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MicroLink Corporate Overview

  1. 1. MicroLink Overview Date
  2. 2. Our MissionTo deliver innovative, outstanding solutions that solve our customers’ business problems through theintegration of world-class consulting and leading-edge technologies.
  3. 3. Fast Facts MicroLink is a subsidiary of Autonomy Corporation an HP owned company Government & Commercial solutions and services provider GSA IT 70 Schedule & Numerous Federal Contract Vehicles HQ in Vienna, Virginia Top Secret Facility Clearance
  4. 4. What We Do We develop solutions that help our clients find, share, visualize, and share information across geographic, organizational and functional boundaries. Our solutions result in: • Improved business processes & decision making • Enhanced collaboration across responsibilities • Superior customer and constituent services • Increase knowledge worker productivity • Higher return on their IT investments
  5. 5. MicroLink Solutions Approach
  6. 6. How We Extend Your Investment Consulting Product Suite Business Solutions• Business • Account • Compliance, Risk, & Intelligence Provisioner Governance• Enterprise • AIS • Emergency and Search • Executive Critical Event• Portals Calendar Management• Business Social • Fetch Framework • eDecision Making Networking • TaskSync • Information• Business • SAT (expected Discovery and Process release Fall 2009) Fusion Automation • Process Measurement and Management
  7. 7. Client ListGovernment: Commercial: Dept. of Energy  Deloitte US Army  Kraft State Department  Coca Cola Treasury/IRS/OFS  General Motors US Navy  Pfizer DHS/Transportation Security Administration  Vanguard Defense Intelligence Agency  McKesson General Services Administration  Abbott Labs Social Security Administration  Medtronic Joint Forces Command  Freddie Mac US Air Force  The Hartford NGA  Illumina DISA  Grant Thornton Dept. of Justice  Lilly
  8. 8. HARMONIEWebJFCOM needed a personnelcollaboration center where theycould communicate and organizedisaster relief initiatives.JFCOM wanted an out-of-the -boxcollaborative platform that willallow for customization to assistwith these efforts.Production system developed,hosted, and operated byMicroLink with 107 sites servingover 100 organizations and 4600users.Technologies - MOSS, AdobeConnect, Virtual Earth, OCS,Account Provisioning, Multilingualsupport
  9. 9. DIA WISEDIA needed a framework bywhich technologies canbe applied to achieve totalintelligence gathering andmanagement. WISE is theplatform for all source intelligencegathering and analysis.MicroLink was tasked with thedesign and implementation ofAutonomy services, search anduser interface for DODIIS DataLayer and DODIIS Data Servicesof WISE and related systems.
  10. 10. Department of the Navy Civilian Human ResourcesTook OCHR months to createreports and graphs surfacing theirfinding in PowerPoint slide decksand spreadsheets. OCHR lostconfidence in their system’sability to produce the informationand analysis they were lookingfor.Consolidating, migrating,upgrading, and implementingOCHR’s portal for worldwidesupport of sailors and theirfamilies at any base across theglobe.
  11. 11. Naval Criminal InvestigativeService NCIS needed to better organize documents and collaborate on investigations. The current SharePoint 2003 solution was not widely Problem accepted as meeting their needs. Migration of the portal to MOSS 2007 to utilize content management MicroLink and publishing features. Support for both internal and external domains on both NIPR net and SIPR net Solution Deployment on SIPR and NIPR on track for Q1. Migrated data from current SharePoint portal, and deployed MOSS on outward facing Result Internet sites.
  12. 12. Naval Criminal InvestigativeService NCIS initially wanted to upgrade their search from K2 to IDOL Server and convert their KNET portal to use the new engine. During this process, NCIS Problem decided that they wanted to make use of all the new functionality of IDOL as well as upgrade their portal to .NET surfaced through SharePoint. MicroLink is in the process of completing a full migration to IDOL MicroLink Server that will include advanced features and a full failover capability. This will be surfaced through the new .NET KNET portal Solution that MicroLink is also writing. Ongoing and on target for production release in late Q1 Result
  13. 13. State Department Intranet information was spread out worldwide with over 1,000 web sites in over 200 countries. They had an inability to conduct searches Problem across the enterprise. Searching required visiting and navigating numerous sites. Key documents were not being controlled. To ensure the State Department’s IT decisions reflect user needs and MicroLink business practices. MicroLink implemented Autonomy’s IDOL Server using many advanced features to ensure that the users were finding Solution the proper information quickly. Deployment of an enterprise intranet search with over 1000 sites and 40,000 users. MicroLink is now in the process if upgrading the current Result solution to IDOL7.
  14. 14. National Guard AITS MicroLink & SAIC are helping to support over 30 mission critical applications to sustain the Advanced Information Technology Problem Systems. Microsoft Technology Subject Matter Expertise (SME), .NET System MicroLink Architecture, Engineering and Development, System Development and Testing Tools, Support to SAIC’s Office of the Chief Engineer for the AITS Solution Program, Implement CMMI Level 5 process using Team Foundation Server (TFS) Ongoing project. MicroLink is viewed as a thought leader by SAIC for innovative solutions around TFS and software development Result processes
  15. 15. Army North The Army required a portal that would provide a quick response to North American events. Storing key information in documents Problem produced challenges in efficiently finding and consuming data needed to support mission critical tasks. Strategy to improve collection, preparation, and dissemination of mission critical information, improve storage, retrieval, and management of their MicroLink expanding knowledge base. Leverage the out-of-the-box functionality of Solution Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) as well as evaluate requirements for customizing the system to better support the mission. MicroLink system is in user acceptance test and awaiting production deployment. Our solution will support 52,000 users. Result
  16. 16. Department of Energy Office of EnergyEfficiency & Renewable Energy EERE needed to improve their analysis and reporting on planning, budgeting, execution and other systems to better administer Problem alternative and energy efficiency programs Provided a third party consultative system analysis for the Cognos 8 MicroLink EIS system. Re-architected the system to enhance performance. Assisted in the installation and management of the system on a Solution multi-tiered server architecture. The new architecture fostered greater user satisfaction and scalability. MicroLink is continually working with the client to Result enhance the system.
  17. 17. Joint Forces Command EnterpriseData Warehouse JFCOM needed an enterprise data warehouse to assist with technical development services, establish data relationships, reports, and Problem business intelligence dashboard views. Data warehouse would be used to support USJFCOM resource management decisions. Assist with data analysis, data transfer development, data cube MicroLink development and configuring and developing reports/dashboards using Microsoft products including Performance Point, SQL Server Reporting Solution Services, SQL Server Integration Services, and SQL Server Analysis Services. Initial Performance Point solution signed off by General. Currently implementing the data warehouse. Result
  18. 18. Our MethodologyConsultative Partner’sApproach TechnologiesRepeatable Integration andSolutions Development Expertise
  19. 19. What We Can Do For You• Our “solutions oriented” focus develops business and mission critical solutions that: • Reflect your business needs • Deliver measurable results • Produces a real return on investment MicroLink Solutions MicroLink Products MicroLink Consulting
  20. 20. Thank You.We look forward to your call.