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Promotion & Advertising


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A slideshow presentation on the marketing and advertising of music.

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Promotion & Advertising

  1. 1. Marketing & Advertising Music Industry
  2. 2. Why is music advertised? It is important for new albums and/or singles to be advertised so the album will sell better. A few singles are often released before the full album as a kind of tease to what will appear on the album. Advertising albums and singles may also raise attention and awareness for the music videos to the songs.
  3. 3. YouTube Advertisements YouTube often advertises upcoming music videos. Most YouTube videos now include an advertisement before the video starts playing. These advertisements can include many products but it is quite often they preview a new song or video. Advertisements range from 30 seconds to 1minute something, although they can be skipped but cleverly only after the first few seconds. YouTube is full of advertisements, little pop up boxes come up as well, also on Vevo channels they have boxes that say ‘Watch Now’ so you can directly go and watch the newly released video.
  4. 4. iTunes Advertisements iTunes is also full of advertisement, as soon as you go on there is loads, these are often upcoming artists and tour dates. Many people use iTunes as many people have iPhones, iPads etc. and use these technologies to listen to music therefore it is easy to access. It is a good place to advertise as there is a range of people that use iTunes, therefore there is quite a range of advertisements
  5. 5. TV Advertising Artists new albums/singles are often advertised on TV. Advertisers will often plan what channels certain albums are advertised on depending on the genre of the music. For example, things such a classical music may appear on daytime TV on channels such as ITV and Channel 4, as well as well known, current artists. Genres such as rap may be shown later on and not on as many channels. Obviously most of these advertisements are done on music channels.
  6. 6. Magazine Advertising There are many well known music magazines which will advertise albums from artists which often appear in the magazine or that fit into the genre of magazines. They’re also advertised in non-music magazines, for example in girly teen magazines, current artists such as one direction may be advertised in it. Magazines often feature interviews with the artist(s) who’s album is advertised or upcoming.