. We our ability to deliver effective mission- have an extensive experience providing IT critical ICT solutions and services in solutions and services internationally and have Africa. We formed our company to delivered complex IT projects that met and merge the strengths of innovation, exceeded client expectations. consulting, and excellent customer service – into a single company, Our experts are specialized in various Microsim. technology platforms, practices, and methodologies. Imagination …. MICROSiM ICT Solutions Center We lead and drive the adoption and implementation of ICT for Development (ICT4D) in emerging markets. Our goal is to impact global economic resource collaboration utilizing established and emerging technology innovations. We pride in enabling clients in the global workspace achieve organizational goals and objectives through strategic ICT intelligence Our consultancy delivers value according to each customer’s requirements, timeline, and budget. We utilize ICT to optimize collaboration and streamline operations across all groups, systems, and business boundaries. We combine innovation and talent to deliver top-notch ICT solutions and services to our clients. CONTACT US: MICROSIM ICT Consulting, Bld. 86 Moi Drive, Suite # 4 – Nairobi | P.O. Box, 242, Webuye, Kenya | | P.O. Box 76847, Washington D.C. USA | Phone: +254.727.73.6266 | e-mail: Micro.Sim@live.com |
  7. 7. OUR CUSTOMER SUCCESS We take great pride in what we have helped our customers achieve. Each success story demonstrates our ability to deliver mission-critical technology solutions that help enterprises around the world meet their unique business goals and objectives. DANYA INTERNATIONAL, Silver Spring PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY GOVERNMENT, Maryland, U.S.A Upper Marlboro, Maryland, U.S.A We are responsible for the envisioning, systems design, Microsim was responsible for the management and development, implementation, management, and support support of the entire IT spectrum of the county of various IT solutions including e-Government, e- government. We lead teams of software engineers and Health, and e-Learning for the organization. The Database Administrators (DBA) in providing IT solutions have enabled Danya to extend services to the solutions and services to over 15 county government Center for Disease Control (CDC), National Institutes of agencies. The solutions and services included; e- Health (NIH), and several NGOs –positively influencing Government, Database development and management, public health. We evaluated and positioned various Disaster recovery management, software and technologies into Danya’s strategic business and IT application development, web content management, alignment. We developed databases, document management, web hosting, change software/applications, IT architecture frameworks, white management, data centre management, information papers, and proposals; IT best practices guidelines that systems support, and coordinating outsourced IT added business value justification for the client’s resources to meet service level agreements (SLA). technology investment. Synergetic Team Work U.S. GOVERNMENT, Washington D.C., U.S.A We developed and implemented e-Government solutions - databases, software/applications, mobile data applications, and document management solutions - based on Microsoft, Oracle, GPS, GIS, and WAP platforms - within the Washington D.C., Federal, and City Government Technology base. We co-coordinated IT strategic plans and objectives with the governments’ senior management in line with the organizations’ business goals and objectives. We also provided on-site NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH (NIH), Rockville, Maryland U.S.A information systems reviews – performance reviews systems stability reviews, quality assurance, platform We were responsible for the development, implementation, and operations of the National Institute migration, configuration management, and pre-rollout of Mental Health’s (NIMH) information technology testing. We provided reports and white papers on IT functions. We provided database management, industry best practices and implemented solutions. software/application development, and information systems administration/support. We directed and YRCI, Fairfax Virginia, U.S.A managed teams of software/application and database Microsim has collaborated on consultancy with YRCI on developers/administrators, through the entire spectrum various IT projects with several clients in the of information technology operations leading to Washington D.C metro area. The projects included IT successful development and maintenance of NIMH’s infrastructure architectures design, Software development, proposal development, and IT strategy data centers. formulation. Developed proposals and ITIL frameworks for IT services – enabling the U.S.A Army Enterprise LINSANG MANUFACTURING, Inc., Laurel Service Desk (ESD) support MEDCOM divisions Maryland, U.S.A Microsim was responsible for developing web-portals globally. that collaborated with ERP, MRP, and CRM platforms. We developed data warehousing systems, STARPOINT SOLUTIONS New York, U.S.A software/applications, and managed back-end databases We Architected frameworks and implemented custom to ERP, MRP, and CRM platforms. We developed and platforms that collaborated financial applications build implemented knowledge management systems – that on Microsoft with J2EE platforms – facilitating one of streamed intelligence to enterprise intranets and the first inter-operability solutions of desperate financial extranets. We also collaborated with third party vendors platforms utilizing service oriented architecture (SOA). to MRP solutions. Innovation + ICT Consultancy + Excellent Customer Service = Microsim
  8. 8. MICROSIM TECHNOLOGY FOCUS Microsoft Centric Solutions Microsim Methodologies Our focus on Microsoft technology vision and MCITA: Our consulting experience has enabled us related technology provides us with insights into to develop a framework called the Microsim these technologies that are-to say the least Connected Information Technology Architecture® valuable. We are early adopters of every (MCITA®). Constantly evolving and improving, Microsoft offering and other emerging these set of architectures improve the speed, technologies. quality, and agility of every solution we deliver. It is a repeatable and consistent asset, ready for re-use We know how to best utilize Microsoft in a wide variety of engagements. innovations no matter what your business or technical landscape. We implement knowledge management solutions utilizing Microsoft MCITM: Microsim Connected Information technology platforms every day. Technology Methods (MCITM®) is an approach we use to plan, deliver and maintain Microsoft- Microsim understands that asset investments centric solutions. MCITM is our proprietary have to return results across the enterprise. Our methodology - founded on the Microsoft solutions passion is implementing Microsoft-centric framework. It provides our consultants with the technology solutions to solve your business tools and techniques they need to deliver needs. comprehensive, full-lifecycle solutions with minimal risk and optimal value. Together, MCITA and MCITM - regularly save thousands of money Data -> Information -> Knowledge >> INTELLIGENCE and hours on technology projects for our clients. MICROSIM Tech Center Our collective experience and deep IT domain knowledge helps us enable you to “change” the way you “us ICT assets” in your enterprise. Global Reach, Local Touch Continuous Improvement At Microsim, we drive business results and we understand that continuous No matter where your improvement stems from openness to feedback; learning from our clients, business is, we bring our partners, and ourselves. We have not only gained a passion for the global resources to technologies we use, but a passion for learning itself. bear with the precision of a local team. Our “Microsim ICT Consultancy means, constantly evolving in your business multi-site and Offshore environment and growing with the technologies that support it” Consulting delivery capabilities enable us We focus on the job at hand, rather than why it is impossible. We gather deliver skills across what we learn, share it with each other, you, and our technology partners. In enterprise-level turn, our innovators share their findings with us enabling Microsim to technologies globally. implement strategic information technology intelligent (SITI) solutions.
  9. 9. MICROSIM STRATEGY TEAM Simiyu Tete, M.Sc. “Africa is faced with the gravest of challenges - the quest for knowledge, excellence, and diligence - at Microsim, we call CEO & Chief ICT Solutions Architect MICROSIM ICT Consulting - Africa Bld. 86 Moi Drive, Suite # 4 – Nairobi | P.O Box, 242 Webuye, Kenya Phone: +254.727.73.6266 MICROSIM E-mail: Simiyu.Microsim@live.com into service all the best state of the art resources for a better world for all mankind” Simiyu is the founder and CEO of Microsim. He has over 20 years of extensive IT domain experience – delivering IT solutions for various USA government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private companies that include Danya International, D.C. Government, Prince George’s County Government, National Institutes of Health, Center for Disease Control, Department of Defense, CGH Technologies, and the University of Maryland Medical Systems. Simiyu has delivered complex IT projects that included Software Development, Database Management, IT Architecture frameworks design, Project Management, IT Strategy, and information systems support. He is an expert with various technologies including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP – cloud computing, e-Government, e-Health, e-Education, e-Tourism, e-Commerce, Portals, ICT4D and mobile data solutions. He is a Visionary that is passionate about technology and making others better. He holds a M.Sc. in Management Information Systems from the University of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD, USA, B.Sc. in Agricultural Economics from North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND, USA, and an Advanced University Diploma in Farm Management from Egerton University, Njoro, Kenya. Ruth Kirui, M.Sc. Offshore Consultancy Coordinator Microsim, LLC - U.S.A P.O. Box 76847 Washington, D.C., 20013, USA Phone: +1.301.442.4395 E-mail: Ruth_Kirui@yahoo.com Ruth has over 10 years of IT consulting experience. She has worked in various roles as a consultant for various U.S.A companies and Federal Agencies including L-3 communications, Lockheed Martin, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). She holds a Master of Science degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Maryland, USA, and a B.Sc. from Egerton University, Kenya. Christian has a vast of experience in Christian Wangia, M.Sc. software engineering and has consulted Lead Software Engineer for major companies including Accenture, Microsim, LLC – U.S.A the US Federal, state, and local P.O. Box 76847 governments, USA. He holds a Master of Washington, D.C., 20013, USA Science in Computer Science and a Phone: +1.301.801.3039 Bachelor of Science in the same from the E-mail: chriswangia@yahoo.com MICROSiM University of Maryland, USA. TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More