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Health and Microfinance Partnerships against Poverty (5 of 8)


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This course will inform, engage, and prepare participants who are considering the feasibility and benefits of adding health to microfinance. The training will provide experience-based examples, lessons learned, cost information, and discussion about addressing the link between poverty and ill health without taking MFIs off-track or incurring undue expenses.
This PPT: client testimonies

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Health and Microfinance Partnerships against Poverty (5 of 8)

  1. 1. 3/29/2016 1 #18MCSummit With the conditions where life is expensive and painful trying to have enough to eat, we have to invest our small incomes in health and this is even more punishment. We don’t have a great way to get to the hospital, but if someone can give us ideas on how to prevent disease, we will apply these tips and save our children and ourselves.” —PADME client, when asked her opinion on the health education
  2. 2. 3/29/2016 2 #18MCSummit “When you go to the market in the morning, you never know what will happen. But when you have the health savings and can get a health loan, you have the security of knowing that if you have a problem, you will be protected.” —RCPB client “Neither health savings nor health loans have created extra work for staff. The health savings accounts do not present more challenges or difficulties than any other financial products at RCPB.”
  3. 3. 3/29/2016 3 #18MCSummit “I joined CARD because it has many benefits; my favorite benefits are the health benefits.” —Roselyn, CARD client “Had I not received this health loan from Bandhan, I would have lost both my sons as well as my asset ... Bandhan brought back light in my family and I am obliged to spread this message of my immense benefit….” —Bandhan client