AS PE Deviance


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AS PE Deviance

  1. 1. AS PEOpportunities andPathwaysDeviance in Sport
  2. 2. Learning Objectives: To develop a knowledge of the types of deviance in sport To gain an understanding of the concept of sportsmanship and gamesmanship To understand the problems with performance enhancing drugs and the role of the World Anti-Drugs Agency.
  3. 3. Deviance in Sport All sports have rules – deviance occurs when performers break these rules. As far back as the ancient Olympics, performers would take ‘tonics’ to improve performance. Cheating is still a major issue in modern sport.
  4. 4. Sportsmanship Quick Thinker – without the use of the textbook, try to define/explain the concept of sportsmanship. Can you think of any specific examples relevant to your sport?
  5. 5. Sportsmanship Performers need to conform to the written and ‘unwritten’ rules of their sport. The idea of fair play means that you treat your opponents as equals. You play to the rules and codes of conduct developed in the sport through tradition ‘A good sport’
  6. 6. Gamesmanship Quick Thinker – without the use of the textbook, try to define/explain the concept of gamesmanship. The alternative dynamic in sport is called gamesmanship. Using whatever means necessary to overcome your opponent Win at all costs. Bending the rules to your advantage
  7. 7.  Nick Evans had departed injured in the 47th minute of the 6-5 defeat by Leinster before his replacement at number 10, Chris Malone, also went off injured later in the second half. With time running out, Williams was seen with what appeared to be blood coming out of his mouth, which meant he could go off to be replaced by specialist kicker Evans. Evans missed a drop goal as the Irish side held out for the win before going on to win the Heineken Cup. Television pictures appeared to show Williams winking at the bench as he went off. Leinster were incensed and their club doctor, Professor Arthur Tanner, followed Williams down the tunnel but was prevented from entering the treatment room. ppwVqvTipU
  8. 8. The Professional Foul Behaviour that destroys the sporting ethics of fair play and equal competition Stamping in Rugby Sacking in American Football – taking out the quarter back The professional foul in Football ? v=E0_2SlfCpSc&feature=relat ed ? v=C0Y9wt3XkHo&feature=rela ted
  9. 9. WADA The World Anti-Doping Agencys (WADA) mission is to promote, coordinate and monitor the fight against doping in sport in all its forms. Performance enhancing drugs are a major problem in elite sport. The ultimate in gamesmanship WADA was set up in 1998 to combat the use of performance enhancing drugs
  10. 10. Performance Enhancing Drugs Can you think of any sports performers who have taken performance enhancing drugs?
  11. 11. Ben Johnson  Olympic Gold Medalist  World Record Holder  Tested positive for Anabolic Steroids  Lifetime ban  Lost medals and records
  12. 12. Linford Christie Tested positive for Nandralone – 2 year ban
  13. 13. Marion Jones Won 5 Gold medals at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 – later admitted to taking drugs. She was stripped of her medals and served time in prison
  14. 14. Dwain Chambers v=sMdrlztBPJs
  15. 15. WADA Using the text book explain the role WADA plays in combating deviance in sport and what problems they still face.