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Lawn and Garden Care Recycling

  1. Lawn and Garden Care Recycling Recycle Series: Part V brought to you by
  2. Recycling Natural Materials ❧Recycling isn’t restricted to mercury or plastic. ❧It’s possible to recycle natural materials, which can be found in places like your kitchen and lawn. ❧A bonus of this type of recycling is that you can minimize the amount of fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides used by using green alternatives.
  3. Utilize Lawn Clippings ❧When mowing your lawn, leave clippings on the lawn instead of disposing of them. ❧The clippings will decompose and provide nitrogen for the soil; therefore, offering you the option to reduce, or even eliminate the use of fertilizers.
  4. Composting ❧Kitchen scraps, leaves, garden trimmings, and weeds can all be used for composting. ❧Using rich, nutrient filled compost on lawns and gardens keeps plants naturally healthy, eliminating the need for fertilizers and pesticides.
  5. Alternatives for your Lawn & Garden ❧Reduce your use of fertilizers and pesticides by choosing to plant shrubs and flowers that are resistant to disease and pests. ❧You can also find grass blends that require less maintenance, water, a nd fertilizer.
  6. Alternatives for your Lawn & Garden ❧Purchase fertilizers, pesticides, and weed controllers that are organic or made with less toxic ingredients.
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