Green Future 2


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In an effort to combat the world's environmental issues, scientists, researchers, and architects have been coming up with innovative fixes, such as SumaGrow, Biorock, and Boscoe Verticale.

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Green Future 2

  1. 1. Green Future 2 Part 2 of 2 in Green Future Series
  2. 2. Nix Chemical Fertilizers • While chemical fertilizers make crops grow they are sometimes harmful to the environment. • The solution to this is to either create your own natural fertilizers or replace them with eco-friendly microbes.
  3. 3. SumaGrow • The company SumaGrow offers 100% natural soil products for higher yields and healthier crops. • SumaGrow secures naturally occurring nitrogen and other nutrients into the soil, protects against disease, reduces runoff, and can be used for a range of products.
  4. 4. SumaGrow • SumaGrow helps to restore and maintain soil health and fertility. • To learn more about SumaGrow visit their website.
  5. 5. Destruction of Coral Reefs • Coral reefs are continuing to be destroyed. • As providing habitation for a quarter of all marine species and protection of coastlines from erosion and storm damage, they are vital to people and ecosystems.
  6. 6. Shock Reefs Back to Life • Unfortunately conservation efforts have done little to help, but in 2000 a technique using low voltage electricity to grow limestone on metal cages gave corals new energy and stronger structures to grow on.
  7. 7. Biorock • Nicknamed “Biorock,” this process speeds up the growth of coral and increases its resistance to stress. • Learn more about this technique on the Biorockwebsite!
  8. 8. Reach for the Sky • Urban sprawl has various negative effects on the environment, in particular the killing of trees. • Recently a creative solution was created: planting upward.
  9. 9. BoscoVerticale • Construction is currently taking place in Milan where a two-building apartment complex will double as the world’s first vertical forest. • This complex, known as BoscoVerticale, will contribute to the regeneration of the environment and urban biodiversity.
  10. 10. BoscoVerticale • Each unit will consist of humidity creating and CO2-filtering plants. • These plants will also aid in absorbing dust particles, producing oxygen, protecting the public from radiation, and saving energy.
  11. 11. BoscoVerticale • They will receive their nourishment from greywater (filtered, recycled water deriving from laundry, dishwashing, and bathing) and the buildings themselves will derive most of their power from the sun. • Read more about BoscoVerticalehere.
  12. 12. Learn More! • To learn more about innovative environmental fixes visit Hemispheres Magazine.
  13. 13. For more information on topics like this visitourResource page at