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AS PE Tas2.1 checklist


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AS PE Tas2.1 checklist

  1. 1. Task 2.1 ChecklistTo enable you to complete task 2.1 you need to ensure youprovide evidence of the following in your e-portfolio:Performance: An introduction about your involvement in your sport with examples of teams played for/levels played at etc. Training logs for at least 8 weeks Performance records from all competitive fixtures this season. Video evidence of at least three performance. Example of typical training session List of fixtures/results etc. Any documentation/further evidence that enhances your portfolio (this maybe letters from coaches/competition entries or results/stats etc). Risk AssessmentLeadership: An introduction about your leadership role and who you will be working with/working towards. At least 8 leadership session plans, complete with evaluations. Evidence of NGB’s. List of fixtures/stats for the group you have been coaching. Video evidence of you leading sessions. Leadership log of experiences. Child protection Risk Assessment