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A2 PE Life Plan Guidance


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A2 PE Life Plan Guidance

  1. 1. A2 PE - Life Plan GuidanceStudents will be required in their chosen role of either performer, leaderor official to detail a life plan that traces their development from theoutset of the AS course to the potential opportunities and performancestructure open to them, thereby outlining a ‘time line’ through school,college, university, club, veterans and future rolesStudents may wish to consider a change of roles to accommodateinjury, ageing and lifestyle developments.Students will be able to detail their aspirations and the opportunities andbarriers to long-term involvement.Max 1000 words A clear and detailed timeline • Reference to LTAD options • Reference to current research on participation rates and health trends etc • An explanation on the potential impact of health related issues such as illness, injury and disease etc on your participation • Headings and sub-headings to aid readability • Properly referenced throughout • Extensive bibliography • Clear and concise structure with substantial factual content • Accurate, well written with excellent spelling and grammar