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Mickey O’Sullivan
5’9” 195 lbs
Equity Membership Candidate
Chicago PD Eps. 20...
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  1. 1. Mickey O’Sullivan 5’9” 195 lbs Equity Membership Candidate FILM / TV / INTERNET Chicago PD Eps. 202 & 203 Under Covers Eps 104 & 105 Wahmayaya Eps. 315 A Journey To a Journey Ritual Emily We Could Happen Yester-date Mancow TV Team Allies (Web Series) Lost Signals CHICAGO *Jeff Recommended Dead on Arrival No Beast So Fierce The Royale* The Humans* Mercy Strain Javaneeh (In Bloom) Miracles in the Fall Hair * Look Back In Anger * 3 Soldiers For Sisters Henry Moore is Melting NEW YORK/REGIONAL Drowning Ophelia The Crucible Waiting for Lefty Waiting for Lefty Twelfth Night King John & The Two Noble Kinsmen Voice of the Prairie & Man A La Mancha Uncle Morty’s Funeral Melodrama Play & Suicide in B Flat Co Star Guest Star Guest Star Supporting Lead Lead Supporting Guest Star Recurring Series Regular Supporting Frank Bigelow Buckingham Max U/S Richard Blake U/S Joe U/S Ensemble Charlie Connelly Policeman & Hubert U/S Cliff (Partial Run) U/S Sully Tommy Barrett Hamlet Willard Doc Benjamin Irv Sebastian Lord & Executioner David & Pedro Grayson Metzler Peter & Piano Player NBC - Arthur Forney & Nick Gomez Arrow & Key Prod. Hamzah Jamjoom Real Sense Prod – Tim Sika Martin Revelation Films Columbia University NYC IndieRaza Entertainment Notional Productions FOX Chicago D.H.R.S – Guy Mailm Coleman Ranahan Strawdog Theatre - E. Lovelady Oracle Theatre – Max Truax American Th. Co Jaime Castaneda American Th. Co. PJ. Paparelli American Th. Co. Tom Oppenheim ATC & AracaWorks - Jonathan Berry Polarity Ensemble - Richard Shavzin American Theatre Co.– J.R. Sullivan Redtwist Theater - Jonathan Berry Red Theatre of Chicago Cold Basement Dramatics Under St. Marks Sink or Swim Rep Theater The Working Theater Portmanteau Theater Co. Time-Space Theatre Folger Shakespeare Theater Festival Theater St. Croix Falls Manhattan Repertory Theater Michael Chekhov Theater Co. TRAINING - Illinois St. Univ. First Folio – Shakespeare Advanced Auditioning Technique Shakespeare, Movement/Voice, Audition Monologue Workshop On Camera Scene Study Improvisation Television Larry Yando Claire Simon H. Woronicz,, C. Marino, K. Cook. P. Dennhardt. J. M. Gray Erica Daniels Erica Jensen, Marci Phillips Michael Howard Ari Voukydis, Shannon Coffey Matt Miller Chicago Shakespeare Theater Vagabond School of the Arts Illinois State University Vagabond School of the Arts P. Michael’s The Network-NYC Michael Howard Studios Upright Citizens Brigade Second City Chicago SPECIAL SKILLS Stage Combat, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Roller Blading, Acoustic Guitar, Facial Hair. Dialects – Irish, Bronx , Cockney, French, Southern Writing & Performing Ensemble Member - Chicago Slam Works – J.W. Basillo