Kg Karmakar Microcredit and Crop Agriculture


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Kg Karmakar Microcredit and Crop Agriculture

  1. 1. Meeting the credit needsof small-holder Farmers One stop shop for farmers eKutir Opportunity Driven By Knowledge 1
  2. 2. What is the Present Credit Arrangement Banks & MFIs • Money lenders• Credit is inadequate - Last resort• Credit not given in • No increase in time • Farm Credit - a risky productivity• Banks perceived as Portfolio •No increase in alien organisations • Small and Marginal income Farmers are Non • Cycle of• MFI’s only concentrate bankable Perpetual on credit dispersal • Lack of concern poverty •No value added services offered Farmers Impoverished Farmers 2
  3. 3. eKutir •No liquidity problems Post • Inputs available from entrepreneursIntervention eKutir Phase • Quality, Service and • No credit transactions by de-risking done • Good Market & Captive Customers farmers for inputs •Better Portfolio • Instant Payment to Management • Value added services Farmers • Less Risk and more • Enhanced Income • No liquidity crunch Productivity • Less transaction costs • More Income • More products without credit from input suppliers Farmers ocal Traders • Less Risk and AgriProcessors Transaction costs • Outsourcing of • Benefits from inputs Banking and outputs operations to • Assured quality of farm • Better Productivity produce eKutir • Captive Farmer groups • Enhanced Incomes • More market • Adherence to GAP standards access A Happy eKutir Farmer Banks /MFIs 3
  4. 4. eKutir Voucher System Voucher to be issued to registered farmerseKutir Voucher will be issued tothe registered farmers for availingall information and advisory online through ekutir hubs for two This will help farmer in coming to the hubs and 2Vr books to be issuedcrops. This system has been with 10leaves for two start taking some moredesigned to help the farmer to agri inputs cropscome to the hubs and getobjective information withoutpaying anything. This vouchersystem initially to be sponsoredby eKutir Rural ManagementServices Ltd but later on to be At the hub vr no will be Farmer can come to thesponsored by different Agri entered and the hubs and ask queries on amount will be entered line for those two cropsAgencies but later on after the as income free of costfarmer realises the importance ofthe information and onlineadvisory will start paying for theusage. 4
  5. 5. •Business expansion of eKutir entrepreneurs • Monetisation of the Farmers Information AgriPlus • To build up the credit Information of the Farmers eKutir • Helps in mitigating the risks of the stakeholders•Ekutir Farmers’ Credit Card willbe issued to the Farmers byFIS/MFIs/Contract Farmer/Organisation/Agri Processors • Fis/MFIs/ get a readymade market where the risks and the transaction cost is•Farmers are issued the card to minimizedmeet their input requirements for • BCs/BFs can earn more money because ofraising a crop. Fis/MFIs/ this opportunity•Farmers indicates the crops forwhich the credit in the form ofkinds will be taken from eKutir oreKutir accredited organisations • They can issue a credit card to their captive•The transaction will be confined farmers for buying and paying inputs requiredto the input requirements of the for raising the identified crops. The quality ofcrops indicted by the farmer .For the crop is ensured and the utilisation of thecrop changes he has to apply and Contract Farming inputs ensuredchanges to be effected Organisation/Agri • The payment is made by them if agreed by Processors Farmers and also the payment of the produce•The total repayment will be net of creidt is paid to them.confined to total duration of thecrops + 15days 5
  6. 6. De-Risking the Small-Holder Farmer • Registration Charges from Crop the farmer for giving objective advisory Planning Tool • Charges from other farmer • Registration Charges Farmer Risk • Charges from the Bank/Fis Analysis Tool for giving risk analysis Report Farmers • Registration of the Farmer • Commission from the banks Financial Tool for any financial transaction 6
  7. 7. De-Risking the Small-Holder Farmer • Registration of the farmer Soil Nutrient • Registration Charges from the Fertliser /Soil Nutrient Vendors Management • Commission/Profit for selling Tool the nutrients/supplying the nutrients Seed Selection • Registration of the Farmer • Seed Vendors Registration Tool • Commission on selling seeds Pest & Disease • Registration of Farmers • Registration of Vendors Management • Commission on selling of pesticides Tool 7
  8. 8. De-Risking the Small-Holder Farmer Harvesting • Registration of the Farmer Management • Registration of different buyers Tool • Registration of Farmer Marketing • Registration of Management Traders/Buyers • Commission on marketing Tool from the Farmers • Registration of the Farmer Farmers Advisory for advisory Tool • Registration of different advisors 8
  9. 9. Namaste &Thank You! 9