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Climate education


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Introductory power point describing the importance of climate and science education.

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Climate education

  1. 1. Climate Education • Education sectors offer great opportunity to combat climate change. • There is a clear education agenda in climate change, which teaches that changing behaviors can reduce the dangers and manage the hazards of climate change.
  2. 2. Climate Change • According to the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change, climate change is progressing and will have widespread effects on human life and natural systems. • Climate change has caused increased heat waves, flooding, droughts, tropical cyclones, rising sea levels, and damage to biodiversities.
  3. 3. Climate Change • In the long run climate change threatens the physical safety, psychological well- being, and education of communities. • In terms of education, enrollment in schools would decrease because children would be kept out of school in order to aid with family livelihood.
  4. 4. Addressing Climate Change • Climate change is addressed through: mitigation and adaptation. • Mitigationconcentrates on ways to reduce greenhouse gas concentrations. • Adaptationreduces the vulnerability of natural and human systems that impact climate change and teach people how to adapt to a changing climate through adjustments in social, ecological or economic systems. • Therefore, education plays a major role in combating climate change.
  5. 5. Education and Climate Change • Education can enable the public to make informed decisions and take action against climate change. • However, policymakers have not fully engaged the education sector, even though existing climate change frameworks could develop education as a mitigation and adaptation strategy.
  6. 6. Education and Climate Change • Presently, there are a few mechanisms in place at the national level to support the development of educational activities within existing climate change committees. • However, what we lack is a clear and coherent articulation of how to incorporate education into the climate change agenda.
  7. 7. Education and Climate Change • Currently there are five relevant education agendas that aim to combat climate change: 1. Education for All (EFA) 2. Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) 3. The Quality Learning Agenda 4. Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) 5. Environmental and Climate Change Education
  8. 8. Employing Climate Education • Climate change is the greatest public issue of our time. • Education plays a key role in empowering individuals to make informed choices and develop behaviors that move society towards sustainable practices. • This work must be carried out in partnership with the education, climate change, risk reduction, sustainable development and environmental sustainability communities.
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