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Health and Microfinance Partnerships against Poverty (6 of 8)


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This course will inform, engage, and prepare participants who are considering the feasibility and benefits of adding health to microfinance. The training will provide experience-based examples, lessons learned, cost information, and discussion about addressing the link between poverty and ill health without taking MFIs off-track or incurring undue expenses.
This PPT: action planning

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Health and Microfinance Partnerships against Poverty (6 of 8)

  1. 1. 3/29/2016 13/29/2016 1 #18MCSummit Session 9 Action Planning—Next Steps for Developing Health Protection Products and Services 1
  2. 2. 3/29/2016 23/29/2016 2 #18MCSummit Next steps for your organisation Health protection approaches to explore: Next Steps Needed Who (who is responsible in my MFI to accomplish this step) What (what is needed to implement, i.e., information, materials, technical resources) By When (by when do we need to accomplish this step)