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Tips for Reducing your Carbon Footprint 2


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By making minor changes in our lives, we can help protect the planet.

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Tips for Reducing your Carbon Footprint 2

  1. 1. Tips for Reducing your Carbon Footprint 2 Part 2 of 3 in the Tips for Reducing your Carbon Footprint Series
  2. 2. Saving Water • Altering minor things in your daily routine can help reduce the amount of water wasted in a day.
  3. 3. Save when Brushing • One thing you can do is turn the water off while brushing your teeth. • Only turn it back on again when you need to rinse off your toothbrush or wash out your mouth. • By doing this you can save up nine gallons of water every time you brush your teeth!
  4. 4. Shower instead of Baths • Try taking showers instead of baths. • You can use up to five times more water when taking a bath versus taking a shower.
  5. 5. Watering Your Lawn • Watering your lawn either early in the morning or in the evening will help cut down the amount of times your lawn needs watering. • The chances of the water drying up in the heat are lowest at these times.
  6. 6. Say no to Paper and Plastic • Go green by refusing paper or plastic bags when at the grocery store. • Paper bags are mad out of tress and plastic bags are made from oil. • The production of both types of bags is consuming earth’s precious natural resources.
  7. 7. Purchasing Cloth Bags • Instead of having your groceries placed in a paper or plastic bag, use a cloth bag from home. • Cloth bags can be purchased in-store at places like Whole Foods or online at EcoBags and are fairly affordable.
  8. 8. Reuse! • If it’s necessary for you to use a plastic or paper bag, recycle them. Use them for other shopping trips or line the trash bin with it.
  9. 9. For more information on topics like this visit our Resource page at