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A2 PE Short Term Technical Preparation in practice


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Published in: Sports, Technology
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A2 PE Short Term Technical Preparation in practice

  1. 1. Short-term preparation in practice !!A2 THEORY!! Objectives : Understand how an athlete would prepare themselves in the shortterm period before the event
  2. 2.  Probably the most obvious form of short term preparation  Many factors should be taken into consideration: - 1) 2) 3) Physical preparation – warm up Technical preparation – kit & equipment Mental preparation – ‘game face’ Warm up!
  3. 3.  Studies show that a drop of just 2% hydration leads to a negative affect on performance!  High carbohydrate intake in final stage of Short term prep should fill muscle glycogen stores and therefore…….  Despite this closer to the start of competition the athlete should eat only that which they believe will benefit their performance Hydration and Nutrition
  4. 4. Used by elite athletes in the period before competition  HOLDING CAMPS – a single base camp used in the weeks immediately before the start of games. This allows athletes to train in the same environment they will during competition  PREPARATION CAMPS – a training base using the facilities to be used in a holding camp phase. This allows athletes, coaches and support staff ti familiarise themselves with the location Camps!
  5. 5.  Careful planning is vital in order to ensure that athletes have time to adjust to the new time zone. (4-5 days)  For example the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020! Whats the time difference and how might that have a negative effect on performance? Adjustment to day-night rhythm
  6. 6.  Describe how a 400m sprinter should prepare for an International event. Task
  7. 7. What does Team GB look for when searching for a holding camp?  Thinking of the 2016 Game in Rio, Barzil, where would Team GB’s holding camp be?  Apply it!
  8. 8.  Many players and teams go through specific routines and programmes prior to playing.  Why?  Do you know any examples? Pre-Match Rituals
  9. 9.    ‘I always wear the same TShirt under my England shirt and I always go out to warm up, come back, put my shoulder pads on then my England shirt. I never warm up in my England shirt.’ People have their own routines to fight against nerves Describe any pre-match rituals you have developed in your own sport? How did they start? Case Study: Jonny Wilkinson
  10. 10. Rugby Players are more obsessive about rituals than any other sportsmen.  Examples include:  ◦ Putting their gumshield in only when they have crossed the touchline to enter the pitch ◦ Touching the ceiling as they leave the players tunnel ◦ Taping up old injuries even though they are healed k Pre-Match Rituals
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