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MicroEmpowering partnership info


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How to partner with us - Step by step

First Step - Define your goals with this project.
What are you expecting from us?
How do you think we can help you?
How we can join forces to help others?
How our partnership will improve your local community?

If you are not sure about one of the questions that's ok, live it blank and we can try to help.

Second Step - Define your main focus in order of priority.
Explain how you would like to evaluate this partnership.
Send us the description of the project's costs.

Third Step - We will contact you shortly.
Give us 2-6 weeks to answer your request.
If you don't hear from us within this time frame, contact us.

We are looking forward to working with you and your community! Vist us at

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MicroEmpowering partnership info

  1. 1. Welcome to!
  2. 2. Who we are and What we do? Our mission is to facilitate •  access to technology, •  advisors, •  and information between those who need it and those who can provide it.Our goal is to build grass-roots sustainable projects for the benefit of communities
  3. 3. How does MicroEmpowering Work? By using a 360-degree closed loop approach to the execution of grass-roots sustainable projectsWe bridge the gaps between•  not-for-profit organizations,•  government programs,•  businesses,•  academia, and•  donors, Key Elements: Partnerships, Fellowships and Tools
  4. 4. Examples of projects we work with•  Product base projects: HOW TO PARTNER –  Science Education - Retrofitting with us, three step –  Workshops - Solar panel/charger cell process 1. On-line at•  Services to Social Entrepreneurs –  Provide access to advisors 2. Or sending us your project –  Facilitate the purchase of Technology Website @ microempowering . org 3. Or partnering with us after one of•  Services that we offer to our partners our information sessions –  Project Management Fellows –  Knowledge Bank –  Specialized Research
  5. 5. Thank you!