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M500DC vs. Typical Client SSD


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Find out which option is better for your data center: Micron's M500DC SSD or a typical client SSD.

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M500DC vs. Typical Client SSD

  1. 1. Micron’s M500DC or Client SSD: Which is best for your data center?
  2. 2. STORAGE APPLIANCES NETWORKING Your Data Center is… SERVERS …the platform that runs your IT applications
  3. 3. Why choose the Micron M500DC for your datacenter? Simple…
  4. 4. M500DC: 67% Higher Reliability VS. M500DC 2.0M Hours MTTF Client SSD 1.2M Hours MTTF
  5. 5. M500DC: 0.5 to 1.9PB Client SSD: 0.07 to 0.49PB SEQUENTIAL RANDOM M500DC: Up to 7X Greater Endurance
  6. 6. VS. M500DC DATA AT REST DATA IN MOTION Client SSD M500DC: Added Protection for Data in Motion DATA AT REST
  7. 7. 3X Faster Read 15X Faster Write M500DC: Much better Performance than typical Client SSD
  8. 8. …and complete data path protection inside the SSD! M500DC: Enterprise-grade for complete protection A B F N O D C K L I J E M L K D C G H
  9. 9. M500DC: Lower, more consistent Client SSD: Higher, less consistent MAX M500DC: Better Latency AVG
  10. 10. The right choice:
  11. 11. Micron’s M500DC Offers: 67% Greater reliability Up to 7X better endurance Complete power loss protection Enterprise-class data path protection Superior Random Read and Write Performance Lower random latency Tighter latency distribution 1.8-inch and 2.5-inch form factors Capacities from 120GB to 800GB P P P P P P P P P
  12. 12. Want to learn more? Read the M500DC 1.8-inch data sheet Read the M500DC 2.5-inch data sheet Visit Doug Rollins Micron Enterprise SSD Systems Marketing