A2 Example International Study of Netball


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A2 Example International Study of Netball

  1. 1. Word Count: 1054International Study: Netball in AustraliaIntroduction:The Australian Sports Commission (ASC), established in 1989, is the governmentpolicy that plays a major role in the development and operation of Australian sport.It is compromised of six divisions: - The Australian Institute of Sport - Sport Performance and Development - Corporate Services - Commercial and Facilities - FinanceThe mission of the ASC is ‘to enrich the lives of all Australians through sport’ and thevision is ‘to continue to be recognised as the world leader in developing highperformance and community sport’. Sport us an ‘integral part of Australian life’ with80% of the population participating in sport. The sporting ethos includes high levels ofmass participation and involvement but also strongly emphasises the importance ofwinning and competitiveness, due to it being a nation that very much prides itself onsport.Globally it is accepted as one of the worlds top sporting nations and is ranked in the topten in many sports. The county is currently ranked number 1 in the InternationalFederation Netball Associations Current World Rankings (appendices 1)The national sports system is a partnership between thenational sporting organisation and their affiliated bodies:‘Netball Australia’ is the national governing body for netballwithin Australia. It was founded in 1927 and has the vision of‘netball – one team, one game, one goal’. It also has a missionand a large number of values (appendices 2)The Aboriginals are the countries indigenous population and a wide variety of religionsare socially accepted in Australia.The climate varies from state to state due to Australia being of such a large landmass(approximately 7,600,000km²). Generally the weather is relatively hot and there arelow levels of rainfall.Grass Roots and Mass participation:Sport is a large part of schooling and netball is taught in physical education and healthlessons and clubs also allows students to participate together in an interschoolcompetition or alternatively enter as a team in a local league. 1
  2. 2. Word Count: 1054A partnership agreement was signedbetween netball Australia and school Case Study: Ivanhoe Grammar School insport Australia in 2002 where they Victoria competes in the AGSVagreed to work co-operatively and in (Associated Grammar Schools of Victoria)partnership and in the promotion and as its form of interschool competition,development of school netball where 10 schools within Victoriaprogramme at both state and national (appendices 5) regularly compete in bothlevel. The International Schoolgirls leagues and championships in manyNetball Challenge offers schools the sports, including Netball. This was set upchance to compete at a high national in 1920 and the best from each schoollevel with a different state hosting the form an AGSV representative team whochampionship each year. annually competes against the APS, Associated Public Schools Team. (appendices 5)There are approximately 380 000 participants in netball within Australia. CommunitySport is extremely large and netball grass root level participation is large with manyleagues available for all ages and abilities.Netball Australia has set up a ‘junior policy’ which aims to assist the provision ofquality sport and experiences for young people, encouraging life-long involvement. TheJunior Netball policy applies to participants aged 5-17 and has seven main guidelines(appendices 3).San Remo NetSetGO! Programme has been developed to provide children from 5- 10years old with the best possible leaning and playing experience meaning they develop a positive introduction to netball, with high levels of enjoyment leading to continued participation in the sport. It involves skill based activities, minor games and modified matches in a fun and safe environment aiming to give all individuals experience and personal achievement, enhanced self esteem, socialcooperation and skill development. (Appendices 4)The Australian Sports Commission provides funding to Netball Australia to coordinatethe delivery of structured sporting activities and sports capacity to Indigenouscommunities across Australia. Netball Australia funds; Netball ACT, Netball Victoriaand Netball WA through the national indigenous sporting development programme.The right for people with disabilities to be involved in all aspects of the game is fundedby Netball Australia. The individuals involved in netball including, coaches,administrators, officials and players: a ‘disability action plan’ has been developed toprovide everyone with the access and provision to participate in Netball aroundAustralia.The uptake of individuals coaching and umpiring isalso widely encouraged and volunteers often allowlocal leagues to be successful with both coaches andumpires contributing regularly to netball.Development with regards to coaching offers a 6 2
  3. 3. Word Count: 1054stage framework (appendices 6) and umpiring (appendices 7)Elite Development:The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) plays a major role in the elite development ofNetball in Australia: The 2009 AIS Netball Brochure gives a detailedsummary of the provision for netballers at the AIS.Netball was one of the eight founding sports of the AIS and remainsthe ‘key netball development programme’ providing national athleteswith world-leading sports science and medical services, top class sporting facilities andcoaches and the opportunity to combine sports training with travelling, work andstudying. Scholarships are offered to athletes that compete at national or internationallevel the training the selected athletes are given is based on the Australian NetballDiamonds. The athletescompete in the ‘New Idea Case Study:Australian Netball League’ a The AIS netball Team recently travelled to Southleague which bridges the gap Africa for a 13 day tour to compete in 3 matchesbetween state and territories against the U21 South African team and incompetitions and the ANZ another 3 matches against the EC Cometschampionship. Provincial Team, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Netball Team and the Gauteng Thunderbirds. Simone McKinnis the AIS head coach and U21 Australian Coach lead the tour with four other support staff. The trip was part pf the programme that goes on an international tour annually, aiming to let players experince the rigours of travelling, cultural diversity and the opportunity to play against world class opposition. There is the opportunity to represent the Australian Netball Diamonds at 17/U 19/U 21/U and Open level. This is obviously the highest level elite level of competitionavailable. The Australian Netball Diamonds of compete in the commonwealth gamesand the International test series in addition to the ‘Holden Netball Test Series’competing in five matches against the New Zealand Silver Ferns.The ANZ championship began in 2008, and succeeds twonational leagues: Australia’s Commonwealth Bank Trophy andNew Zealand’s National Bank Cup. There are ten teams intotal, five from Australia and five from New Zealand(appendices 8). It is owned by Trans-Tasman Netball LeagueLtd which is a joint venture between Netball Australia andNetball New Zealand. It is the first semi-professional netballcompetition in Australasia.Critical Analysis:Netball in Australia is well supported and funded by ‘Netball Australia’ and theAustralian government through the Australian Sports Commission. At grass root levelthe game is played by a large number of people and supported by the extensive network 3
  4. 4. Word Count: 1054of umpires and coaches. Netball is currently the top in the world rankings and whichshows the success of their elite development programmes and the involvement of theAustralian Institute of Sport. The ASC is continuously improving the provision forindigenous communities and the disabled in all areas of the sport. Netball in Australiaconsists of both well developed mass participation and that provides for continuedsuccess on an international level.Bibliography:www.netballaustralia.com.auwww.ausport.gov.auwww.ausport.gov.au/aisAppendices:1) IFNA 2009 Netball World Rankings:Ranking Team Played Weighted Points Rating1 Australia 35 26 4515 1742 New Zealand 37 28 4547 1623 England 52 39 5823 1494 Jamaica 43 34 4475 1325 Samoa 19 14 1,603 1156 Malawi 21 17 1,935 1147 South Africa 35 25 2,707 1088 Fiji 19 14 1,505 1089 Trinidad and Tobago 27 23 2410 10510 Cook Islands 10 9 848 9411 Papua New Guinea 15 11 1,030 9412 Barbados 28 21 1,784 8513 Scotland 26 21 1,669 7914 Singapore 39 28 2,058 7415 St Vincent & The Grenadines 17 11 788 7216 Wales 27 20 1412 7117 Sri Lanka 14 11 695 6318 Botswana 13 12 741 6219 Northern Ireland 19 15 823 5520 Malaysia 11 9 416 4621 Canada 20 15 624 4222 India 8 4 69 172) Mission: commercially driven, stakeholder focused and recognised as a world classsporting organisation. 4
  5. 5. Word Count: 1054Values: Passion, Teamwork, Integrity, Excellence, AccountabilityDefinition of Success: One brand for netball, netball is an Australian success story,member’s share and enjoys netballs achievements and success, more people experiencenetball.Achieve success by: Understanding the environment in which we operate, beingresponsible financial managers, focusing on our members, developing qualityprocesses, developing quality people, valuing our tradition and culture, highperformance excellence.3) - Guideline 1: Attracting young people to netball and keeping them involved - Guideline 2: Physical Growth and Maturation - Guideline 3: Netball Pathways - Guideline 4: Forming Links - Guideline 5: People Making it Happen - Guideline 6: Quality Coaching - Guideline 7: Safety considerations and legal management of netball4) Major objectives of the San Remo NetSetGO! programme: 1. To provide every primary school aged child in Australia with the opportunity to experience netball. 2. To deliver a national junior development program that promotes netball participation. 3. To address the issue of childhood obesity by providing a low cost, easily accessible and community based exercise option for primary school aged children, in particular young girls. 4. To provide primary school aged children, especially girls with the opportunity to meet and interact with elite netball role models. 5. To provide a skill development program that provides young girls are with the same opportunitiesto experience sport, develop self-esteem and learn new skills.6. To provide opportunities for children and parents to participate in physicalactivity together.5) AGSVMember SchoolsAssumption CollegeCamberwell Grammar SchoolIvanhoe Grammar SchoolMarcellin CollegeMentone GrammarThe Peninsula SchoolPenleigh & Essendon Grammar SchoolTrinity Grammar SchoolYarra Valley Grammar 5
  6. 6. Word Count: 10546)7) PRE-REQUISITES PATHWAYS ASSESSMENT QUALIFICATIONS Theory Practical Test Examination Participating in Rules Section 1 Local Game Level I Course C Badge Discussion workshops 70-79% (4x15min quarters) (integrated with Introductory Level Section 1 Local Game B Badge Officiating General Attending Rules in Action 80-89% (4x15min quarters) Principles) course(s) Section 1 State League Game A Badge 90-100% (4x15 min quarters) Mentoring 2 quarters of 2 State League games in one of the Practice Umpiring at following MOs - NSW; appropriate level Section 2 SA; VIC AA Badge 90-100% 1 game at Attend Umpire Highest Level of Development Programmes Competition in the Country Rules In Action Self Reflection (2 Parts) Individual Development + Screening for AA Highest Level of Level II Course International Competition International Umpire Umpire Theory Introductory Level in the Country with Award (IUA)(includes Advanced Level Examination Officiating General International Experience Officiating General Principles course (available Principles) online) Advanced Level Officiating General Principles 6
  7. 7. Word Count: 10548) Australian Teams: New Zealand Teams: Adelaide Thunderbirds Canterbury Tactix Melbourne Vixens Central Pulse NSW Swifts Northern Mystics Queensland Firebirds Southern Steel West Coast Fever Waikato / Bay of Plenty Magic 7