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AS PE Task 2.2 Local Study Netball


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AS PE Task 2.2 Local Study Netball

  1. 1. Exemplar Material – Candidate B
  2. 2. IntroductionTo develop a more detailed knowledge and understanding of the provision ofnetball, I have decided to examine the steps that are taken from my localregion of Swindon. In 1995, the game was registered as an officialcommonwealth sport, which resulted in the sports rise in status, funding andtherefore participation amongst grass roots level. Consequently, EnglandNetball achieved high standards, with the National team being amongst theworld’s top ranked. There are currently 56.278 players affiliated to EnglandNetball.Grass RootsSchools are instrumental when it comes to introducing children to new sports.In many primary schools, First Step netball, and Hi-5 netball are played toteach the children the basics of netball. All 12 secondary schools in Swindonhave netball in their curriculum and the majority of primary schools. This isbeing developed through the School Sports Partnership (SSP) which is basedat St.Lukes School. This partnership funds and facilitates coaches and sportsleaders to go into primary schools to develop the game. Alex Leonard hasrecently been appointed netball development officer and this will againincrease the range of opportunities. There are a range of school clubs whichgive them the opportunity to take part in school matches and localtournaments. Bradon Forest consistently win the area schools tournamentmainly due to the number of players who also attend Lawn Netball Club andare part of the satellite Academy. Pathways have been developed with localclubs and there are a number of clubs which have junior sections (SeeAppendix 1) and these are run by volunteers who gain coaching qualifications.This can lead to a club obtaining the CAPS award which will allow morefunding through the club to help with coaching and umpiring costs.There are fees for all players wishing to be part of a netball club. All matchesare played at Dorcan Leisure Centre where a purpose built netball domeopened in August 2007. The top clubs currently are Lawn and Pinehurst, bothof which have players in the regional and sub-regional teams.The New College in Swindon now offers an AS and an A2 at their NetballAcademy, allowing a additional pathway for talented players to continue withtheir education whilst playing at a high standard.National Governing BodyThe National Governing Body for netball in England, is ‘England Netball’, A governing body is the singleestablishment founded to enforce the sports rules, promote and develop thesport, organise all tournaments and get involved with participation in all areas.Exemplar Material – Candidate B
  3. 3. Along with every National Governing Body, England Netball has aims andgoals set in place, in order to acheive maximum success. Swindon is part ofWiltshire Netball but we are a unitary authority. The regional body ensuresthat directives from England Netball are enforced and developed in the region,including affiliation of all players and umpires. Swindon District NetballAssociation (SDNA) is run by a committee, elected at the AGM each year.( of CompetitionThe introduction of the national Superleague competition has without doubtgiven netball a higher profile. Hucclecote (Gloucestershire) is the closestNational League team and this is approxiamately 30 miles away. There is alsoTeam Bath which is slightly further away but is the link premiership club to theSiwndon Satellite Academy. The current number of affiliated players inSwindon isThe main season runs from September to May and there are also a number oftournaments in the summer months. The junior leagues (U11, U12, U13, U14and U16’s) matches are played on a Sunday and the Womens League isplayed on a Saturday with 4 divisions and a total of 54 teams from 18 clubs.There are also Over 35, Corporate, Regional (RL1/RL2) and SummerLegaues. Provision for all levels of ability is high and allows easily forprogression through talent identification to premiership teams, leading touniversity scholarships (Bath and Gloucester) and selection to the EnglandCamps. A brand new dome with indoor courts is close to opening after four years of planning and work, and at a cost of £800,000. Its on the site of the Dorcan sports centre in Swindon and is the first of its kind in the entire country. In the dome are two courts along with changing facilities and a clubhouse. New all-weather courts have also been built outside and the existing courts have been improved as well. The project was funded by Sport England, Swindon Borough Council and England Netball, the sports governing body in theFunding and Sponsorship UK. All players have to affiliate to england netball to be able to play. Acontribution of this fee is redirected to both county and regional associationsso that they can undertake their role. Affiliation is currently £31.50 for a seniorand £18.50 for a junior. Players also pay club fees to cover the cost of facilityhire and entry into competitions. Schools must also affiliate each team at aExemplar Material – Candidate B
  4. 4. cost of £12.00. Clubs can access addtional funding via the lottery and Awardsfor all Bids to the value of £500 - £5000, depending on the project. The netballSuper League is sponsored by the Co-operative bank but there is no otherdirect sponsorship to netball as it doesn’t receive much media coveragealthough NSL matches are now being broadcast on Sky Sports.Male/Female NetballNetball in the main is played by females although males are not precluded.There is a mixed netball league at Dorcan on a Thursday evening which doesinclude some ‘male only’ teams. This is purely recreational and is notaffiliated. Boys are able to play for their school teams up to the age of 11 andthis is fairly common in primary schools. It is a requirement in the youthgames and Hi-5 teams to have at least 2 boys in the team.Swindon also boasts 3 male umpires and 4 coaches, one of which assistswith talent identification.Disabled NetballThe Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995 was introduced to prevent thediscrimination disabled people suffer when playing sport. Sports Coach UKand England Netball offer courses to anyone wishing to teach disablednetballers. In Swindon, there are only a few opportunities for disablednetballers, yet the disabled development officer from the lifestyle unit iscurrently working with the special school sports college (St. Lukes) to developmore opportunities.Critical analysisSwindon netball is very well structured and there are opportunties at everylevel. However, considering the number of teams and clubs there is a lack ofhigh quality coaches, with there being only two level 2 coaches in theborough. This must be considered to be an area for development to ensurethe progression of young talented players. Equally the provision for thedisabled is not adequate. It would be good to think that the sport could attractmore funding but in the current economic climate it is unlikely that localbusinesses will invest in a sport unless there is a lucrative outcome!Total word count: 1037Bibliography.Websites used for Material – Candidate B
  5. 5. Appendix 1These are the netball teams that currently advertise of the Swindon Borough Council website.Those marked in blue have junior sections as do Fairford. Girls can play in the senior leaguesfrom the age of 14 years old if they are deemed talented enough. All full list of clubs is availableon and SportNetball Clubs in and around SwindonClub Name Training Venue Contact Telephone NumberCroft Netball Croft Sports Centre Jill Aldridge 01793 522610ClubHighworth Highworth Rec. Ruth Barnfield 01793 764386JuniorsLawn Netball Dorcan Recreation Eileen Witts / 01793 529787 /Club Centre Denise Sell 920057Moredon St Josephs College Jenny Carter 01793 724044Netball Club Monday 7:00 - 9:00Pinehurst Swindon Academy Steve Richmond 01793 630693Netball ClubRaychem Crosslink Centre Chris Roberts 01793 824712Netball ClubFerndale Greendown School Joy Blake 01793 872237Netball Club Mondays 7.30pm - 9.00pmExemplar Material – Candidate B
  6. 6. Appendix 2Netball courses at New College Swindon,SwindonAverage rating for New College Swindon isShow all courses | reviews at New College SwindonNetball Academy AS LevelQueens Drive | SN3 1AHPart time day | 1 year | 07-SEP-09prospectus| website| email| phone numberNetball Academy GCE A2 LevelQueens Drive | SN3 1AHPart time day | 2 years | 07-SEP-09prospectus| website| email| phone numberExemplar Material – Candidate B
  7. 7. Appendix 3Swindon’s First Corporate Netball League Set For ShootingSuccess20.11.2008Playing netball is a serious business in Swindon so it’s no surprise that companies areclamouring to sign up for the Borough’s first-ever Corporate League for the sport.Swindon Borough Council is supporting the initiative, which aims to attract new players andbuild relationships between companies across the Borough. Nearly a dozen companies andorganisations have already signed up, including Zurich, Nationwide, Arval, Halcrow andSwindon Borough Council.Samantha Parker, who works in sales promotion at Zurich, thinks the new league is a greatidea. She said: “This is fantastic news. The league will be a brilliant way to meet new playersand also mix with different companies.”Samantha has been playing the position of goal shooter since she was 10. Now 38, the busymother-of-one, is still as enthusiastic about the game, which she practises at least twice aweek.She said: “I just love it. There is a huge netball following in Swindon and it’s also very popularat Zurich. I’m certainly not the oldest member of our squad. There are 16 of us and it’s greatfun, as well as a brilliant way to stay fit. We’re a friendly bunch, but we always play to win.”The Zurich squad performed well in this year’s Challenge Swindon, Festival of Sport event andhope the corporate league will give them a chance to prepare for the next community sportsextravaganza in June, 2009.She said: “We really enjoyed the event and did pretty well but we’re always keen to improveand raise our game.”The Swindon Corporate Netball league will meet at the Dorcan Dome, in St Paul’s Drive,Swindon, which boasts state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor netball courts, on Tuesdays from6pm until 7pm. It is open to all companies and organisations in the Borough. For moreinformation, send an email to or call: 01793 533763.Cllr Justin Tomlinson, Cabinet Member for Leisure, Culture and Recreation said: “This is afantastic networking opportunity – in more ways than one. The netball facilities at the DorcanDome are second to none and I am delighted that more and more players, both experiencedand those new to the sport, are making the most of them. I’m sure Swindon’s new CorporateNetball League will be hugely popular and I wish all participants every success.”Appendix 4Exemplar Material – Candidate B
  8. 8. Netball South West Talented Player Pathway This is the pathway which I have been following since the age of 12. I moved to the County Academy at 14 years old and I am now at the Talent Performance Centre which is based at Bath University. I hope to be playing first team netball for Team Bath during A2 and then move up to England U21’s!Exemplar Material – Candidate B