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The History of the Modern Olympics


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The History of the Modern Olympics

  1. 1. The History of the Modern Olympics –Political, Financial and Moral IssuesDate Host City Major Event189619361968197219761980198419881996200420082012
  2. 2. Major EventsSpiraling costs due to increased security and the demand for bigger andbetter facilities resulted in these games going bankruptUSA leads a major boycott in protest of the Soviet Union’s invasion ofAfghanistanFirst Olympics heldControversy over the centenary Games being awarded to Atlanta andnot Athens – Atlanta home to major sponsor Coca-Cola.Arab terrorists hijacked Israeli athletes in the Olympic village100m Gold Medalist Ben Johnson is stripped of his medal and title afterfailing a drugs testTwo Black American sprinters used to podium of the 200m to stage a‘Black Power’ protestOn the eve of the opening Ceremony two Greek Sprinters fail to attenddrugs tests and are suspended‘Tit-for-Tat’ Games - Boycott led by the Soviet Union over securityconcerns in the US. Also referred to as the ‘hamburger’ Olympics due tothe over-commericalismGames used by Hitler as propaganda to promote his Nazi ideals