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4 & 1/2 minutes in zero g


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The second T-5 talk I had ready for SpaceUpEU but I didn't presente it because all of the slots were filled for sunday and I had already done one on saturday.

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4 & 1/2 minutes in zero g

  1. 1. © Stephen Boxall - steveboxall.com41/2 minutes in free fall,AKA zero-GHi. Maybe you already hate me for seeing Atlantis launch in STS135, but now I’ll tell you about a flight I did in zero g, invited by Vodafoneso you’ll really hate me afterwards.
  2. 2. I flew with ZeroG Corp, a US based company which uses a Boeing 727 airliner, suitably modified to withstand the stresses of this kind offlights.
  3. 3. - CC NASAYou have to fill in some paperwork about your health, but if this guy, which I’m pretty sure you all know, did it, you can do it. Oh, and youalso have to say it’s OK if you die.
  4. 4. © Stephen Boxall - steveboxall.comApart from that, the FAA sees these flights as commercial ones so you get all the amenities like security briefings, a flight attendant thatyells at you with a bullhorn, etc.
  5. 5. The main differences are that most of the seats in the plane are gone, that the oxygen masks are under the seats, and that the cabin ismostly covered with soft mats.
  6. 6. File:Parabolic flight.png - GNU GPL by Dr. WessmannSo, after taking off like any other commercial flight the plane flies to a reserved zone in the airspace where it can perform its trickswithout colliding with anyone which is kind of a good idea.
  7. 7. File:Parabolic flight.png - GNU GPL by Dr. WessmannThis means pointing the nose down, accelerating, and then pulling up and leveling the plane when it slows down. Then you’re in free fall for25 to 30 seconds. Repeat this x15 times.
  8. 8. © Stephen Boxall - steveboxall.comOne of the first things you experience is that mass doesn’t equal weight, so on your first tries to get up you end up scrunched against theceiling. It’s a good thing…
  9. 9. © Stephen Boxall -…the cabin is padded. It also means that you are «stronger», like I found out when someone was falling on top of me. I tried to push hima bit but instead I sent him flying away.
  10. 10. © Stephen Boxall - steveboxall.com also notice quite soon that in zero g (or free fall) things like upside and down cease to have any meaning.You can walk or crawl onthe ceiling with no problem.
  11. 11. © Stephen Boxall - steveboxall.com’s a video tour of the ISS by André Kuipers in Youtube where he explains this in node 3, where depending on your activity down canbe any of at least 3 different directions.
  12. 12. © Stephen Boxall - steveboxall.comIt is also extremely hard to do many things in free fall, as André says in that video. For example, the coaches on the flight set some waterand M&M’s floating in front of us
  13. 13. © Stephen Boxall -…and told us to catch them. But it’s nearly impossible unless you can lean on something. On Earth you unconsciously lean forward;floating in zero g you can’t.
  14. 14. © Stephen Boxall - steveboxall.comYou also realize that Sir Isaac Newton was right when he said in his first law of motion that if an object experiences no net force, then itsvelocity is constant.
  15. 15. © Stephen Boxall - steveboxall.comWhen zero g begins, if you don’t push against the floor, you don’t start floating spontaneously. Forget what you’ve seen in the movies, theymostly got it wrong.
  16. 16. The flight, at least to me, was thorougly enjoyable, and I didn’t feel sick at all, even thoug someone did –that’s the circle you see on ourroute while they cleared the mess.
  17. 17. © Stephen Boxall - steveboxall.comUnfortunately it is quite expensive at something like 4 tousand dollars plus getting there, lodging and so on, but if I ever win a lottery I’llgive it another try.
  18. 18. © Red Bull MediaRed Bull Media Flight: Quince minutos en un Extra 300LOn the other side of the scale is an aerobatic flight I took in a Red Bull plane.You also have to say that it’s OK if you die, and you get asecurity briefing about using a parachute.
  19. 19. © Red Bull MediaRed Bull Media Flight: Quince minutos en un Extra 300LBut with loops, barrels, turns of up to 7g, etc, it’s much harder than a zero g flight and it’s not unheard of of passengers asking to cut itshort and/or puking, which fortunately I didn’t.
  20. 20. @wichoYou can’t pay to fly with Red Bull, but you can book a ride in a fighter plane with a few companies worldwide… If you have the money.So… Do you already hate me?