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Osler bacteriology-i-and-ii-2013-new


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Osler bacteriology-i-and-ii-2013-new

  1. 1. Bacteriology I and IIMargie A. Morgan, PhD D(ABMM)Cedar-Sinai Medical CenterLos Angeles, CA
  2. 2. Beginning definitions• Obligate Aerobe – require oxygen (20%) to grow• Obligate Anaerobe –>30 min of oxygen exposure can be toxic• Facultative anaerobes – grow in aerobic and anaerobicconditions, most “aerobic” bacteria are actually facultative• Microaerophilic – Grow better with reduced oxygen andelevated Carbon dioxide %• Aerotolerant anaerobes– anaerobe not killed by prolongedexposure to oxygen – example: Clostridium tertium• Lag Phase - >24 hrs old, growth slowing, not appropriate forbiochemical or susceptibility testing• Log Phase – Exponential growth – appropriate for all testing• Stationary phase – appropriate for transporting specimens