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Micro Focus COBOL Product Strategy & Roadmap


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What does the road ahead look like for the Micro Focus COBOL products? Let’s take a closer look at the product strategy and vision over the twelve to eighteen months. Let’s examine the key audience messages and benefits for these products, including their planned roadmap themes and deliverables for the coming year. Whether you’re using RM, ACU, Net Express, Server Express, or moving to the Visual COBOL product, you won’t want to miss this session. Understand the current and future product plans and product roadmaps for these COBOL technologies.

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Micro Focus COBOL Product Strategy & Roadmap

  1. 1. COBOL Product Strategy and Roadmap Ed Airey, Product Marketing Director Scot Nielsen, Product Manager
  2. 2. Agenda • The COBOL story • COBOL today • A Global User community • The Future of COBOL • Why Micro Focus • The COBOL Product Roadmap
  3. 3. The COBOL Story Future Portability Fit for Ease of Use Heritage Proof Purpose 14 250 4 1 240 3
  4. 4. COBOL today $2 trillion investment in enterprise applications Running the world’s Lines of Code, and 240 Billion economy… counting... 30 billion transactions every day Now and intoBillion Enabling $45 asdfasdfas dasdasdsd the Future. of business
  5. 5. A global user community Distributed Platform Users Mainframe Users Started in 1976 and Micro Focus’ unique developed the first approach for modernizing portable COBOL mainframe applications for micro- using contemporary processors; Micro platforms and technology Focus COBOL became the de- Typically Fortune 1,000 facto standard on IBM Mainframe corporate leading industry customers platforms Distributed computing corporate clients and Independent Software Vendors
  6. 6. Market Pressures Responsiveness to Rapid Standardization of Technological Development Tools and Change Practices The Leveraging Consumerization Benefits of New The of IT Technologies for Business Faster Delivery of Present IT Profitability New Business the Business Skills crisis & Cost Services Controls
  7. 7. The Future of COBOLEffective, efficient and high quality development results with Visual COBOL
  8. 8. The Future of COBOLFlexible, scalable, portable deployment choice with Visual COBOL UNIX / JEE/ Windows .NET Cloud Mobile Linux JVM
  9. 9. Why Micro Focus and Visual COBOL?  Future-Proof your Business against change  Re-use & extend your competitive advantage  Rely on Technology Built for Performance, Designed for Business  Reduce Your Development Time to Market and Deliver New Services to your customers today  Maximize your development potential, address your skills challenge  Take your applications into tomorrow with Visual COBOL 9
  10. 10. COBOL Product Roadmap Scot Nielsen, Product Manager
  11. 11. Platforms 11
  12. 12. COBOL 12
  13. 13. Roadmap Considerations Strategic Direction User Experience Market Requirements Customer Journey 13
  14. 14. Why .NET and JVM? Apr-12 Apr-11 Programming Language 1 2 C 2 1 Java 3 3 C++ 4 8 Objective-C 5 4 C# TIOBE Index 6 5 PHP 7 7 (Visual) Basic 8 6 Python 9 10 JavaScript 10 9 Perl 11 11 Ruby 12 24 PL/SQL 13 13 Delphi/Object Pascal 14 35 Visual Basic .NET 15 15 Lisp 16 17 Pascal 17 16 Ada 18 18 Transact-SQL 19 22 Logo 20 52 NXT-G 14
  15. 15. BLANKVisual COBOL 2.0 64-bit 15
  16. 16. Visual COBOL 2.0 Strategic Direction User Experience Pure JVM runtime Visual Studio 11 beta Azure EAP Eclipse 3.7 Language evolution Debugger enhancements Market Requirements Customer Journey 64-bit ESQL ACU/RM compatibility Large codebases Project import tooling 150+ fixes Upgrade Guides 16
  17. 17. Visual COBOL 2.1 and beyond Strategic Direction User Experience JVM App Server deployment Visual Studio 11 Native Web Services Code navigation tooling Language evolution Market Requirements Customer Journey IDE support for INT/GNT ACU/RM managed code Windows 8, z/Linux, IDE Support for INT/GNT Oracle Linux, Solaris 11 Upgrade Guides Personal Edition Community platform 17
  18. 18. Release Schedule – Visual COBOL 2012 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Azure EAP Visual Studio 11 Beta Visual Studio 11 Beta2 Personal Edition 2.0 2.0 Update 1 2.1 2013 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 2.2 2.3 Personal Edition Refresh
  19. 19. Release Schedule – Micro Focus, ACU, RM 2012Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov DecNet Express, Server Express, Server for COBOL 5.1 WS 7 WS 8ACUCOBOL Extend 9.0 9.1.1 9.1.2RM/COBOL 12 WS3 2013Net Express, Server Express, Server for COBOL 5.1 WS 9 WS 10ACUCOBOL Extend 9.0 9.x 9.xRM/COBOL 12 WS4 19
  20. 20. Call to action #1 #3 #2 Visual COBOL Webinars 1. Understanding Visual COBOL 2. Getting started with Visual Studio 2010 3. Getting started with Eclipse Join us on stage for the next user conference 4. Visual COBOL: A developers perspective - Windows & .Net 5. Visual COBOL: A developers perspective - Unix (Eclipse) 6. The Visual COBOL licensing system 7. Re-using COBOL business logic with .NET and Java 8. UI Modernization for Net Express & Server Express 9. Best Practices for Native & Managed Code Development 20
  21. 21. Lunch…Don’t forget to visit our product demo stations